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Trump Administration Condemned for Plan to 'Recklessly' Expand Offshore Drilling


Trump Administration Condemned for Plan to 'Recklessly' Expand Offshore Drilling

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Critics say the plan "was hastily concocted, has no basis in science, employs faulty economics, and blatantly disregards" public opposition to exposing coastal communities to "risky, dirty, and unnecessary offshore drilling."

BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill


Did the govt learn nothing from the Gulf Oil Disaster of some years ago? People and states are still trying to recover from that and the poor wildlife in the water some of which have been wiped out.


The Florida Senator quoted above is Bill Nelson (D), not Ben Nelson!

The public does not want this! Only Big Oil and its investors want this.

More proof, if any were needed, that what the people actually want, does not matter at all to

this Administration and this corrupted Congress!

In an era of stronger Atlantic hurricanes, this is a very stupid idea.

Please make sure you vote this fall!


Maybe they should drill for sanity, because we are fresh out.


This will not only be welcomed by the fossil fuel industry but the “drill baby drill” right wing extremists will also be very pleased. It is another strike against the environmentalist liberals. Of course in the right wing alternative universe global warming isn’t happening. It is just a hoax. No cares at all for the right wing conspiracy theorists as others outside of the right wing echo chamber are very concerned that the last four years were the warmest since record keeping began and the global temperature now averages about 1C above pre-industrial levels and trend is clearly toward higher temperatures.


The Gulf of Mexico will not recover in our or our kids lifetime’s. The rest of the country doesn’t understand, it can’t recover. Almost all of the oil from that disaster is still there, sunk to the bottom with dispersants (out of site, out of mind).
I’m tired of hearing the term accident used to describe the event (not that you did), it was no accident.
Stupidity and greed caused that event, I hope the public someday gets to hear the truth about what happened on that rig right before all hell broke loose.


The Gulf of Mexico is not recovering from the toxic run-off from the Midwest corn and soybean fields that the so-called renewable energy advocates support and the billions of dollars in subsidies going to the “ethanol” lobby.


Funny why are we experiencing record lows today?


Hi Kirk, how’s it going?

On the climate denier beat are you? Where do you operate from, perhaps the fucking Heartland Institute?

Have you name dropped Al Gore or Soros yet?

Seriously, you think the lopsided jet stream patterns are normal? I suppose now you are going to give me a lesson in Paleontology.


Oh no Kirk, the Deepwater Horizon spill had nothing to do with it right? Or the Corexit. I mean the microbes just love the help they got from Corexit so they could eat some of that yummy oil.

Have you informed people today that CO2 is good for them? Good for plants, and the planet?

Have you emphasized yet that there are environmental activists that also have a carbon foot print?

Even though their activism, if reflected in policy, would result in much lower yummy CO2 emissions. Balancing that as a corn-sideration is really tough for you I bet. I feel your pain, I do.

Think think think.

Perhaps I should be more polite to a person intentionally fighting for fucking oil companies.




Evelyn…they just don’t care!


Best guess, the Trump team is desperately looking for some action so outrageous that it distracts from the criminal indictments coming down on everybody other than the Donald, who can only be impeached for criminal conduct.

Yes, there’s precedent for criminal trials after impeachment. Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned under threat of impeachment for bribery. He pled to one count of tax evasion. He didn’t have to serve any time because after all he was rich and powerful, and unlike Martha Stewart he had junk behind his zipper.

A reckless and outrageous environmental action, absolutely. Interesting timing of the outrageous action, tho.


I think the chicken just spotted a juicy worm!:grinning:


How does the public not want this, yet their consumption of petroleum has not diminished, and they would likely be outraged of the economic ramifications if we did not pursue sites for oil wells.


I suppose since 2017 was apparently only the second warmest year, not beating the temperature record of 2016, you are going to claim that what we now have is global cooling. Or that the pause that wasn’t a pause was really a pause. Or the that hockey stick graph was a fraud. Or that climate scientists are saying that we are headed for an ice age. Or when Senator James Inhofe stood in front of Congress and declared that global warming was a hoax that he was right. Or that he proved global warming wasn’t real by bringing a snowball into Congress. With regard to record lows, in recent decades you will find that rather than there being about an equal number of record lows and record highs, as was true several decades ago, record highs now outnumber record lows by about two to one. That is due to global warming.


The “public’ doesn’t know what it wants or what’s good for them, Democratic public opinion is not going to help with any of tge controversies of the current time,


It is not petroleum that people crave. It is energy. I would be most happy to get that energy from non fossil sources if widely available. Other countries are subsidizing alternative energy sources as national policy and some are headed for dumping most all of their fossil fuel based energy and nuclear. Example Germany. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see China outlaw gasoline powered cars in near future. This is the course the USA should be a leader in, not building bombs and raping the earth.


Another step in the wrong direction of the Trump government of, by and for the corporations. Do I think Trump is a bad president? No. I think he is a horrific president. He passed the “bad” benchmark within weeks of starting as president.


Removing restrictions on offshore drilling leases while, at the same time, relaxing safety regulations on offshore drilling, is absolute insanity. And Donald Trump just did it. And the GOP still refuses to see that this man is not “all there”. I hope they keep their befuddled heads in the sand until November, so they won’t see Democratic candidates creeping up on them. Then maybe we can have a real government, not a flock of silly geese flapping and honking and filling D.C.with poop.


Hmm, solar on the roof and a hybrid car works for me…