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Trump Admin Charges Ahead With 'Reckless' Plan to Expose Arctic Wildlife Refuge to Fossil Fuel Drilling


Trump Admin Charges Ahead With 'Reckless' Plan to Expose Arctic Wildlife Refuge to Fossil Fuel Drilling

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Enraging conservation and indigenous advocates across the nation, the Trump administration on Thursday plowed ahead with its widely denounced plans to enable drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska, releasing a draft environmental impact statement for granting oil and natural gas leases in the refuge's 1.6 million-acre coastal plain.


Patriots, get prepared to stand your ground.


To get a realistic idea of the impact of such recklessly foolish behavior, I recommend the mini-series The Polar Sea, which we viewed on Netflix.


Trump, the babybitch, is obviously doing everything in his power (plus) to counter anything and everything that benefits mankind in general that has come to be in the past. He is quite obviously intentionally fucking over the working class (as he did in business by ripping off contractors and not paying employees), fucking over his own idiot base (that still mindlessly cling to this sick fuck), and seemingly does things based on how much hatred he can generate towards himself. What kind of person does things intentionally with the goal of making people hate him or her (see Hillary Clinton)? If he weren’t such a threat to our collective future the bastard might actually be an interesting case study in mental illness. But, he is a threat so what do we do to put him on a leash until his term in office is done? The democratic capture of the House is a good start and AOC is IMHO very encouraging!!! You go girl!!! We however have so many problems on so many fronts that our government is pushing not to remedy but make worse how do we stop this insanity by the neocons, neoliberal, and the brain injured (republicans and establishment democrats)? We are carrying out war games on Russia’s borders and literally goading Putin into a hot war between NATO and the Russian Federation. Were it not for the cool head of Putin we would all be a vapor cloud by now. We are lied to about Russia, China, all other geopolitical activity, our “leader”, and both political parties. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know if you have noticed yet and if you have are able to see thru the smokescreen of the U.S. being the greatest, most exceptional country on the face of the Earth, but our “special” country is by far the biggest threat to the continuation of life on the planet and you want to know why? Capitalism. Those who have won at the game they imposed on us have reaped almost all the bounty that is available to be reaped. However that’s not enough. Who cares about starving people, a collapsing ecology, the threat of nuclear war as they impose themselves on nations that don’t exactly welcome their greed and selfishness and have nuclear weapons to back them up? Look, the solution to all that ails us as a society, a member of they global community, etc. is the elimination of the super rich. There are but a few of them versus millions of us. Why do we allow them their selfishness, greed, and general lack of concern for anyone but themselves? Just imagine a leech swimming up to your debit card and attaching itself so it can suck your money away for itself. You’ve just witnessed a billionaire. We simply must carve these bastards from our society like a cancerous tumor is carved away from its victim. We have to destroy the elite ruling class.


A final feeding frenzy for the one percent. Capitalism’s last, dying gasp.


White supremacy is not only thing Trump stands for. I guess you could call this human supremacy over nature. All nature is subject to exploitation. Human rule. Of course it all comes crashing down eventually as humans are part of nature and depend on nature to survive.


For those that don’t know, this area is about the size of the state of South Carolina, with no manmade infrastructure of any kind, the last undisturbed block of land in the US of it’s kind. The only way in is by boat or small plane. The North Slope and Coastal Plain (where they want to drill), is the breeding grounds for hundreds of migratory birds, and the Porcupine Caribou Heard ( the second largest in Alaska). It’s the only refuge in our system that has the 3 main species of bears (Polar, Brown[Grizzly], Black). To lose this huge block of land to oil and gas production, and all of the pollution associated with these industries would be a crime against humanity. If you think the cleanup in Prince William Sound was difficult, just wait till they have a disaster in this remote location, it will be devastating.


Long before Rump, Obummer often bragged that his policies of increased oil and gas drilling had guaranteed that the USA was now “energy independent” for the next 100 years.

(Whenever I heard Obummer boast like that, I thought: “Yeah, and your energy policies might very well cause mass extinctions or total extinction in those next 100 years – a–h—!”)

Anyway, if Obummer’s policies of increased oil and gas drilling already guarantee the USA to be “energy independent” for the next 100 years, that means drilling for oil in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge (and in the Arctic Circle) now is completely unnecessary! (In addition to being hateful to nature and reckless about global warming!)

The USA does not need the additional oil – this additional oil drilling is merely insatiable greed for money! The right-wing rich are obsessive-compulsive about always increasing their already filthy excess of wealth.

They never have enough and are always driven to crave “more. more, more” – regardless of the severe destruction they cause!

I really think the right-wing rich, compulsive capitalists are mentally ill.
Mentally healthy people don’t think, feel, and act the way that these creepy fanatics do.


We sure don’t want any oil rig cowboys to get hurt. So when Trump’s wall is finished he can transport all the moose, wolves, elk, bear, and any other critters they don’t give a damn about and execute them by firing squad against his wall.


At this point i would not be surprised if that actually was the plan.


I have a very strong suspecion that most if not all Trump supporters see the little wilderness as a commodity to be exploited. They are too angry at and despise the environmentalists. Their ignorance has made them blind to the harm this mad anti environmental mindset can cause. There is no attention paid to even the debate on economic pros and cons of such stupid endeavor. The anti environmentalists think we are standing between them and a potential paycheck. Too ignorant to realize that the wilderness provides much greater sustained economic benefit outweighing oil and gas drilling by tens of trillions.


Moose can’t drink oil or breathe gas fumes and live.


The players of the Trump regime are deaf to nature, to the arts, to beauty. But I think there is also an element of them and the fossil fuel industry they serve for which it is not only becoming even richer, they actually delight in destroying nature, making everything ugly for most of us, and enraging those that care. I hope folks remember that when they contemplate buying gas, flying, taking plastic bags…


Great post! Yes, humans who believe that they are supreme to nature will and do get bitten in the A- hurricanes and tornadoes and floods and fires are natures way of taking back. Unfortunately many good souls ( human, animal land water) get trapped in by this.


People like that are losers- they are not happy period. Stop the feeding frenzy at the big box stores and the use of cars.


What are these richie riches so angry about? Maybe they need something material to make them feel whole - too empty inside.


Without petroleum, the military can’t put aircraft onto the battlefield. Sucking the last reserves from the earth for the purpose of war will solve the problem of eternal war when the oil is gone.


I am an Alaskan resident and I can tell you most Alaskans feel the same way as they are more interested in their PFD ( permanent oil dividend fund) than the exploitation and devastation of the Alaskan, environment. DRILL BABY, DRILL fits their pocketbooks and you can see why they elect people like Sarah. The whole Alaskan politic is and has been in the pocket of big oil and the fossil fuel industry.


People in the lower 48 really have no concept of what it is like to fly for hours without seeing power lines or roads or any of the crap that exists to serve their needs.


There are a few of us who don’t give a crap about the PFD.