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Trump Admin. Ratchets Up Tensions With Threat to Sanction Any Nation That Imports Iranian Oil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/trump-admin-ratchets-tensions-threat-sanction-any-nation-imports-iranian-oil

YEA Let’s just start bombing everyone - allies included. That’ll distract us from other crimes of President Caligula, and his Reich wing minions


Why does trump beg for a terrorist attack on the U.S.? So we can justify a war/ That is sick in the head shit, and he needs to go, now. Bastille party anyone.


The Fascists, war mongers are going to have their war with Iran, no doubt about it in my mind. It is no longer if…but when.

It’s well past time that the EU nations and others around the world say enough is enough and ditch the US on these sanctions and sanction threats.


because he is a dumb asshole

So, the current administration’s negotiating philosophy is to screw everyone who disagrees with its “take” on current events. Such a 4-year old response. Thanks baby donnie.

“reich wing minions” Apt description.

I think we should be sanctioned starting with the banking industry and moving to big business. Our arrogance is sickening.
You would think that everyone understands that Israel is a pain in the ass. And then comes the criminal land theft. Iran does what it can to offset this Israeli behavior and is admonished for their sacrifice. And in the end we not only kiss the Israeli asses, but we pay for the privilege.


They already have with more to follow. The European financial settlement mechanism (INSTEX), aimed at circumventing US sanctions against Iran, is working and transactions are already happening. Seven EU countries, including France, Britain and Germany are establishing trade channels with Iran. Even China is importing Iranian oil in spite of Mr Hooks hollow threats.


From the article:

“…the administration intends to ‘sanction any illicit purchases of Iranian crude oil.’” (emphasis mine)

It isn’t illicit just because this pissant says so. Let’s go, world. The only way to deal with a bully is to bloody his nose.


Aren’t there ANY nations that still value their sovereignty, or will they lay down for the neo-nazi bullying shite from the trump regime? Neville Chamberlain ring any bells? Don’t make a similar mistake with the trumpenfuhrer!

Stand up to this mental pathetic excuse for a person, and his regime from Hell!

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Tx - It’s The Politics of Organized Irresponsibility

If we all formed a corporation and ordered some Iranian oil, would the Trumpenstein Monster sanction the United States?

Too bad any nation has to import oil from anywhere.

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Too bad nations are all fired up to potentially murder millions of people, yet again, based on a false pretense(s?). That’s about as crazy as" the crazy " gets. However, it appears that’s the Plan A, the Plan B, the Plan C… How imaginative.
Expect something after the 4th of July?