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Trump Administration Pressured to Release Secret War Powers Memo

Trump Administration Pressured to Release Secret War Powers Memo

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Raising concerns about U.S. bombings in Syria and reports of a potential strike against North Korea, a senator on the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees is demanding the release of a secret memo that outlines the war powers that President Donald Trump believes he has.

"The fact that there is a lengthy memo with a more detailed legal justification that has not been shared with Congress, or the American public, is unacceptable."
—Sen. Tim Kaine

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Even with Congressional approval a “pre-emptive” strike - an overt act of war - would have no legal authority wrt international law and treaty.

Our time is getting short for action.

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I hate to seem to be an alarmist, but from my perspective, we are on the eve of a nuclear war. To me it is not if…but when. But I would hope more than anything, that I am wrong!


I, for one, hope that you are wrong Shanti.

Today’s a good day to die, but not by the Idiot-in-Chief.

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We have lived through a spell of time since the Doomsday Clock last stood at two minutes to midnight. Being aware of who’s in charge, maybe this time, now that it stands once again at two minutes to midnight we should not be quite so complacent about it. It probably wouldn’t do harm for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board in an effort to awaken us to the gravity of the situation; please move the minute hand yet a bit closer, lest it need be moved to midnight in a single final gesture.

Yes, I am sure we all hope I am wrong; nevertheless, we are definitely living in a very dangerous time. The nuclear clock is very close to midnight and we have a criminally, insane man that belongs in an insane asylum, with his trigger finger on the nuclear button. If that does not scare the hell out you, nothing will!

Be this as it may; yet history shows it seems not at all to be a deterrent for the powers that be.

There is increasing danger that as Trump feels more and more pressure from the Russia Investigation, with Mueller at his door, that Trump could start a war to distract everyone from his misdeeds and try to increase his popularity. Trump has mused lately about how nice it would be to have another terrorist attack like 911, that made George W. Bush so popular. The danger of this happening grows as each day passes. All of the excess military spending does not help, either. It may even be more difficult to impeach a president during time of war, and Trump may try to use this ploy to protect himself from the results of the Mueller investigation. I am afraid that Trump will not leave the White House even if he is impeached, and many of his supporters in Congress will do anything to keep him as president. The way things are going Trump may have to be removed in a straightjacket under guard or something, because he doesn’t have the common sense or decency to resign like Nixon did. Nixon was a prince and better president compared to Trump. I miss Nixon! I never thought that I would say that!

Justaman, do you think that legal niceties and international law would stop Trump and his administration? Perhaps we should all get to confession and communion for last rites just in case. I’d like to be prepared before I go.

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Where have you been since 2002. Do you believe the wars were in now are legal? Do you see international law stopping them? No because the rest of the world is afraid of us.

Sorry, I didn’t see you’re post until after I posted. At least were on the same page.

I was simply stating a fact to point out that the statement in the article is mis-leading.

See my reply to Garry. As I’ve stated before, the defining event of our age was the illegal invasion, occupation, and destruction of Iraq. Yes, of course, the precedent was set. This is the worst result of the Bush administration’s action - the purposeful destruction of international law. It set a precedent domestically, and it set a precedent internationally. That is, as many in the Bush administration claimed, “we make our own reality.”

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I might ask you the same thing. I’ve been on this forum since it began and I have consistently pointed out that there was no justification in international law or treaty that made the US invasion of Iraq, or any of our other military adventures legal. I was merely drawing attention to a statement in the article that was presented as “matter-of-fact”, that is, with Congress blessing, this would be legal. International law does not recognize “pre-emptive” action as justification for military action, nor does it sanction “responsibility to protect” as it has been framed by US militarists. Everyone asks “what can be done?” to throttle US aggression. The international laws and treaties are already in place, Under the “What can be done?” category, it seems to me the rest of the world community would have to act unanimously to sanction and censure the US. Surely you don’t believe there is any faction, either within the MIC or the duopoly, that is going to put a halt to US aggression.

For crying out loud, the reactionary bullshit on this forum has become ridiculous.

The last four amerikan Presidents have proven that we the amerikan people need to rein in the power of amerikan presidents to deploy troops outside of the United States. The US Army needs to be restricted to the fifty states, while both the US Navy and Air Force will be restricted to within five hundred miles of the United States or any of it’s legal possessions. Amerikan combat forces are for defending the amerikan homeland. To deploy amerikan troops to a foreign country will take a 3/4 vote of the US Congress!

Last 4? Only 4? It all started with Clinton? Vietnam Nam, Cambodia, Grenada, Panama, Iraq (partial list ) don’t count? We no longer have someone who is Commander in Chief of the military in time of war (the constitution). We now have media, political leaders, referring to that person as Commander in Chief of all of us, perpetually. I retch every time I see that…person, whoever it is, returning a salute as if he were a lieutenant or a general. For nearly 200 years no president did so, even those who had been actual generals. Believe silly Ronnie started that.

Claiming secret war powers? Who in hell does Donald Trump think he is? Has he secretly rewritten the Constitution? This man threatens our entire system of government. He and his Republican accomplices in Congress should be tried for treason!