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Trump Admin Commits to Forever War in Syria against Iran

Trump Admin Commits to Forever War in Syria against Iran

Juan Cole
US is keeping the pot boiling by promoting continued instability in Syria.
"Some 60% of career diplomats have fled the State Department in the past year, as Tillerson seems intent on destroying the institution he leads. The lack of any real expertise on Syria is obvious in his erroneous talking points."(Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc)

As much as I abhor Trump, our Accidental President, I don’t lay this policy decision on him. It was imposed upon him just as it was on Obama and Bush (planning stages, anyway). The neocons fight with tanks in the ME, while the neoliberal fight in Ukraine using banks. (Let’s not forget the troika’s neoliberal assaults on the PIIGS, either, with austerity uber alles.) The world is entrapped in one monster shitstorm of inhumanity to “save” “Western” “civilization”. The patterns are too consistent to ignore.


Obama paved the way by destabilizing Syria, sending in covert ops and beginning the proxy war. Just one of 1000’s of ways by which Obama & the Democrats set things up for Trump.


Enough already! Just leave! We have caused enough turmoil and destruction in the Middle East. The best thing we can now do, is first just to leave. The longer we stay, the worse things get, overall!


This is pre-emptive tough talk intended to tamp down the prospect of reality intruding on the conversation.

Myth 1: Contrary to what I’ve heard from Trump supporters and the FoxNews echo chamber, the US did not defeat ISIS. Russia, Hezbollah, Assad, Kurds and Iranian militias did to the extent that ISIS is no longer a ‘state.’ Tillerson actually looks stupid to these regional players because his bullshit is so transparently absurd.

Myth 2: As Dr Cole makes clear, the US can bluster all it likes but it isn’t in a position to dictate terms to anyone in the region. In practical terms, it just lost a war to Russia. It just watched Iraq and Iran forge closer ties. It’s watching Turkey edge its way out of NATO and into Putin’s sphere of influence. It just supplied Al Qaeda with weapons, many of which will be pointed at US troops and ‘contractors’ in the near future.

Myth 3: US military leaders will claim that if push comes to shove, the US will prevail in another regional conflict. Except they pretty much haven’t prevailed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Yemen. And if, mercy forbid, a sizeable conflict occurs, Russian and Chinese supplies from the background will make victory rather difficult, and I didn’t even mention Turkey shooting at us or more direct Russian involvement. When our troops are coming home in body bags, expect public sentiment to swing away from another quagmire.

Myth 4: Our allies will help. Except why would Europe help create more Syrian refugees? How much help is the KSA? They can’t handle a ragtag band of starving Houthis. And Israel–are they ready for the onslaught of missiles, especially if Russia takes aim? Cuz this won’t be a 6-Day war, yo.


This is what the US military wanted–never ending war–but as stated above Russia took out supply lines to Isis(which the US military conveniently failed to do).

But as democrats and republicans call for more military spending—where is the real reporting on what the military is doing around the world. ARE WE STOPPING TERRORISTS OR CREATING TERRORISTS? ITS TIME TO STOP THIS MADNESS .From malnourished babies in Yemen to homeless children here in the US.

I see this story plastered across the US about “house of horrors” in Perris Calif----how horrific is it to be a homeless kid in the US. How horrific is it to be a child in Yemen.

This democrat donor spends millions on tv ads calling for Trumps impeachment. Why not spend some money on ads calling out the crime of letting children live in the street or the crimes of the US military around the world.

And Thank you Rep Tulsi Gabbard for calling out the military in your interview on This Week–it was so refreshing to hear some truth. Of course I could tell Stephanopoulos couldn’t believe his ears. Thank You.


Funny that Prof. Cole, formerly of the “Assad Must Go” crowd, is suddenly critical of the same attitude within the Drumpf administration.

So much the better, I say. I am so sick of these wars that words fail me. But neither do I trust Cole, a classic fake-left neocon lite.

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It looks like there might actually be some public discission on this issue.

Turkey’s recent military operation against the Kurds in northern Syria will likely change all this. It will be interesting to see what happens if some of the US troops there get killed by the Turks.

And all the while, Congress remains oblivious and indifferent, fiddling as our foreign policy goes up in flames.