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Trump Accused of Suppressing CDC Warning That Full School Reopenings Pose 'Highest Risk' of Covid-19 Spread

I wish I lived near you. I used to raise chickens. I still miss them. They make wonderful pets. It was great to spend time hanging out with them.


Chickens come home to roost; Late afternoon, they would all line up, often one dawdler, would come running up in a rush, to get in line before she was late. Then they all went into the coop to roost for the night.

I still think that sight is funny.


All kinds of ways you can support the people who produced this film:


For example, you can pay them $45 for a DVD. Not sure if they are delivering these yet or not. Or you can pay $1500 for a private screening in Los Angeles I think.

I’m on the other side of the pond HT. In a beautiful country called Spain where people wear face masks when they are told to. And as of today it is mandatory again because of new outbreaks.

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With all due respect I was not inquiring as to how I could support the makers of this documentary. Rather, I was simply wondering if this film, which was seen in Germany two months ago, is or will be available to the public anytime soon. One would have thought that this documentary about Trump could be found on the Internet. But surprisingly this does not appear to be the case.

I didn’t see that anyone mentioned this. If people, kids included, end up with health conditions related to covid-19, will they be covered by insurance if insurance companies consider lingering affects as a (pre-existing condition)?

People in my area are getting bolder every time I go out in public. Fleet Farm was busy and only a few of them are wearing masks.
On the opposite end the VA is particularly stringent as is my doctors office and the casino which I mentioned before.
I feel like the government should furnish hazmat suits for us to wear out in public.

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Look like stormtroopers

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More like he trying to run the Country like Kim Jong IL. WhatS next concentration camps?

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Charge it to the trump mob organization, and the republicans party.

Glitter, glue, paint, markers, yarn…
You can look like whatever you can come up with. It’s kind of like wearing masks now, Halloween every day.
One commenter suggested plastic bubbles.
Who do you want to be today?

Not only does DeVos have no real plan besides “reopening,” but she has 22 questions that she has been asked by media outlets about that reopening, that she has just ignored…

Her priority has always been to kill the Public Schools; never forget that.

What would kill the PS’s faster, than forcing all the kids back to school, while a pandemic rages and has its way with us all?

We really need to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy. We probably need to buy fossil fuel reserves at high prices to get permission to buy equipment for renewable energy.