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Trump Administration Poised to Further Decimate Yemen


Trump Administration Poised to Further Decimate Yemen

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As tens of thousands of Yemenis mark the two years of war that have claimed the lives of over 4,000 civilians and brought the country "to the brink of famine," there are signs the United States' already tainted role in the conflict may


More war. More death. More destruction, enabled, aided, and abetted by the United States of America, and most of our fellow Americans don't seem to care. Why is this? What's wrong with us?

Yemen is no threat to us. One has to conclude, therefore, that our "Defense" industries are primarily concerned with the profits of death. And those employed in those industries, and those who
hold shares of stock in them, and those in the Administration and Congress who are supporting these actions, all have blood on their hands.

Yet many of these people claim that we are a "Christian" nation. Do they really not see the incongruity and hypocrisy in all of this?


yes nighthawk. its the same with the oil companies. we could have lots more solar power, wave power, wind power but then the oil companies would lose out..................hypocrites is the right word.


As long as those who authorize and wage War of Aggression are not prosecuted this will continue indefinitely.


The utter depravity of trump and his GOP supported regime stands alone in US history and the impact it will have all over the world. The ignorance, arrogance and frank mental illness, the right wing fascist service to the 1% at the expense of everyone and everything else must be resisted and taken-down at the earliest possible moment if we are to survive.

From war and famine in Yemen to environmental sustainability and health and safety of millions, to overt obscene support for Israeli/Zionist apartheid/racism, we all are under attack by forces of - let's say it - evil and destruction!
How can so few depraved persons control the lives and futures of so many millions/billions of people? It is an atrocity and crime against humanity!
Measure their evil actions and greed against people that have fought for equality and justice their entire lives.................


It didn't just start this year with the Trump administration which makes it very clear that it is far far more then a few depraved persons. There are thousands of them out there.