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Trump Administration Denounced for 'Foolish and Deeply Damaging' Plan to Drill in Arctic Wildlife Refuge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/trump-administration-denounced-foolish-and-deeply-damaging-plan-drill-arctic


Standing with indigenous peoples and the caribou and all the rest of our fellow travelers from bi-peds to winged relatives we must commit to firing the wreck of a human being that is Trump, along with his cohorts. It is going to require more that driving a hybrid or a bicycle but a complete 360 degree turn about from the Western Model.


Ask yourself what Trump gets by doing this, then ask yourself what you get formore his doing this.


But politicians, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), are celebrating Monday’s announcement and dismissing concerns that drilling may be unsafe.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is unfortunately my Senator. She is just another stooge and fawning parasite for big oil. Even if it was proved drilling was unsafe it would not matter.

As an Alaskan resident, I can tell you that anyone that has seen the Alaskan Refuge and that loves the pristine and unspoiled beauty of nature would be outraged at Lisa’s lie.


Teddy Roosevelt would have used that big stick of his to beat the life out of the traitorous Republican party of today. Go Bull Moose!


BASTA! NO MAS! Since Trump and his enablers don’t understand the English word “Enough”, I thought terms from other languages might work. Or the Cree word Keshigash, Greedy Guts.
Only three men own most of the wealth of 7.8 billion humans, plus the futures of all other beings. Three men. This must and will end. Look at the upheavals erupting day by day, country by country, against the whole system. Today it’s Thailand. We’re tired of dominator strong-men deciding our future, our lifestyle, and exploiting our bodies.
This is sacred land. But try to explain this to those who deem only one area as “sacred” on Gaia, Israel. The Holy Land. I have several places I consider sacred, as being tied to my very being. One has been overrun by housing, slowly, over the past 70 years. I used to play in a forest, climbing trees, bird-watching, learning about my wonderful world. Gradually, the land was sold off by its owner(who can own land, really?) for subdivisions. The first was when I was ten, and it shattered something inside me. Later, I discovered the area was part of the Shawnee tribe, with their farms and hunting areas.
As I became older, other areas became sacred to me, and I instinctively knew about the Indigenous peoples who lived there before. They, too, are now fenced off, enclosed, barred off.
Now my last sacred area has been enclosed because of more development. I still have access, but it forces me to walk through a high-traffic area. But I will do whatever it takes to be in the real world. The Potawatomi lived here before, a relatively poor people who still had plenty of game, fish, and small farms. Mainly, they treasured the forests and the waters.
May all of you have sacred places, where you can be renewed. Blessed be.


Unprecedented monsters. If only we could go back to the sane, enviro-conscious days of the Obama administration. Democrats would never betray the pristine Arctic for short-term profiteering. They would never allow these parasites to… uh. Opps.



Sane leadership would have made alternative energy a number one priority about oh, 60+ years ago. But no…!


There’s a fairly strong likelihood that no oil company is even interested.
Demand for oil is dropping.
Each succeeding generation drives less.
Big oil companies are losing money.
Banks aren’t eager to lend to losing propositions.


This from a long time activist of the Hudson area of NY:

Resistance is Temporary

The real reason why Trump makes people so furious? It’s not that his cruel, exploitative, ignorant and belligerent policies are so very different from those of the other Presidents of our lifetimes.

It’s that his crass, moronic and selfish personality has forced a previously-complacent majority of citizens to finally glimpse the longstanding nature of American government and society. The mask is off.

It’s important to that complacent majority to see Trump as an aberration, rather than someone who has finally put an appropriately hideous face on our country’s ugly politics.

Now: If we would just elect a grandfatherly figure like Biden to whisk the Orange Man off the stage, then centrist Democrats and Republicans alike can go back to ignoring the deep, institutionalized violence and rapaciousness of our society.

Nevermind that we’ll be going back to the same conditions which, under Clinton and Bush and Obama, caused so much hopelessness among Americans, that voters finally said: “What the hell… Let’s give a shot to a freakishly offensive gameshow host whose businesses keep going bankrupt.”

And if one points out that Biden has been embedded and complicit in the steady debasement of American government over the past 50 years—and who, by his own boast to Wall Street donors, will not change anything —this makes people doubly furious.

Because the most likely outcome is that we just put a blander, more personable face on the same old nightmare, and let those who are less touched by its viciousness to drift back to sleep.

Go to link for more. We will have to commit to radical change and find the necessary courage to shut down the system as they are doing in Belarus as the First Nations have been doing in US America and Canada.


This should certainly be a turning point in our fight for our Mother Earth, our collective support system and a test as to who we are.


“Foolish and deeply damaging”? That is the best critics can do, a craven milksop euphemistic statement that should read “criminal and treasonous” for this corrupt regime’s willful sell-off of public resources to cronys and polluter instruments!

Any such “leases” must be deemed illegal and worthless, and would be if we had any semblance of responsible moral opposition and politicians worth a goddamn!


I posted this on another thread days ago:


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No Ethics, No Morals, No Conscience, No Redeeming Values, Literally Bankrupt.

November is coming.

Investigate, Indict, Prosecute, Imprison!


Same with re-cycling.

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And what did lukashenko say?
“You will have to kill me before there is another election”.
(I’m sure dump has picked up on this.)

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My father worked for the National Park Service and we lived on the parks my father was superintendent of. My brother and I discovered some milkweed flowers one day when we were riding our bikes on the fort where we lived and thought they would make a pretty bouquet for our mother. When we brought a hand-full of wilted milkweed flowers home we were so proud of being able to pick them without getting stickers on our fingers … when our father saw them he told us that it was wrong to pick them as everything on National Parks are sacred. My brother and I were 5 and 7 at the time but it has stuck with us these 60 years. How DARE the fools that Trump has appointed lay waste to what is one of the most enduring and iconic parts of this country (National Parks)! If we are willing to stand up for members of our family it is imperative that we also stand up for our Mother Earth and Her beautiful flora and fauna.


It’s always whining whenever a president allows more drilling, a few years ago it was Obama and the offshore drilling, now it’s Trump.

The only people who allow this drilling against humanity are Democrats and Republicans: What are you voting for?

It is difficult no to have wicked thoughts in Pandemic times on his behalf…I read that New Zealand is postponing elections due to resurgence of COVID-19 and this might also give Trump an idea. What a nightmare. Then the lily-livered organizers afraid of direct actions…We are in an uphill battle to undo the more than a century of attacks on the left in US America (socialists and communists).


We must wait till October.