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Trump Administration Accused of Trying to Bully Banks Into Financing Arctic Fossil Fuel Extraction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/20/trump-administration-accused-trying-bully-banks-financing-arctic-fossil-fuel


LOL Apparently Hair Furor has forgotten who really runs this country - the banks.


Like Trump, Inc. could enforce anything of the sort after 20 January 2021. One would think he knows how long it takes to process a loan application from an actual bank and not just somebody named Ivanovich.




And some people thought that bankers were the lowest life forms on earth.


Facing Planetary Instability
"Humanity collectively seems remarkably unprepared for the future, remarkably unresponsive to what is coming over the horizon, remarkably ignorant and foolish regarding their current pursuits and distractions.

You cannot be fooling around in the face of the Great Waves of change. Your life must be repositioned. Your awareness must be sharpened. You must have a greater objectivity and clarity that you bring to witnessing the events of the world. You cannot simply be terrified by them, or upset by them, or feel helpless and confused in the face of them. They are all signs, preparing you, telling you what you need to know and to reconsider about your life.

You have to prepare for an unstable world. It is a new preparation for most people. It requires a great and deep evaluation of where you are and what you are doing, the position of your life and what change you must bring to your outer circumstances."… from the the Revelation: Facing Planetary Instability from the New Message.


Who will folks here BLAME for buying into unsustainable, suicidal consumerism; now that “we’re back to NORMAL?” We just “voted” for the worst, most pathetic and psychotic cage-fight charade between a demented fascist, blantantly criminal authoritarian and whatever that Cheeto Hitler crazy clown’s supposed to be? Slick-water fracking has now got us to the point where gas/oil infrastructure killing our kids’ future are sinking through where the permafrost used to be, while giant clathrate fireball craters can be seen from space and BOTH parties only ALLOW us candidates who’ll STEAL them our money, while hundreds-of-thousands of us die for their corporatocracy? Thank GOD, Joe can get things DONE!







Good cartoons. Here’s some more:


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May be the ‘banks’ learned something from fracking. A poisonous
environment killing process that never turned a cent of profit. Now
they are stuck with thousands of collateral dry holes in the ground.

The banks have bailed on deep water drilling and fracking. Even
the greedy now see the hand writing on the wall … carbon
extraction will not be the future.


the biggest polluters are the U.S. military. If an audit of Pentagon spending was done, maybe we could identify the profiteers and fully understand why the propaganda apparatchik , NYT, Wash Post keep pushing the “enemy” meme on the sheeple.


If the scores-of-thousands of kicked fracked methane, oil & ethane wells only WERE all dry! Finance invariably glowers down at us, from atop collapsing pyramids, their drooling kleptocrats enabled them to speculate-up, Congress and Judiciary, ALEC and states make everything THEY do TO us legal, job-creating, absolutely essential for security & energy indepence… if we protest, whistleblow or suggest otherwise; well PA’s governer paid unbelievable amounts of taxpayer money to an Israeli anti-terrorist mercenary firm to spy on and out us to employers, sue cancer victims or throw a 63 yr old teacher into solitary, for protecting her farm… If we’d need 1.9 million leaky-ass, quick to kick gas wells (just for Obama’s methane “bridge-fuel” power plants, to deepen runaway AGW) as producers, transmission, oil/ gas service industry, pretty much everybody, long-ago bankrupt, dump (unpaid) leases, abandoned unpluggable side-drilled bores, with leaky cement-jobs, annulars, failed casing, and simply walked away (guess, SOMEBODY’S got to pay?)





So, the GOP, which has traditionally stood for less government now suddenly supports this Orange Oaf’s attack on a banks freedom to do business?
Perhaps this may be due to his looming and rather huge debt load coming due?
That would, after all, be typical Trump.


Come on, we need to start naming names, PLEASE! These politicians need to be outed every single times so we will not forget who they are. Please both dems and repubs.


Excellent, I wish this could go worldwide on front pages and first up on main/lame street media and cable.

Biden’s cabinet, Trump’s cabinet, Obama/ (Cheney) Bush’s cabinet/ Clinton’s cabinet… See, now wasn’t that SIMPLE? And pretty much, each and every committee in Congress?
If we were ALLOWED to vote for them… API chose them?





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Yes, but who are politicians who recently went along?

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I say good luck with shaming politicians. We watched as the press and the whole republican party could not find an ounce courage to denounce trump’s four years of lying to the public, out loud.
Just recently a few brave folks have gotten off the dime and have spoken out. Too damn late folks, the damage has been done.


despite the hysterical claims about Democratic Party complicity, Democratic administrations and Democrats in Congress prevented Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil development, plus expanded National Monuments, pushed auto and truck efficiency standards, energy-efficient rail transport, regulation of methane emissions, all reversed by the Trump regime. With Biden’s election there is some light at the end of the tunnel on such issues

Careful. People around here don’t want to hear about the GOOD things democrats have brought us. And in particular about Biden it seems.

A little above Attorneys;
and used car salesmen.