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Trump Abortion Debacle Exposes Dangerous Anti-Choice Position



Trump is a businessman not a politician and he says outlandish things because Trump knows the lapdog MSM will fall for it every time.That is one reason Trump has gotten approximately 2 billion $ in free media time. And on the other hand, someone with political integrity that does not say outlandish things, like Bernie, gets minimal attention compared to Trump. That is because the MSM does not care about truth...they like always, only care about ratings!


Great corroborative quote! Thanks.


Nothing Trump says scares me as much as this: the number of everyday Americans who rejoice at his candidacy.

Just this week, in my personal networks, 3 people I care about and respect admitted they are on the Trump bandwagon. In earlier eras, they would have been considered non-political or fiscally conservative/socially liberal. But now they are out and proud. Trump has amplified their fears (Muslims, immigrants) and validated bigotry and authoritarianism. .

No matter what happens in November, things have changed. America has shown the world (and each other) who we really are as a culture. It is not pretty.


I'm not exactly proud of saying I'll vote for the guy, I'd rather have a chance to vote for Sanders, but this is where the rubber meets the road: Forget the trash talk and hyperbole. I'd like nothing better than to see the current weasel(s) that have occupied the GOP since 1980 have their legislative power and money & war-making abilities taken from them. I'll gladly take a chance on Trump if it means seeing that the neocons take a bath. New boss same as the old boss, right? Maybe. But at least it's getting to the root of the problem: money. (I sure won't vote for the lying warmonger HRC, either.) It's about money and war to me. Nothing else because nothing else is that important. Don't believe it? Then go ask the innocent people the GOP and the Hillaries of the Left have bombed back into the stone age at least since 9-11. It would be a change and that's f-g good enough for me. We know what we'll get otherwise.


If the matter were merely about ratings, it would be fairly benign. After all, then one could say that it mostly met a business--for profit--bottom line.

This is MUCH worse.

When Conservatives gain such dominance as voices heard across the MSM they do embolden maniacs to take action.

This Conservative Voice is anathema to Democracy; and it's outright injurious to women, Blacks, Hispanics (illegal aliens) and Muslims.

Profits are only part of the picture. Those who own media WANT a locked down authoritarian nation state where individuals have their liberties stripped away.

One way to ensure those stripped away liberties is through the ruse of foreign enemy ("terrorist") threats. Another is through unstable jobs in an economy that is lousy for workers. Those without funds face limited options and primarily use energy for mere survival.

Just as corporations are negating citizens' rights to things as basic as knowledge of what's in the foods they ingest through awful treaties like TIPP and TPP, they also want to see social restrictions imposed.

Those who purport to take the moral/religious high ground in determining what women can and cannot do with their own bodies paralyze the very premise of Liberty. Furthermore, the constant focus on the unborn fetus (as basis for moral supremacy) completely takes the spotlight off of the various ongoing wars that leave MANY babies in pieces, many pregnant women maimed and murdered, and so much more in the way of ongoing carnage.

And one more thing: Whomever the media bestows its ubiquitous spotlights upon instantly receives celebrity status. Thus this works in a circular manner: the more spotlight = the more celebrity.

Trump was given that spotlight TO draw crowds. Once the "magic" began to work, it was like pouring fuel to a fire.

However, if someone like Sanders was to be given that same level of attention; he, too, would attain celebrity.

It does work like magic and it grants to the Public's Air Waves (sickeningly surrendered to corporate hands) the power to anoint Celebrity. Through it, consent is manufactured.


Oh, sheet!

For CENTURIES, the so-called nature of reality was defined by Anglo-European Men. The experience of Native Americans, Black Africans, women!, Mexicans, and anyone else was discounted UNLESS it conformed to the Dominant Narrative as set by the Dominators.

When posters like you show up and insist that what is done by this same group--or those who identify with it--represents the TRUTH about human beings, human nature, "us," or "we" or All Americans... it's a continuation of that same MUTATED story.

It's been published that Trump attracts about 18% of adult voters. Throw in Cruz supporters and the sum might make 33% which is HARDLY a majority.

