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Trump Administration Rejects Scientists' Advice on Nutrition, Maintaining Guidelines for Sugar and Alcohol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/29/trump-administration-rejects-scientists-advice-nutrition-maintaining-guidelines

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Of course, Trump rejected science!!!..This cheeseburger-eating, unfit, rotund and pasty-faced mass of waddling goop doesn’t want anyone to be in better health than he is.

A lot of extra stuff to work on when Biden gets in.

Why would the “gov” pay for a study then completely ignore it?
Politicians are paid better by groups that allow lobbyist to call the shots.
Plus any member of the public who does not make a profit for businesses might as well become debilitated from poor nutrition food need to be ill so insurance companies can gain excessive wealth over the sick and dying bodies. What better control is there? Money beget power, power begets money. What a system !!!

Gaawd, we have lived during the biggest boondoggle since WW2.
We could get past this if trump would just retire to the golf course in three weeks.
Maybe though, this shit storm will be with us for an undetermined amount of time. The relief we are expecting may not come.
Depends maybe on just how proud the “Proud Boys” really are.
From a Wishbone Ash song, “Warrior”
“I have to be a warrior, a slave I couldn’t be.”

yet another example of why it is so much better to have Democrats in office than Republicans. Those who value science and public health have to beware of the anti-Democrat rhetoric on CD

His predecessor can take his shirt off in public. His Prokfiev-admiring (assuming) puppeteer can take his shirt off in public. My guess is DJT’s bathroom mirror is a fun-house mirror to compress that that cannot be compressed using standard optics. He does get a sad because it makes his KFC bucked (ever-present) look smaller, too though. Poor, poor, pitiful man. (Regrets Linda, always love your work.)