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Trump Administration May Shut Down EPA's Enforcement Arm


Trump Administration May Shut Down EPA's Enforcement Arm

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Trump administration is considering eradicating the enforcement arm of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), reported Inside EPA late Wednesday.

The administration is deciding whether to shutter the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) and force individual program offices to take over all enforcement duties, a "source familiar with the plan" told Inside EPA.


Moral turpitude


If they get rid of environmental enforcement, then we will just have to enforce the laws ourselves. And when they experience the sort of "violation assessments" our citizen's enforcement units mete out, they will be praying for the days when all they had to do is pay some fines.


It would be wise for each of us to familiarize ourselves with Bannon's dream of complete chaos and war.
It's unclear if Trump really understands or agrees with Bannon's beliefs but it is a death wish. A vision of apocalypse that he is trying to bring on. A turning he calls it where chaos and war will reign.
Killing the EPA is a necessary step in that direction, as climate change will also bring the end result he desires.
But hey, they will strip everything from us but our guns. Nice of them to leave those in place so the war can be here as well. I expect it won't be long before it happens and we will see Bannon's dream played out on our streets. It's sad when people are so sick they become suicidal.


Gung Ho Yunzer! And, let us target for termination any politician that votes to eliminate protections to our health, our safety, our resources that sustain us. Identify them, report it for all to know, organize actions to restrict their detrimental effects and actively campaign against them.


When trump said he would protect the people I didn't think he meant protect them from clean air and water.


The problem with the Germans in the 1930s and 40s was that those in the armed forces who were in a position to do actually something waited too long until their dictator had taken their country into suicidal war before they attempted (unsuccessfully unfortunately) to assassinate the dictator.


Giving corporate criminals a lawless environment. Maybe the plan is to poison us all so we die earlier. Coupled with declining fertility rates and reduced immigration a neo-malthusisn dream of population reduction will take place


According to a number of scientists, there's a ten-year global warming delay from CO2 release before it causes a Greenhouse temp rise.

So we would expect to see the global temp rise, some of them say, of one degree per year. Since we were at ~1.9 degrees above baseline in February 2016, we've only got a two degree additional rise until every tree on this planet is dead (according to Dr. Guy McPherson who has degrees in forestry. He said he can't imagine a single tree on the planet at 4 degrees C global temp above baseline.)

Four degrees C is just an average. At higher latitudes it will get even hotter, as the North Pole showed this year by being 30-50 degrees above normal. The temps are referenced to pre-industrial 1750 baseline for a human extinction date of 2026. We won't be here if the average becomes 10C above baseline.

Considering these terminal likelihoods, loss of the EPA is not something I'm going to worry about. We are already doomed, since there is no way to put all this released heat back into the ground.

We need a Salt-Water Ring system, like Saturn has. Pump the rising ocean into orbit. Good luck with that, NASA.


Actually, I was thinking that we should cut out the middlemen (politicians) and go straight to the polluters...