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Trump Accused of 'Negligent Homicide' for Gathering Thousands of Maskless Supporters at Indoor Nevada Campaign Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/trump-accused-negligent-homicide-gathering-thousands-maskless-supporters-indoor


Look all white people in a single room! If they are so concerned about soon being a minority in what they call “their Country” they are not helping matters along here.


Negligent homicide does seem to be an expected correlate to ‘malignant narcissism’. Seems to me that narcissism kills the empathy necessary to recognize consequences of negligence.

So the REAL QUESTION is whether we have the means to track those consequences. Or, to really toy with the sphere of inquiry, were there any conditionalities connected to attendance?


Hopefully that means less magats on Nov. 3rd voting for the orange shitgibbon.


I think we may be onto something. Maybe this is the lemming generation.


This qualifies for the Darwin Awards, which usually apply to an individual. This expands that recognition of fatal stupidity to a whole group.

If not for the fact that the infected ones will go their merry way and infect others before coming down with the disease, I would say just deserts-natural selection at work.

I see all those grinning white faces and keep thinking of my old algebra teacher’s frequent phrase, “happy idiots”.


Like the many “pro-life” cultists who worship Trump, the president doesn’t really love life at all. He doesn’t love human life, animal life, or the life of our planet.
He only loves money, power, sex, status and fomenting chaos and suffering.
It is what he has done his entire adult life.
He must be purged from government this November, and prosecuted for negligent homicide.


The orange chancre is the definition of “negligent”, and of “negligent homicide” beginning early in his malignant rule, with racist crimes, family separations, and for-profit imprisonment of the kidnapped victims on our southern border, denying Global Climate Heating and its consequences, economic “sanctions” against the civilians of several nations pandering to the right-wing extremists, “Christian” fundies searching for Jesus, and the brutality of Israeli racists trying to wipe-out any potential opposition to their ethnic cleansing and Crimes Against Humanity, such a central part of their supremacist mental illness mindset - the “chosen ones” - ordinary violent theft of territory cloaked in “religion”, that is actually racist bigotry!".


Wonder if it is not the human species that is committing suicide, and not just those on the right. The planet is wounded beyond quick healing, and virtually no one is doing what has to be done. Human society is built upon a hierarchy of greed and exploitation. Only now are the consequences playing out.


Well said, but with one exception: Trump and his fellow cultists …LOVE UNBORN LIFE!


Alot of people are going along with Trump .
That’s the sad part .


What can you possibly say about a gathering of two legged creatures who have been left behind by evolution.

“The fact that Jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.”

  • Rahe Clancy

Things are so divided now maybe they will just kill each other. Seems Orange Julius considers his base suckers and losers.


The governor accused the president of being “reckless” and “selfish”

He is guilty of attempted manslaughter.


Well said Carol. I think he is the extreme figurehead for the dysfunction that is the Western lifestyle run amok. I.E. unfettered capitalism.

There are many efforting to heal and mitigate the damage. Now to restore balance because much like our amazing bodies, I believe the planet has the capacity and will to heal.


Pro-life to the cultists.
Life begins at conception and ends at birth


Evolution ? No way. They MUST have been created.


Who will have standing to charge Liar Trump AND his campaign organizers with ‘Negligent Homicide’ for the Nevada Campaign Rally deaths? Should they quickly and quietly be organizing temporary MFA in Nevada?

Like so many of my Trump relatives tell me, covid-19 is a hoax. I guess that is also the way that so many Trump supporters without masks feel.


Well, that’s what conservatives keep insisting, god placed them on earth. In which case that would make them brainless aliens from outer space. Home grown brainless two legged jellyfish or brainless aliens from outer space, take your pick. Both add up to about the same thing.

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