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Trump Administration Pushes Positive PR Campaign as Puerto Rico's Crisis Continues

White House Meeting:

Staffer: Mr. President, Puerto Rico’s in trouble. We should do something. Wave the Jones Act so we can move in supplies.

President: How will it make me look?

Staffer: We waved the Jones Act a few weeks back for the other hurricanes.

President: Puerto Rico is in debt and you are telling me to look soft for lazy people. Leave.

[President golfs and blames the shipping industry for him not waiving the Jones Act over the next several days. Praises himself repeatedly. Meanwhile, Mayor, wading through water, criticizes him for being an ass.]

Interview a few weeks later:

President: See, it’s the lazy mayor’s fault. She wants to yell at me instead of helping people.

Cable Media: Look at the mayor squabble with the President. What’s her problem?


Jesus Christ, what a bunch of sour-pusses! It doesn’t look like a very friendly or positive PR meeting.

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What do you expect when sociopaths are running the country. Bastards! Their time will come!

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Unfortunately, it won’t. Did Bush and Cheney’s time ever come?


The picture really says it all. A bunch of douche bag criminals with only their self interest at heart who can’t understand why there aren’t any ticker tape parades for them.

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When you run a country as a business it cannot be surprising that Public Relations, advertising, down right lies are promulgated. The concern is not with human society but only with a spectacle.

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If only Puerto Rico had been invaded by a violent human army inflicting death, terror and suffering INSTEAD of getting invaded by someone (Maria) that the military couldn’t fight against to make little Dumpy the war president he so wants to become.

If Maria’s destruction was treated like an invasion, communications would get restored, food and fuel available from Day One after the storm. But little Dumpy is not in the compassionate humanitarian business. He’s in the picking fights, killing-people-war starting business.

Or playing golf.


Alternate Headline:
Leaked: Outlined PR Plan for Worldwide TV Show

A Step by Step Production:
“today and tomorrow we use” - “Monday and Tuesday we can pivot” -
“throughout next week and next weekend” - “Then we start a theme”

Ask yourself:
How much of what I see, hear, and read is . . . Controlled?
To what extent? How far under do those Narrative tentacles feed?
How long has this been going on?
And, what more does this “Leak” actually tell us?

Final Act Production Note: “Planned hits.”

Ask Again:
Didn’t someone Leak documents directly relating to that, years ago?

3+ years more? I got real sick like on 1/20/2017, been to the doc’s, they say read a book, go for walks, watch the sunsets…and they wonder way people are dying from ODing, why there is an up-swing in violent crime, why there is ________________…guess I read a book now…

Trump has no idea what is going on on the ground. Plus, all he does is self-congratulate. He cares more about himself than saving lives. Put that all together and the result is he has not credibility.

The Trump gang of crooks don’t believe in giving at all, only in taking, haven’t we all noticed the pattern yet? He took the presidency spending some of his own money based on the bigger return on investment scheme. So he’ll continue to work hard to change the taxation system and pass laws to benefit him and his MAFIA gang members of the deep state. That was his gimmick from day one or he would have had no chance entering the race

Corporations have one purpose and that is to make money and make more money for the rich investors. Governments are there to control corporations break them up when they get to big and powerful to damage the nation. The US corporations and the wealthy realized they might have a shot at turning the tables after killing JFK and haven’t stopped yet.

Maria, … , has destroyed roads, making it difficult to get food, water, and fuel around the island

For the love of dog. We have the biggest military in the effing world! We can’t send a few dozen helicopters to the island to get supplies past the ‘destroyed roads’???


Hate doesn’t find the need to put on a good face.

Your suggestion was spot on and required brain power.

Brain power is something this administration lacks.

For everyone, your time is gonna come.

For some it happens while you’re still breathing.

For many it comes when you stop breathing.

Either way, your time is gonna come.

And when it does, then you’ll understand the importance of being good and kind.


All those shipping containers are not relief aid. Those containers are regular product coming into the port. Its amazing how the corporate media cover stuff up. And really the media protects this president. Can anyone imagine Obama doing this stuff and not hearing the outrage. Trump is on another weekend of golf at tax payer expense.

NBC Nightly News first reported on OJ—then the next story was about these non-existent relief centers that are suppose to be through out PR. But hey Trump is dedicating a golf trophy to the people of PR—MSNBC was reporting this like it was a great thing.

Echoes of “good job Brownie”.

No, you’re correct. And they should’ve gone to prison.

10-8-2017: Another Scripted, Staged, PR, TV Production:
Pence/Trump Blasted for NFL PR Stunt That Cost Taxpayers $242,500

As Common Dreams reported Sunday, the entire episode was slammed as a “PR stunt” after a tweet from President Trump offered clear evidence that Pence’s walk-out was planned in advance.

“Step by Step.”