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Trump Administration Reauthorizes 'Cyanide Bombs' to Kill Wildlife

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/trump-administration-reauthorizes-cyanide-bombs-kill-wildlife


Nazis deploy poison: film at 11…


If coyotes are that big of a problem put a bounty on them and the trump boys will come running. Do they REALLY need to be culled on public lands? What keeps the rodent population in check?
Hikers already are aware of pumas and bears, so what’s the reason for poison?


The reason is to protect those Bundy like welfare subsidized range maggot ranchers that are using public lands for grazing rights and paying a little more than a US dollar a head. Hell, we pay more to use that same land for recreation. And I like predators in the wild. I don’t like range maggots in the wild.


Well said, and we are aware of the other public land abuses like off road rec. vehicles.


Will this mass destroyer killer of everything never stop?! EVERY Fuckin day a new atrocity from this utterly depraved POS!!

If ever there was a need for extreme Karma it is this odious scumbag and all his regime!

maybe when YOUR canine friend/family member is gassed, poisoned or caught in a leg-hold trap you will protest??!!
When the Wildlife Services of the trumpenfuhrer’s environmental stormtrooper death squads kill your family pet will you THEN protest!

RESIST this utterly evil regime from Hell!!


Livestock are afflicted with almost every life-threatening disease human children are vaccinated for; that is why livestock are vaccinated.

When livestock does become sick, coyotes and wolves cull the herd. I’ve watched them lope through a herd many times. They are especially wary of mother cows who can run very fast with their teeth extended out past their lips. The worst part for a wolf is running away from one right into the open yaw or trampling hoofs of another mother.

Golfing New York City cowboys prefer to blame coyotes and wolves for their dead animals; that’s the report they get from field managers who messed up.


Every day we are also bedeviled by the lack of push back by the general public.
“New Normal’s?”
I said at the beginning of this administration that we would run out of protesters before we run out of protests. It turns out to be an understatement.


This is too much. No curse, rant, or words can describe or condemn this atrocity. Without carnivores, there is no wilderness.

Here is my alternative again:

Dart and collar “dangerous” wildlife with dog training collars. These have a tiny receiver that will provide a graduated stimulus as the animal comes closer to tiny transmitters on people, domestic animals and property. They will soon learn to avoid and coexist without the need for collars. Such necessary measures can save disappearing wildlife.

I’m sure our great white hunters will be happy to “hunt” and collar year round with tranquilizer dart guns, feeling they are contributing to helping restore wildlife while taking selfies with their “trophies”.


The “Wildlife Services” mentioned in the article is the wildlife extermination department of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"3.2 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2015"

https://www.predatordefense.org/USDA.htm - In 2018 alone they claim to have killed 2.6 million animals, including 1.5 million native wildlife species. These kills include the following vital native predators:

  • 68,186 coyotes (plus unknown # of pups in 361 destroyed dens)
  • 1,002 bobcats
  • 375 mountain lions (cougars)
  • 338 bears
  • 357 wolves

The Killer Department - Wildlife Services - must be disbanded and its wholesale mass exterminations and war on wildlife ended forever!


As mentioned I grew up on a farm in Northeast Alberta. We had bears , wolves , coyotes . foxes and even the rare cougar in the area. I do not recall us ever losing “livestock” to any of these animals. The only livestock I can recall us losing was the occasional chicken to a skunk or weasel and our dogs did a good job keeping those at bay.

There was one incident that I recall where in a bear in the area had killed a calf belonging to a local farmer. There was an orchestrated hunt for the bear but it was never found and left the area on its own.

This “loss of livestock” is overstated.


It seems to me that if there are too many animals for our liking, perhaps there are too many people.


‘Refuse Fascism!’ is a well organized movement, strong in numbers with people of diverse backgrounds, dedicated to fight the US fascists. The following link will connect you to a chapter nearest your location:


Just keep on abusing mother nature. She is eventually going to get even when she starts releasing methane bombs to quickly make the planet uninhabitable for the monkeys turned parasites.


In her 2016 Edward W. Said lecture, Naomi Klein examines how Said’s ideas of racial hierarchy, including Orientalism, have been the silent partners to climate change since the earliest days of the steam engine, continuing to present day decisions to let entire nations drown and others warm to lethal levels. The lecture looks at how Said’s bold universalist vision might form the basis for a response to climate change grounded in radical inclusion, belonging and restorative justice.

Read the lecture: [http://lrb.me/290]


I looked up Refuse fascism the other day when you mentioned them in a comment Harry. they are doing great work trying to get more people into the streets, resisting, and informing the public. They are based not far south of me. Thanks!

RESIST the daily nightmare!


Sick! Sick! Sick! Trump and his whole administration are enemies of life on earth and should be treated as such.


All the Bleach Blonde Bigot in the White House cares about is Robbing our Tax Dollars from the U.S. Treasury, Playing Golf and getting Fat on Fast Food, he is beginning to look like a Sumo Wrestler, one of his favorite sports.

These Poisons Never leave the Environment, they Kill over and over.

Birds will feed off the Dead Carcass of a Poisoned Coyote and will soon Die. A variety of Wildlife will feed on the Carcass of the Poisoned Birds and will soon Die.

This process goes on and on.

The initial Poison will kill some of our most beautiful Wildlife and if your carnivorous pet dog is allowed to run free he or she will certainly succumb from the Poison that Killed the Coyote.

We have a prehistoric illiterate President that is not concerned about the Environment, only the votes he gets from Ranchers that benefit from the death of animals that prey on their livestock.

Our Racial Bigoted President is as Callous as a Crocodile and as Ignorant as a Dead Coyote.


Just expanding their " welfare " rights under Republican Adms. Ya’ know, a poor rancher just driving to the Post Office in a $70, 000 4x4 Crew Cab Pick’emUp Truck, to get his just desserts.
" God, Guns, Guts & Gov’t Subsidies " built this country, by jiminy. And, you’ll have to pry my 7mm and my federal check from my cold dead hands. "
Channelling a Slim Pickens Hollywood Hero

A Mr. Keatcham (sp), speaking on a C-Span Book Tour at a library in Northern Colorado, stated that only 2% of all beef consumed in the U.S. comes from these public lands being destroyed by grazing rights giveaways. And, killing these animals this way, goes hand-in-glove with all of it.
What a giant fustercluck.