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Trump Accused of Burying Research Showing Trickle-Down Tax Cuts Just 'Snake Oil' Scam


Trump Accused of Burying Research Showing Trickle-Down Tax Cuts Just 'Snake Oil' Scam

"Big Brother in action—Treasury sends study contradicting Trump ideology down the memory hole."


Forty Years or so ago, Professor Ted Wragg nailed this trickle down scam. He called it the Piston theory of economy - as in those underneath felt as if they were being pissed on. Since then we have had ample direct evidence that it is a flagrant con. We don’t need research. We have a society more unequal than it has been since Victorian times and collapsing public services to tell us.


Trump would also like us to believe:

–that throwing 32 million people off health insurance will increase longevity;

–that increasing foreclosures lead to stable communities;

–that spending $700 billion on war will lead to peace;

–that cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will lead to prosperity;

–and that Colin Kaepernick is causing the world to disrespect the US.


I wonder what country the new Dictator will flee to with his billion$ when We the People finally revolt?


Trump is the epitome of the Orwellian doctrine. Trump has a reverse Midas touch, instead of everything he touches turning to gold; everything he touches turns to crap!


During an interview on National Public Radio (NPR) yesterday addressing Trump tax “reform” the interviewer asked Ron Wyden three times “if any Democrats support Trump’s tax reform”. Wyden evaded the question all three times.

Considering that Obama never stopped reminding us that “tax reform in the spirit of 1986 tax reform is one of my highest priorities” it is imperative that we contact our Democratic Party Congresscritters post haste to remind them that we won’t vote for them if they vote for “tax reform”. 1986 tax reform was the most regressive tax reform in history and the Democrats continue to brag about it calling it “bipartisan 1986 tax reform”.


That what we feel trickling down our backs is rain, not the ruling class pissing down our backs.

That he is not ruled by greed and profits above all else.

That he is not a pathological liar and malignant ego-driven nutter - and you can believe him, cause he’s always right and never lies…

That this “tax-cut” benefits the common guy, gal, and family, not the 1% - $50 vs $5,000,000 -“It’s not good for me, believe me” - DJT professional liar.


This type of article always reminds me of when Noam Chomsky said (paraphrasing,) why do they bother lying to us? If they have all that power and can get away with it, why don’t they just take whatever they want, kill whoever they want and stop wasting time coming up with transparent justifications for it?


50 years ago or so I was a young man just starting out and was able to live on my own with just one job and at minimum wage. The people just don’t understand how much they are being robbed, at least those younger than so 40.


Hopefully Leavenworth


Considering that all the trickle down of the past four decades has been yellow confirms that the incidence of color blindness in Murka must be higher than elsewhere seeing how so many Murkins continue to fall for the myth.


Haynes Johnson wrote “Sleepwalking Through History: America in the Reagan Years”…that took him over 10 years to get it published because it laid bare the awful truth about the Reagan presidency. Within the first two or three chapters, David Stockman, economist behind the sham of Trickle-Down economics is quoted as saying that he knew it was a sham and would never work short of handing million$$$ over to they who need it the least: corporations, the uber rich, etc. Read about Stockman here: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1981/12/the-education-of-david-stockman/305760/ The Education of David Stockman To Stockman’s credit, he resigned in 1985 and has spent years since then calling Trickle Down what it was/is, a tragic farce.

Here is an excerpt about Sleepwalking Through History from W. W. Norton, the publisher:

National bestseller: In this brilliantly readable book, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist chronicles the Reagan decade, when America fell from dominant world power to struggling debtor nation and when optimism turned to foreboding. In human terms and living case histories, Haynes Johnson captures the drama and tragedy of an era nurtured by greed and a morality that found virtue in not getting caught.

I have read the book two or three times because you cannot absorb and digest all the information in one reading. In addition, the revelations are very disturbing. And to think of the GOP deifying their St. Raygun that goes on to this day makes me nauseous.

Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it (Déjà Vu all over again.)


You mean to tell the world that even with all the jobless college graduate kids living in their parents’ basements voters are still buying the trickle down nonsense? JHFC what’s it going to take for people to wake up?


On another note, the Mnuchin photo with the article shows that his dye job was done by his bimbo wife and that with Mnuchin, ugly is not only on the outside, with him it goes all the way to the bone. Guess his new blonde arm candy has yet to convince him to have his teeth whitened, or, at the very least cleaned. She, like the Last Lady in the WH, did not marry for love, shall we say…


Good idea and they already have a wall for him.


No amount of cosmetic enhancements will cover up that large cavernous hole in his soul that has the distinctive aroma of greed and corruption.


…and the odor of week-old, left-out-on-the-counter…offal.


Exactly, they should put up health advisories when they schedule a caucus, gas masks required.


Health advisories…:rofl: Too funny!


Regressive hits the nail on the head, The lower classes have more of their needed income removed in regressive forms than the other 70% does because at the lower levels every dollar counts much more than a dollar at the top. Anytime the word reform is used it’s a coded message that those at the top will, again, be rewarded for being rich and the poor will be shat on once again as always. I think I’ll stop here I’ve had my fill today.