Furthermore, so many here like to kick their fellow brothers and sisters and call them stupid sheeple; but VERY few DARE to talk about the Patriarchal/Authoritarian Shaping Devices--starting with the Old Church--that conditions millions of persons to identify with Conservative views.

The superficial level of analysis is mortifying to me. As a matter of fact, when it comes to stupid sheeple, those who continually posit these narrow arguments place themselves firmly in THAT camp!

THIS is a false frame:

"America has shown the world (and each other) who we really are as a culture. It is not pretty."

Trump supporters do not DEFINE America.


Your attempt to contextualize that quote, as if he were just making a statement of observation of potential cause and effect fails miserably.

You know damn well that he is pandering once again to the darkness of right wing hate. This time against women.

It was his intention to suggest that women should be prosecuted for seeking abortion "if the procedure were to be outlawed" which was doubling down on the idea of making abortion illegal.

He is ADVOCATING in a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN a ratcheting up of this ongoing war against reproductive rights for women.


They care about the bottom line, not ratings. Bernie is locked out not because his insurgent campaign isn't a news story, it is. He is locked out because the policies he advocates threaten the bottom line of media conglomerates like Time Warner, Comcast, Fox, Disney etcetera.


In my opinion, he is supporting and calling for violence against women ... period!

I cannot understand how any women with any self-respect could be married to this dominant, condescending ass.


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We cannot neglect to apply the reality of Capitalism to the actions and reactions of mainstream media. The only reason "ratings" mean anything is because higher ratings (usually) develop higher profits.

What capitalists are interested in are profits and maintaining political power over the classes that work for them.
– Jacobin Magazine (#19)


Feel free to add to my point, but spare the calling me out with your period, that insinuates that I don't get that aspect of it, or that I was arguing that isn't the case.

My quote stands on its own and doesn't at all negate the point you are making. Period!.


I apologize. I had no intention to "call you out". I was simply indicating my absolute disgust with Trump's unapologetic stance on advocating violence against women. The "period" was not directed to you in any way. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Why is it outrageous for Trump to say this but not for all other Republiklan candidates who also espouse it?


No, it is because you are bending over backwards to support this jerk.

I mean, the fact that he wants to codify torture into law and expand its use isn't enough for you?

Apparently not.

Now, his obvious assault on women's reproductive rights by pandering to the worst of the worst in such regard.

And that's just fine with you.

Ah, the amazing spectacle of the Trump "progressive".


So you are equally outraged against Trump saying these things right?

How many others have actually called for prosecuting women who get abortions? Oh yeah, he took it back right?


Because Donald Trump is not sufficiently interested in Washington's imperial agenda. Every single word he says before November will be ferociously torn apart to assure he never holds office and that the money and influence continues to flow unimpeded to the MIC and to the transnational global oligarchy. Any interruption in the imperialist project –by Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, or anyone else– will be met with a withering full spectrum assault by your overlords and their courtiers at Versailles on the Potomac.


Correction: A very small fraction of the men. If 1% have the power, it should be obvious that most men have no power, even if all the powerful people were male.

Er, isn't a new poster entitled to "freedom of speech"?

Why does one need daring to talk about Patriarchy? Is anyone being threatened for talking about Patriarchy?

Do Evolution deniers define America? In the Western world, USA appears to be the country with the highest percentage of Evolution deniers.



[quote="Siouxrose1, post:8, topic:20497"]
"Those who purport to take the moral/religious high ground in determining what women can and cannot do with their own bodies paralyze the very premise of Liberty. Furthermore, the constant focus on the unborn fetus (as basis for moral supremacy) completely takes the spotlight off of the various ongoing wars that leave MANY babies in pieces, many pregnant women maimed and murdered, and so much more in the way of ongoing carnage."

Always my sentiments when I hear the pro-life crowd crow about how sacred life is. Trump wants to murder whole innocent Muslim families, but holds a few cells in a uterus as sacred. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. Same with carpet-bombing, make-sand-glow-in-the-dark Cruz. Slaughtering already-born innocents in the name of righteousness is fine and dandy, but women having control over unwanted pregnancies is abhorrent. Also, both Trump's and Cruz's wives and daughters could easily go out of the country for a legal abortion if they change the law here.