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Trump Administration Reauthorizes 'Cyanide Bombs' to Kill Wildlife

Should we require that only Trump’s favorite foods can be attached to the cyanide bombs?


A Pyrrhic victory unfortunately since that path will lead to the death of all complex life currently on Earth.

I would have thought that these M-44’s, aka Cyanide, would have been banned along with other Chemical Warfare Weapons!?!? Does the United Nations have any guidelines on this use of Cyanide? How are they going to dispose of the Cyanide contaminated bodies of the animals?


Well said,alcid, coyotes have just as much right to exist, and live as any other being on this planet, wildlife should not take a back seat to cattle, sheep, or, humans!

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Yes. But how? Nothing is working. We have no power. Except, perhaps, for civil disobedience with a willingness to do property damage. And the public won’t go for it. So here we sit and watch everything good be destroyed. It’s so very difficult to be here now. I’m grateful I’m old and hopefully won’t live long enough to see it all totally destoryed. But my kids and grandkids will and for that I ache.

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You and me both sister. The enormity of the crime and the lack of official opposition is astonishing. We, the “little people” have only direct actions, but there are - or should be - people that do have a conscience and education to see the depravity of this evil scum - where are their voices? Peace.

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The suggestion that the 2 legged excretions inhabiting the WH are related to rats does a severe disservice to our rodent population

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A better word than lobbyists for them, may be corporate soldiers who murder the truth and get paid huge sums to bribe for the profits on behalf of large corporations.

Hi Shantlananda:
Thank you as that is a much better term for lobbyists.
Corporate Soldiers…although —maybe Corporate TERRA-ISTS… because they work from the ground up : (

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It was too late when we looked behind us at millions of buffalo carcasses.

And Goddess help us, that’s just in the good ole U.S. of A.

Somebody please plant an M-44 on the White House lawn tied to a BigMac.