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Trump Administration Lobbied to Ditch Climate Language from Arctic Declaration


Trump Administration Lobbied to Ditch Climate Language from Arctic Declaration

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Providing a disturbing look at how the Trump administration will insert its anti-climate agenda on global treaties and policy, the U.S. State Department last week aggressively lobbied the multinational Arctic Council to scrub language about global warming and renewable energy from its biennial declaration, InsideClimate News reported on Friday.


DJT et cie just took the words out of the top secret minutes of the Exxon Mobil meeting between T-Rex and his band with the board of directors...while toasting each other with their successful manipulation and adulteration of hardcore scientific evidence of severe climate change in which they play a MAJOR contributing role.


Question: How many free BJ's does the white house admin. give Big Oil every week? or should I ask "every day"?


Global Warming is the Wild Card for Elites/wealthy and which they've been trying to deny
for the last 50 years -- at a cost of $50 Billion+ in propaganda campaign by oil industry.

These TABOO subjects are where the truth lies -- and it's the most important work Trump
is doing in White House.


So many sarcastic lols here. The seed bank on Norway's Svalbard Island has just flooded the entrance way from the snow melt and massive rains DIRECTLY tied to Arctic warming.... you know.... the seeds that are supposed to feed the world after whatever holocaust befalls us...... oh the irony burns........

I don't think I can ever recover from the cynicism recent events have instilled in me....


It is clear that Trump isn't the only blithering idiot in the 'administration'!

Regrettably, it isn't only the US that has blithering idiots in their populations, but how can they ever have reached such positions of power?


Trump hotels serve wealthy world travelers who arrive via airplane and limousine. Speaking of limousines, the completely self-driving car notion would be like riding in a limousine if it were possible. (It's not). No doubt the autonomous vehicle idea appeals most to those who ride in limousines and build exploitable markets of dependent consumers, in this case, everyone whose lives revolve around even the least amount of car-dependency, fuel/energy for travel and transport dependency. Trump hedges his stock market portfolio with munitions manufacture (Raytheon Tomahawk missiles) to by force acquire the petroleum resources his customers require to reach his spit cheap hotels.


Extremely bad news there -- hadn't heard that.
The Island flooded . . . but didn't the they realize the snow melt/massive
rains could do that?

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As our scientists have always made clear there is no way to tell how Global Warming's effect
may compound.


No Oil/No War = MIC

Government has always been in service of Elites/wealthy.

See: Founders/Constitution on that and Brig. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler


May whee aspect error's off this sort threw out future arcticles by this author?   Sheesh!!
That's the sort of grammar I would expect from Tweetle-Dumb, not from a serious journalist.
And we wonder why the Republic is dying . . .   But not to worry – DeVos will save us!!