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Trump 2016: The Three Shadows Haunting Cleveland


Trump 2016: The Three Shadows Haunting Cleveland

Richard Eskow

When Donald Trump’s Republican Party convenes in Cleveland, three shadows will haunt the arena. They won’t talk about these shadows on television, but if you look closely you’re sure to see them.

The first shadow is that of the extremist Republican right. Since the infamous Lewis Powell memo of 1970 it has invested billions in think tanks, academia, and politics to promote its agenda of individual greed over the common good.


"Both Republicans and Democrats will spend the next few months promoting the other candidate as a monster, and as it relates to policy, to some degree, they both are right."

Clinton and Trump are both "the greater evil." (Those here who trumpet either as a "lesser evil," notwithstanding.)

#NeverClinton #NeverTrump


Goebbels would be flattered seeing how much of his play book the Clinton campaign has adopted from "the divine leader" on down the line. Eskow comparing Trump to Silvio Berlusconi while Silvio endorsed Clinton seems very ironic..

The Clinton campaign's primary focus of bashing him will be successful only if Trump's serial ability to turn bad PR into energy suddenly ends. Although we would like to see Trump's winning PR streak end, it seems like a risky strategy to count on that happening before November 8.


Thank you. This is one of many sharply acidic insights:

"Wednesday is “Make America First” night. That’s when we’ll meet Trump’s VP pick, Mike Pence, who’s famous for supporting his state’s anti-gay hate legislation. Pence also denies that climate change is real. Like other Republicans, his deliberate ignorance threatens the very planet."

These dark times are bringing out your gift for metaphor, Mr. Eskow.

Powerfully poignant essay.


The legion of pro-Trump posters is pretty amazing in its naked demonstration of ZERO empathy.

It doesn't bother them that countless more Hispanic families will be ruptured, legally placed into exile, and scapegoated.

Doesn't matter to them that ALL Muslims are provided with targets around their necks

No Democracy problem in building a vast wall, or pretending that a poor country like Mexico can be made to pay for it.

No problem with arresting journalists and openly making speech that's critical of the leader-in-chief taboo... punishable with what, prison time? exile?

No problem with the objectification of women. How many here do that routinely in their casually callous comments on Hillary's appearance, or lately, lots of references to "old hags" and "postmenopausal" women.

Neither a problem with the anti-abortion crowd once again lording power over women's bodies and destinies.

No problem with the ZERO per cent chance of anything remedial being done about global warming... as the planet burns!

And those who pretend that Trump will make better trade deals... how do you explain his VP and the fact that the Republican party has a far longer track record of catering to big business interests?

Trump's authoritarian paeans to law and order just give rabid homicidal police men a license to kill... more.

Yes. Hillary is part of a dangerous war & Wall St and Wal-mart machine. And yes, the policies engendered by these entities are horrific.

But don't pretend that Trump wouldn't push the same policies. In his case, he'd just take racism, sexism, and other isms out of the closet making it Open Season for bullies to use their fists, guns, and insults on those not likely to fight back.

Vote for Stein, you clowns... or write in Sanders.

Your casual dismissal of just how lethal Trump is to LOTS of groups shows that you totally fit the stereotype: angry white guys = the party of Trump. That characterization was merely borrowed by the Hillary camp to falsely brand those who support Mr. Sanders.

You literally don't see or FEEL the rights of any other demographic... you sorry lot of sociopaths-in-training! (This is not directed at CD Reader...)


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Yes, after all, a guy with his finger on the nuclear button who openly and seriously proposes extorting billions of dollars from another nation, and claims that another nations formerly assets released under a treaty was actually "our money", and who throws belligerent threats at large and powerful, nuclear armed nations to change their economic and currency policies... and has a trail of criminal business dealings including thousands of lawsuits following him into the White House and who has never been accountable to a single other human being in his life....

Is definitely preferable to a politician who has at least had to be accountable to voters in order to get elected and to various bosses, and, as Secretary of State, to other powerful nations of the world.


Well said. They are both greater evils. Frankly, our only hope is for America's youth (a group of which I am long-since no longer a member), to vote in droves for Jill Stein and pull the greatest upset in history. Otherwise, think about strategies to mitigate the damage for the next four year while planning for 2020 and a re-visitation of the revolution -- well organized by then we should all hope..


The third shadow is that of Trump himself, a bloated bleached-blond
Narcissus transfixed by his own silhouette. “He worships at the altar of
a stagnant pool,” says an old Dylan song, “and when he sees his
reflection, he’s fulfilled.”

Well stated Mr. Eskow. I hope you will be around when the subservient news networks present the Democrat dog and pony show so that you are able to write:

The third shadow is that of Clinton herself, a bloated bleached-blond narcissistic personality transfixed by her own silhouette. She worships at the pool of corporate America and when she sees her reflection, she will want more self-idolization to feed her ego and corporate cash to feed her pocketbook.


Mr Eskow needs to take his Paxill and calm down a little


Your opening sentence reminds me of the argument that those intolerant of racists, are being hypocrites. That argument, of course, is ridiculous from the standpoint of standing for justice.

Trump should NOT be dismissed. He absolutely IS a danger and to ignore that in the service of a particular political position, rather taints your political position.

I have railed at Clinton. All you have to do, is peruse my posts for evidence to see this, so don't attempt to paint me as some Clinton, lesser evil supporter. But don't make Trump out to be the lesser evil. He is likely to be a greater one.

If you don't see the obvious danger of a right wing demagogue sitting in the White House, and preaching his hate at every damn news conference, then you are hopelessly blind.


Yell at your women, go hunt humans at the border, torture your political enemies, hate them damn queers!

Go Trump!


Why don't you save that prescription for Donald Fucking Trump.


Do your arguments a favor by laying off the f word.

Oh and take a sedative to calm your nerves a little while you are at it.


What you don't like me going after Donald Fucking Trump?

If there was every a reason for the F word, it is Donald Fucking Trump.

Oh, and go cluck yourself.


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