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Trump Accused of 'Weaponizing' Pandemic as Administration Weighs Extending Ban on Border Asylum Claims Indefinitely

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/trump-accused-weaponizing-pandemic-administration-weighs-extending-ban-border-asylum

President Donald Trump is “weaponizing” the coronavirus pandemic crisis

Trump being a fascist narcissist and sociopath could care less about how many of his fellow, American citizens die, but we know he will use the coronavirus to his advantage this fall. Some reputable health professionals are predicting it will be much worse this fall…what could be better for the Amerikan, Fuehrer! Who has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that if he can he will weaponize the pandemic to delay the election in November.

If it is OK to go back to work, go to school or shop why is it not OK to cross the border?

Our cowardly congressional committees are AWOL when a complete investigation of this pandemic debacle is in order. Fire them all for dereliction of duty.

work harder–millions of illegals on welfare depending on you

work harder–millions of illegals on welfare depending on you…

work harder–millions of illegals on welfare depending on you///////

I was not advocating for illegals, just pointing out the hypocrisy.

The fruits of my labor go to corporate welfare, agriculture welfare, welfare for the rich, investor bailouts, to offset tax cuts for the rich, golfing trips for fat Nixon, foreign aid for Israel and support for red states.