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'Truly Wicked': Trump EPA Dissolves Program That Studies Effects of Chemical Exposure on Children


'Truly Wicked': Trump EPA Dissolves Program That Studies Effects of Chemical Exposure on Children

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the leadership of Scott Pruitt moves to make it easier for big industry to dump dangerous chemicals into the nation's air and water, the agency announced late Monday that it is dissolving a program that funds studies on the effects of pollution and chemical exposure on Americ


In the town in which I was born, one can tell the direction of the wind by identifying the odor with the petrochemical plant from which it came. Decades ago companies would pump the residue from chemical processing into “evaporation ponds” which “magically” took care of the wastes. In reality, of course, the wastes percolated into the soil where they ultimately contaminated the groundwater. Yes, decades ago. Let’s once and for all abandon the term conservative from our discourse. The term is REGRESSIVE.


Children need to be tougher these days. A little chemical exposure never hurt anybody, right?


Here’s your answer why Pruitt surrounds himself with an unprecedented security “detail” of thirty (30!!) people. He knows full well that his crimes in office would be capital offences in a just society.


Two words come to mind: corporate liability. If nobody knows what’s being done to them, they can’t sue for it.


Rapid and purposeful social evolution will surely be better than old-fashioned revolution for replacing tyranny.


It seems that lately when I see that face or see that name I hear “Hell Bound Train” by Savoy Brown running full bore inside my head. Cannot figure that out for some reason, damn. Could it be all the petro chems I’ve snorted through out the years has tripped my brain out outta wack? Must be so. Thanks Scotty for beaming down here into Hell.


Off topic, but eons ago I was at an outdoor concert in northwestern Ohio that was headlined by Savoy Brown and Atomic Rooster. It rained like hell. I wonder if our Psychedelic Chicken was begat by the Atomic Rooster? Cluck, cluck, cluck.


All these fools should be drawn and quartered.


Hello Garrett_Connelly, It is unfortunate that social evolution won’t occur fast enough and the revolution will be too late to make any real change in the death of humanity and most of the life on the planet!!! Eventually life will come back but humanity will just be a galactic, or universal footnote if that, when a history of this planet is recorded!!!


I almost posted the video. I listened to it while I was here the first time. Don’t know about the Clucker but just maybe so, we all seem to be about the same age here. I don’t think anyone bothers me more than pruitt, he is scum, pond scum. He should be in jail for what he has done to country and the EPA.


It’s an “efficiency” argument alright.

The Trump Administration through Pruitt, are “efficiently” eliminating all regulations that keep human beings in the United States safe.


I am infuriated at the extermination of wild animals in the west, especially the American wild horse to make room for private domestic livestock run/grazed on public lands for pennies-on-the-dollar sweetheart deals, enforced by the BLM and “Wildlife Services” that kills millions of wild animals annually! We are witnessing a wildlife genocide in the west, especially of the Wild Horse, to protect private “welfare ranchers” profits!

Under the Trump budget-cuts wild mustangs could be rounded-up and sold for slaughter!


The USA is a suicidal society. The end is getting nearer every day.


Sooooo,first class passengers don’t have children? No wonder the body guards and secret telephone booth.


I don’t know why, but what jumped into my mind as I read the article was a big playground. All the children are pointing at the bully chanting “Wicked! Wicked! Wicked!”
*The bully is laughing at them, singing, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me! And, I have all the sticks and stones.”
*Somehow, I think we’ve got to take the sticks and stones away from the bully and send him to the Principal. (And, make sure the Principal is not one of the bully’s gang.)


Right, but take a closer look at those experiments. Maybe it is not such a bad thing after all.


You are really brave to look at that issue, Really. But thanks.


When, will “our” principal emerge onto the scene?

Perhaps, it’s Mr. Mueller.


The acronym EPA stands for the environmental, protection, administration but under Trump and Pruitt it has become the environmental poison administration!