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Trump Administration Finalizes Car Rule Which Will Worsen Economy, Public Health

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/31/trump-administration-finalizes-car-rule-which-will-worsen-economy-public-health

+6% to 12% fuel usage improvement by adding co-generation using wasted heat from the exhaust manifold. This uses a low boiling point refrigerant that boils and a bit of superheat, then goes thru turbine, then condenser and back again to the jacketed exhaust manifold. Salvaged energy can go direct to transmission or run alternator, air conditioning, water pump - as examples.
Works great with diesel also.

Ration diesel and gasoline.
Limit semi trip to 250 miles one way, except food.
longer transport is by train.

Add big tax on auto and truck fuel. Use income to revitalize rural USA.
How about $4 / gallon?? or even more??

no surprise, Trump said he was against regulation of business, didn’t care about the environment when he ran - those annoyed by this step backwards can’t help but think about the fools that didn’t help Clinton win in November 2016, thus contributing to the many avoidable disasters we and people around the world are facing

I’m glad not to be a person at the EPA who was ordered to work on this by tRump’s lackies.

I’m thankful for the people working at Clean Vehicles Program who monitor and report on the attacks on the Obama administration’s fuel standards by a vindictive, deluded president.

I hopeful (but not overly so) that the management at the leading auto manufacturers will ignore this confused approach to public health and safety and will continue to improve the fuel efficiency and lower the harmful emissions of their fleets.