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Trump Adds Bannon to National Security Council, Kicks Out Intelligence Officials


Trump Adds Bannon to National Security Council, Kicks Out Intelligence Officials

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump signed memorandums on Saturday that kicked the nation's top military and intelligence advisers off the National Security Council's (NSC) Principals Committee and elevated his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, in their place.


Well, we clearly have an "unpresidented" Administration. It would seem that Bannon is the center of power in this Administration.


Good thing HRC didn't win. Trump is way better on "trade."


I'm afraid you're right, but I don't want to "like" your comment and appear to approve of the situation. These last couple of days are terrifying.


Bannon is Trump's handler.
Do a little research into the murder of the original Breitbart...


So now Hermann Goering (sorry about spelling) is seated at the head of the table. Dear Lord, Hell is upon us, wrapped in the flag-just as we were warned.


Somehow we have to learn to live with it. As Michael Moore said, no matter how bad we can imagine things will get, they will get even worse. I'm hoping to live only mildly depressed for the next few years.


No. We do NOT have to live with it. We must rage against it every minute. We must stop it.


No, not rage every minute. We must control rage and attempt to cycle it off and on. Living with constant rage is no good.


Unusual or not, I guess the author implies that all the other "advisors" to the NSC have brought us to a better place today????
(caveat: not a DT voter)


What we have to do is channel that rage into the voting booth, at the state and national level. In my district, a Sanders clone ain't getting near-to elected. A few years back, a blue dog almost did though. If we learn that it takes a coalition to govern, that every potential ally isn't a sellout horrible person because they aren't with us on every single issue, we can win. FDR and LBJ had to make deals with folks we'd be crucifying them for dealing with, after all. Social Security didn't include agricultural or domestic workers for a reason. Governing is what it's all about, right?


It seems there has been enough push back against Trump (thank goodness for angry, motivated people) that an at least slightly less worse policy is forthcoming.


Russians have long had definitions for optimist and pessimist. The Russian pessimist says things can't get worse. The Russian optimist says oh yes, they can!


Rabbit hole time!


And is the most eager to use it.


Wishing for some "incremental change"? Maybe some "status quo ante"?


Yes, the voting booth, but we cannot wait for the next election.

And @MonkesTale, rage is destructive only when it is unfocused or channeled in destructive ways. We must act at every turn to take our nation back. We are better than this.


Breitbart News and Bannon have been elevated.


Bannon's insanity will likely take us to a worse place tomorrow!