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Trump Administration Announces $200 Million Cut in Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians


Trump Administration Announces $200 Million Cut in Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration announced Friday that it would cut $200 million in Palestinian aid, redirecting the funds to what it called "high priority projects elsewhere."


Israel is loosing its disinformation war, as more and more of the world is finally realizing what is going on.
The goal was always to conduct the genocide of the Palestinians while maintaining the pretext of legality.
Just like they made the native americans sign a slip of paper, before handing them a dollar and building a town on their ancestral grounds. Then later kill them for trespassing on “legally” acquired lands.
As that gambit has clearly failed the remaining option is just plain genocide.
With their window of opportunity closing due to growing awareness and resistance, i expect they will do whatever they think they can get away with to expedite the extinction of the Palestinians, while still proclaiming themselves victims.


Is it time for the civilized world to embark on a Berlin style airlift and start dropping food, medical supplies and other goods into Palestinian territory?

Perhaps the EU or Brazil or India or China could step up to the plate. The US/Israeli initiative is totally morally bankrupt.

Where is the International Criminal Court? How can this be acceptable among the world community?


“the ass-backwards notion that the US needs to increase pressure”

Donald Trump has 2 negotiating techniques: Put your negotiating opponent in the most fearful, weak, negotiating position (like withhold payment to a made desperate contractor), and second promise whatever is necessary to gain acquiescence (promise more work at full payment).

What’s he got in mind to promise the Palestinians?


Somehow I don’t think the Dims will rush to reverse this decision. They’re checking in with AIPAC to get the correct language to respond.


Trump, obviously a minion of the chaos we call the devil, has no interest in helping anyone but himself, never considering that it would help him look good to the world. He obviously needs the money to sponsor another cesspool.somewhere else that is stable and god forbid beautiful.


This $200 Million cut from aiding the Palestinian people, will find it’s way to the Israelis in weapons which will be used against the Palestinians.


During the final two weeks of WW2, RCAF and RAF bombers dropped food aid no more than 250 m from my home. This, finally, brought an end to the infamous Hunger Winter of 1944-45. The food drops were done during the day, and the bombers flew their missions unmolested by our occupiers.

Dropping food and meds in Gaza sooner rather than later is a much needed humanitarian action that many will support. The sad reality is that the effort will immediately turn into a suicide mission for the flight crews. And most of their cargo will end up damaged and burned among the wreckage of the participating aircraft.

I have visited Gaza. It is hard to comprehend how that small territory of only 361 km2 can be home to 1,875,000 Palestinians. (My hometown of 1,250,000 covers an area of 890 km2.) How three generations of Palestinians have survived life in that hellhole for 51 years is beyond my comprehension. Life in Gaza right after the six-day war was bad, now it is far worse.


And all those millions will go to the terrorist racist Zionist entity called “Israel”, via foreign “aid”, gifts of military hardware, and “forgiven” loans - the US “loans” millions/billions to Israel and they are ALL “forgiven” - they are never paid-back and that’s the reason its claimed "Israel has never reneged on a “loan”! - none of those “forgiven loans” are ever included in the billions we outright give to Israel!! The billions we give Israel are a form of tribute…

The US has been, and is, even more politically subverted and dominated by Israel-first traitors who hold first loyalty to that foreign power, under the trump regime. the trump regime is a de facto agent of Israeli subversion!

Our politicians are bribed, coerced, pressured and threatened with political opposition by a foreign power - by the AIPAC, the instrument of Israeli subversion of our politics, national interests, sovereignty, and foreign policy that should not be tolerated! No other nation is so subverted by a foreign power as we have allowed…and empowered by dual-citizenship officials and the “religious” right fulfilling their fantasy mythology.

When such service to, and first-loyalty to, a foreign power is committed by an elected representative it is a treasonous act, that should never be tolerated. he overt declarations of unbreakable bonds, and "endless loyalty (fealty), and other statements of groveling servitude to Israel are propaganda terms designed by Israel and its American traitors! ENOUGH!

Boycott, Divest, Sanction the subversion and racism! BDS!


seems to me the only way to really help the Palestinians is to work to get both sides to compromise and seek an agreement based on reconciliation, tolerance, and recognizing the other side’s narrative has a basis.
Right now both sides are calling for the other side to surrender and somehow go away if they insult, demonize, and threaten long enough. By now, they should both see that strategy is not working. Neither Israelis nor Palestinians can be made to surrender. Peace, compromise, compromise, is the only way.


On top of Benjamin Netanyahu’s deplorable human rights offenses in Palestine, now Donald Trump is cutting off humanitarian aid? In football, that would be called “piling on” and would be penalized. No penalties, however, for these two fiends. I don’t know what constitutional checks and balances, if any, exist in Israel. What I do know is that the ones that should be activated in the United States are very close to committing treason.


Gaza is not ‘occupied’ accept by Hamas. Hamas is an excuse for a terror group. The Qur’an is extremely persecuting of Jews from 600AD. People should actually read it before joining some lynch mob 700AD the Rulers of Islam in the region that conquered Iraq were the first to make Jews wear a yellow star, back and front. That is where Hitler got the idea. How can people be against nazigroups but for Islam? they are the same and both are Anti Multicultural. Someone better do some real research because just because Muslims say they are Marxist does not them less fascist. .


Read the Qur’an. That would be against Islam Law. They cannot recognize any other religion as equal. They say they are the Only ones and The only ones to be able to Claaim Abraham. That is why they steal every Jewish site of Abraham and say "No Jews Allowed. That is why Jordan captured Jerusalem 1948 (which had a Jewish majority) slaughtered & chased out Jews and Demolished all the old Jewish Quarter which included 34 Synagogues in that old city. Why don’t people know this? Against international law, Jordan illegally annexed it 1950. UN wanted it to be a universal city but Jordan put up signs NO JEWS ALLOWED. Someone has been spreading propaganda and lies for too long. Islam say NO permanent Peace with other religions (it says it Today as well as in Qur’an) unless they are ruled under Islam.


Thats a very weak excuse for propaganda and further persecution of Jews & Israel. There is much truth beyond what is being said against them but the pitch of the lynch mob is high.


Self-defense is not genocide.

What the Palestinian Authority is doing is genocide.
The Palestinian Authority is paying people to murder Jews. The more Jews they kill, the more money they get.


Obesity is a major problem in Gaza.


If racist Palestinians continue their campaign to exterminate the Jews, then Israel will use weapons against the racist Palestinian attackers.


I am amazed at how good Israel is to the Palestinians. Israel delivers over 800 truckloads of food & supplies to Gaza every day even though Gazans fire thousands of rockets & mortars at innocent Israelis.


INSIGNIFICANT amount for usa. isreal gets $9Billion , that is where the money flows…
Palestine is only 2%.
Humanitarian vs. Genocide


how nice the jews stole all the land they occupy and now they complain that the displaced are pissed off.

The never again slogan gives the jews the right to murder and pillage at will…
So sad