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Trump Accused of 'Criminal Extortion' After Asking Georgia Officials to 'Find' 11,000 Votes for Him

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/03/trump-accused-criminal-extortion-after-asking-georgia-officials-find-11000-votes-him


What’s really telling is how Biden and the Dems won’t do anything about it.


Cleta Mitchell and Mark Meadows were on the call too. They should go to prison also.


Don’t worry folks, Nancy is on the case.
Man, I almost couldn’t write that without spitting my drink across the room.

We will be looking forward, not backward.


You can drink and type at the same time? Beer hat?

That said, I’ve had dental work I would gladly endure again if it would mean that this “transition” is over. (It will be over, right?)


Trump has suggested the world in for a surprise as on January 6th he will prevent mountains of evidence to demonstrate fraud. Gulliani suggested much the same indicating overwhelming evidence would be presented after Christmas.

this is what they got? Does Trump not understand that if HE orders a fraudulent count be made it does not count as “overwhelming evidence of fraud” the way he thinks it will?


obama “turned the page” on a litany of bush/cheney war crimes, so i don’t have a lot of confidence in the dems to act on this. i would love to be proved wrong


Trump asks an official to look for votes that do not exist and all you got is more bs about democrats? Tell me oh political sage, what should they do about the ravings of an obviously mentally ill president?
What is there to do? The votes were counted, the totals certified.


“The data you have is wrong”

Trump is making specific allegations about the voting machines, in Georgia, which it seems they already looked into.

Its important however to recognize, our voting machines, nationally have been broken in many states and NOBODY has fixed them.

This would be easy to fix and they refuse to.

the problems are nothing new.

In my state, the voting machines have been insanely insecure for decades and despite a lot of complaints, and even lawsuits, they have done nothing about it. Despite the evidence being voluminous.

Some of the worlds most reputable experts in computer science and computer security have told them in formal depositions, that the machines they continue to use, which were obsolete before they were purchased, are insecure.

They are obviously so insecure that literally dozens of doctoral dissertations have been written about various insecurities.

Every time I vote I make a complaint about it.

What I am trying to say is, we’re being screwed out of honest elections by a pair of creepy parties that likely want the machines to be insecure.

If we want functional honest parties we would let the experts design a system. One that does what it needs to do as simply and securely as possible.

The one thing we should know is simplicity equals security. The securest systems are the simplest systems. They use plainly readable, paper ballots which are counted by commodity off the shelf, simple computers using code thats so simple that a high school kid could understand it.

They use high tech clear plastic ballot boxes so they cant be stuffed, They are read in on the spot. the optical scanners are commodity machines bought at your local office equipment store.

Everything is open source and simple to understand.

There is no network connectivity involved.

And that’s the way it should be.

Its time to move forward and start working on getting back democracy, …from the political class.


Thanks for that, I was just about to…

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The new Congress was sworn in today… They should impeach the SOB and force a Senate trial prior to Jan 20…


The fact that we have a criminal president is a given with the boldness in which he breaks laws.

Now, we just need a Department of Justice that believes in the Rule of Law.

C’mon January 20th.


Gee, was Biden part of the Obama administration? Did Nancy take impeachment “off the table” in 2007? /s/

The late-night comics/talk show hosts will get the ball rolling tomorrow night.

Famous Presidential words:

Abe: Four score and seven years…

FDR: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

JFK: Ask not what your country…

DJT: I just want to find 11,780 votes…


The only ones Biden and the Democrats feel comfortable kicking in the teeth are progressives.


Both parties need to clean up their acts a lot. Trump has certainly been guilty of coercive tactics - and the GOP especially has been, going back a long time. But we don’t win by descending to their level, either.

The unauditable voting machines that were brought in with the stop america from voting act all have to GO.

Every possible thing thats used to deny people the vote has to go. Voting has to be a holiday people get off from work. But not their weekend.


The trade deals that lock it into a box where nothing economic can change for the better, only for the worse (like healthcare, public services of all types, and all of the new deal and great society programs) and has to be dismantled bit by bit because they have become entitlements of corporations are CRIMES. Those changes have turned our politicians into liars. We have to face that fact.


Somehow lost in all this is the fact that Trump was Bill Clintons golfing buddy, and seems to have been encouraged to run by the former President.

He and subsequent Administrations have a lot to hide, given that his entry into the WTO made a ton of policy most of us still think we can pursue FTA-illegal. Biden is likely to expand this, theft of policy space, still with no disclosure to the nation.

Virtually everything self-identified progressives think we should implement is in actuality already locked down by FTAS or about to be, soon, probably in this Administration. In practical terms, so tightly that its so costly, the theft is likely to be literally Forever. Basically everything that can be stolen - is being stolen.

(Bernie Sanders lied, bluntly. He helped cover this up. By pretending it has not happened. Face that reality.)

The theft has already made all the kinds of things people need done so they can continue to survive - impossible, (its done this officially already, this privatization of everything begun in 1995) by turning them into corporate entitlements, guaranteeing a huge theft from the taxpayers trading other concessions to make up for their loss. Biden is planning more new FTAs which make this theft worse and wider, locking down all service sectors and modes of supply.

Meaning we all are fucked. Because there go our jobs, unless we can do them cheaper than people in Third World countries, despite the higher costs of living.

What I am trying to explain is that a huge theft occurred which still has been un-accounted for by anybody.

How do they plan to cover it up?

They will because I certainly don’t see them telling the truth.


The gutlessness of the corporate shills in the DNC are as much to blame for Trump’s election, and policies, and the continuing slide of the working class into poverty, as the Republicans. It’s a game they play to pretend otherwise. The only Democrat leading the resistance is not a Democrat, he’s an independent who grew disgusted with corporate politics decades ago.


Well, they should grow some balls; see my response in agreement with Knickers. Just being “against Trump” has not netted any great gains for the American working class, nor has simply “voting blue no matter who.” Time to get past this loyalty to a party that doesn’t respond to the actual needs of the 99 percent. Just my thoughts.


Not even the detestable “Tricky Dick” Nixon pulled this kind of shit after the 1960 election. He lost by a razor thin margin and there was definite evidence that Illinois had been subject to some voter fixing in favor of Kennedy. Not even Nixon! But here we have this subhuman piece of shit in the Oval Office and its been 2 MONTHS since the election and Trumpo the Traitor still has not conceded the election to Biden and is doing everything he can to stay in power and the fucking hell with democracy. In the meantime, as well as this debacle, the Orange Pustule is duping his idiot supporters out of many, many millions of dollars, much of it going into his own pockets through shell companies set up by his loathsome son-on law. If ever there was an incompetent, deeply corrupt, reckless crime syndicate masquerading as a presidency this is it. Even a Republican admitted that his party should be “burned to the ground”. They are a national disgrace and this is just the kind of crap that we warned people who were on the Trump Train back in 2016. What sense did it possibly make to have a man in the Oval who could “run the country like a business” when all of his business ventures failed or were outright fraudulent. Everything about this colossal asshole is a fraud. Rather than, as he claimed, “I alone can fix everything” he has in fact helped bring the country to its knees. In the decades to come there will likely be a book about the downfall of the United States, Trump will get an entire chapter all his own. He is the worst president in U.S. history and hopefully he will judged as such.
The thing that really sickens me, though, is that this arrogant, diseased gangster will not do one minute in jail and that ten million more idiots voted for this POS in 2020. What does that say about us and the fact that so many of us have “normalized” this traitor?
AOC was right - Trump is not an anomaly, he is a symptom.


Jail birds sing, are you listening?
In the yard, sweat is glistening.
We’re happy today, we put him away.
Sing, Sing’s going to be his new vacay!