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Trump Administration Cuts Off All Funding to UN Family Planning Agency

Trump Administration Cuts Off All Funding to UN Family Planning Agency

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump's State Department announced late Monday that it was cutting off millions of dollars in funding for a United Nations family planning agency that offers reproductive and maternal health services worldwide, serving tens of thousands of women.

Rights advocates and journalists expressed concern about the decision, citing the enormous positive impacts of the agency's work.

And make no mistake. This action by Trump will be very popular among USAns. “Let those stupid brown foreigners take care of themselves”, they will say, on their way to they to their suburban Christian mega-church on Sunday.

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Only two months and this nightmare is only beginning! And unfortunately, unless we find someway to stop this train wreck I shudder to think where the country that I love, but the current government I detest … will be in the next 4/8 years!


People must not even think 8 years. The active political opposition must start showing effect this year, this month.



Pence is euphoric and probably a major force behind this travesty/cruelty against women, their families, and their communities. Neither he nor the evil emperor have any concept about “connectedness” and how such draconian policies reverberate their destruction around the world. We will all pay for their nefarious numb-skullery.