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Trump Administration Risks War with Iran Over Nothing


Trump Administration Risks War with Iran Over Nothing

William Beeman

The Trump administration appears to be renewing the possibility of violent confrontation with Iran using a questionable pretext—Iran’s testing of conventional missiles.

No one in the U.S. government or the press seems to understand that Iranian ballistic missiles do not fall under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA (the "Iran Deal"). The JCPOA has nothing at all to do with conventional weapons, only nuclear technology.


It's clear this idiot wants his own war- remember Bush 2 seemed to want it. Obama was stuck with two. Trump is a sick, demented old man who is a sham to this country.


THANK YOU Mr Beeman! Where are the others explaining these truths? Where is the media?
This examination should be read by the trump regime, but the last thing they want is accuracy or truth or peace. A critically-needed understanding the trump regime wants none of - what they (and the Israeli extremists) want is war with Iran! Next will be China perhaps - after Australia and Mexico. This entire regime is led by a mad-man by any measure, who hired other unstable or ignorant, ill-informed people to lead (destroy) the nation - the truth is we may be lucky to survive such organized madness!.......................


Trump's just following Tel Aviv's orders.


Great article and appreciate the primer on the issue. Trump was very clear in his campaign about his dislike of the nuclear deal and the need to get "tough" on "bad hombres." Nothing should be surprising about what he is doing. Dangerous times.


The US Constitution says one has to be at least 35 years of age to be president, presumably to guarantee that the president is mature enough for the job and has had some relevant experience. Even though Trump is twice that age the Constitution age limit has failed. Trump is still basically the junior high school bully who was sent to military school because of behavior problems. Apparently the military school accomplished nothing. Trump has not seem to have ever matured. His behavior during the Republican primary resembled more a junior high school or middle school kid than a candidate for president as he constantly engaged in childish name calling. Foreign policy is so far beyond his ability that it is ridiculous. He doesn't read books or probably any in-depth material so he is operating at the most superficial levels. He does not assess the complex consequences of his actions. Congress will try to contain as much damage as possible but basically we are looking at four years of foreign policy chaos.


Ultimate Neocon driven policy against Iran, now to be executed by take the oil Trump and Tillerson, backed by Holy Warriors Mattis, Flint, Bannon and the alt-right who will enthusiastically cheer this on.

Trump, itching to show just who is boss on this planet is almost guaranteed to take military action, and lots of new armament production will be coming down the pike.

Any alt-left and alt-right out there want to assert that Trump is disinterested in such war making?

On the to do list of Trump, is deployment of Navy and Air Force to keep China away from their new military installations of the South China Sea, while poking them in the eye over the One China Policy.

Is the Twitter in Chief dangerous on the world stage?

Answer to many.....well the US has engaged in.......

No kidding, and now what about Trump?


This action by Trump is intentional and strategic.
Russian and Exxon oil reserves (heavily weighted to Arctic and oil sands) have extraction costs which exceed the current price they can be sold for. The only way that they can be profitable is to induce an oil shortage by closing the Strait of Hormuz. It is a good bet that this is what has been discussed with Russia and Israel over the past few weeks. The groundwork for a military attack on Iran, which would lead to it closing the straits using mines (quite easy to do) is what we are now seeing.


Now the question is. What is going to be the false flag that will give Trump the perfect excuse?


Given the Democrat Party's 'Its all Putin's - and Weaponized WikiLeaks - Fault' refusal to reflect on their own flaws, their continued commitment to status quo wealth concentrating Capitalism, their abandoning of moves for campaign finance reform and democratization of primary process, and their embrace of the militarism and espionage, we are almost assuredly looking at 8 more years of Trump.


The US is beating the drums of war. No doubt, as war becomes more imminent, the media will get on the bandwagon and journalist will, once again, race to get in-bed(ed) with US soldiers. It is not clear whether a US war against Iran can be averted, but if we are to have any change at doing so, we must beginning, now, to work on building a strong anti-war movement.


The elephant in this room is Israel. Curious that you never mentioned that.


Agree, but don't forget that Obama did the pivot to the east--I like to call it the lurch, stagger to the east. So for the most part, he was in the clutches of, and the obedient servant of, the deep state.

One of his very few good acts was the Iran deal. This was courageous on his part, and long over due. Not unlike the opening to Cuba.


Obama was stuck with two, but carried the ball forward as a dutiful servant. Expanded operations as well.


And a shame!


Did I imply some defense by comparison of Obama? I will criticize Trump consistent with how I am on record having criticized Obama.

Agreed, Obama and Kerry do deserve some credit in resisting their designs of conquest on Iran.


This after 8 years of foreign policy chaos; brought to you by a Nobel Peace Prize winner.


Hmm, let's see...
Its all out oil & gas extraction, frack-o-rama, pipelines;Twitler and the new Sec of State Exxon are ready to go make it happen.
How to make serious bucks whilst flooding the market with the barrel price relatively low?
Why, just start a war, of course!


" It is clear that he wants his own war". True, regardless of the consequences!


Given what organised USAian foreign policy has given to the ROTW for the last 70 years, perhaps chaos is more desirable?