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Trump Administration Deports First Protected 'Dreamer,' Betraying Promise


Trump Administration Deports First Protected 'Dreamer,' Betraying Promise

Nika Knight, staff writer

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents deported a 23-year-old child of undocumented immigrants protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in February, USA TODAY reported Tuesday, violating President Donald Trump's repeated promises to protect so-called "Dreamers" from deportation.


Trump: " I do have a big heart."

Yes Donald, no doubt about it you do have a big heart; a big heart made of stone!


I think this is an example of bureaucrats, charged with enforcing policy, dropping the ball big time and feeling that they could stonewall without consequences. They need to be named individually in the lawsuit, if they haven't already been.


Yet another broken promise that harmed a promising young man and his family's lives. Their humanity is forgotten when the brutes with badges at the border emboldened by the bullheaded brute in the WH exercise their new-found power to indiscriminately punish their chosen victims...who just happen to be brown-skinned. Will the pain, anguish, peril, destruction, and misery caused by the diabolical despot never stop? Every day brings more devastating and heartrending news about yet another tragedy.

Blessings to Sr. Montes and his family. The good news is that there is a legal team in place to seek justice for him. I pray for their (and his) successful outcome.

As for DJT, may you and all members of your version of the Geheime Staatspolizei, rot in Haedes where you all would be banished to the deepest, darkest nether regions to commune with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Himmler, and Rasputin (to name a few of your fellow fiends).


Plus it would help if we the public had their names, too. We have to fight the most we can to prevent the US becoming the Fourth Reich.


Perfectly stated, ST. I still don't hear many people calling these slime-covered beasts out for the fascists they are. 98% or more of all the media are either incredibly stoooopid, blind, craven, or closet Nazis themselves. Your post put words to my angst.


First they came for the Latinos...........we know how this ends.

If some are treated unjustly, there is justice for no one.


Omgg. It's beginning to feel like only a few of us get it.
Did you see the news on this asshat's nomination for secretary of the army??


It would be stupid and insane to embrace all "immigration", but deporting a kid is profoundly amoral.
Funny how stupid humans get bent out of shape by "immoral" but scarcely notice amoral.


Let's set the bleeding heart emotion aside for a moment and talk facts. These people are here illegally, regardless of how they got here. We have immigration laws for very good reasons, and they (or perhaps their parents) deliberately chose to ignore our laws and our sovereignty. In doing so, they basically spit in the face of every US citizen. By entering the country illegally, they risk carrying dangerous viruses our systems are not immune to, because we are in an entirely different region. They often use our welfare coffers. They definitely use our healthcare system, running the costs up for every citizen, as well as putting their kids in our schools, which also increases costs, especially when bilingual teachers and aides have to be hired. Many of these invaders, both young and old, have no desire to assimilate and become part of the USA. Instead, they refuse to stop using their own language, fly their Mexican flags, change US homes so they look like houses in Mexico, and join South American gangs which, thanks to liberal policy, now have a major foothold across our nation.

Trump never made any promise to illegal invaders. He's just enforcing our laws, and I think it's high time. Our immigration system is not broken, it's just been unenforced for way too long.


"Their humanity is forgotten..."

Apparently, the laws of this nation were forgotten by them first. Had they stayed in their own country, there wouldn't be any problem at all. So why are people blaming President Trump or the border patrol? Put the blame where the blame belongs, on those who made a conscious choice to disregard our law. It's called common sense and reality.