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Trump Accused of 'Negligent Homicide' for Gathering Thousands of Maskless Supporters at Indoor Nevada Campaign Rally

This is a complete myth and a far right propaganda point that has been completely debunked. Be better than this.

Like George Carlin said, they protect unborn life so they can grow up to be dead soldiers.

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Every day I see more and more Trump/Pence signs as his true extent of support becomes more evident. Don’t believe the polls. You can clearly see his demographic in the photos of his events and he will win a significant majority of that demographic, both male and female. And we all know who they are and what their goal is.

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Boy, do I miss George!


But since he sees the military dead and wounded as suckers and losers, and he claims to adore the military, he must be using the words suckers and losers as a term of endearment for his supporters.

You are probably right. He said he loves the uneducated. His success is predicated on suckers and losers believing him.

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Someone hear said something I can’t forget: If you could reason with a Trump supporter they wouldn’t be a Trump supporter.