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Trump Administration Sued for 'Destructive' Denial of Covid-19 Relief Loans to Small Business Owners With Criminal Records

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/17/trump-administration-sued-destructive-denial-covid-19-relief-loans-small-business


I hate this corrupt system. This man should not be denied a loan based on that. He has served his time; its over. Damn our government.


Disenfranchisement! This is the best way possible to prevent reform and insure increased crime. Also what about the entire administration skimming trillions, aren’t they criminals too?


Pelosi needs to write a Sternly Worded Letter ,again.


I’m always guaranteed a LOL moment at CD. It was your comment today.


How long though do these “sueings” take to any resolution? Meanwhile the targets are suffering.


And how about the billions sucked up by organized criminals in the financial industry???
This smells worse than a can of surströmming opened in a crowded closet.


The difference between a business and a large corporation is that the corporation gets all of the rights and privileges of a human, except the corporation never has to go to jail no matter what they did. Even Perdue Pharma, the opiates kingpin, can’t be tossed into solitary. The prison gang can’t threaten the corporation with a shiv. The corp is such a long way from catching the covid-19 and getting organ damage for the rest of it’s, um, “life”. And now, the giant corp isn’t denied that gigantic pile of cash.


That smug POS Mnuchin should have been jailed on multiple felony convictions in 2008, but was instead given a walk by California’s then-AG, Kamala Harris. Thanks a bunch.

And now he’s in charge of doling out hundreds of billions for “stimulus?” Oy.


Good on them, when is someone going to sue the administration for not honoring “the freedom of information”? When is someone going to take actions against the Secretary of Treasury? They will not provide the names of the business’ given millions and billions under the relief package for larger business. When will congress have to devluge the monies they receive.

So much to do but loadem up with suits and accountability hanging over their heads at election time. Dems have to show that they are not “doing nothing dems”.

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LOL fell on floor

Yup, what a fine country we live in, when the RICO statute could successfully be applied to our Presidential Administration.


I know it’s covid-19 all day every day. Does anyone remember all of the hubub about war in the middle-east? I think we are still there even though it is disguised as a hidden truth these days.
Still costing lives, big bucks, and world standing.
I suppose if we are all quiet about the eastern front nobody is the wiser on how the money disappears. Trump you sly ole POS.