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Trump Administration to Grant DAPL Easement in 'Brazen Power Grab'


Trump Administration to Grant DAPL Easement in 'Brazen Power Grab'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While the nation was distracted by President Donald Trump's prime-time Supreme Court announcement, members of North Dakota's congressional delegation revealed that the controversial Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) was moving one step closer to completion.


it's like being hammered down by a giant sledge hammer that refuses to stop. Get in the way of a billionaire or corporation, they are ruthless and relentless, like the barbarians from whom they are descendants.


This disgusting power grab is good in a way. Overreach will kill this fool in the end. He stands to gain by pushing this through and I'm sure this is all going into the file for the case of impeachment. This is proof he will make decisions based on his investments.
It seems like months he's been king but really only two weeks to finally overreach enough to put him out of office. He's toast.


A president's conflict of interest bare faced and blunt.

The king's pipeline has been approved by the king.

Not only the Standing Rock Sioux but also all Americans lose their guarantee of rights and fair play... by royal decree.


This has been, and will remain, the trump regime's MO for this issue and all the others that will soon come down the pike (or pipeline)!

Their plan is to strike hard and fast to overturn, destroy, sell-off public lands (33M acres), exploit, pollute, and empower vast wealth, corporate consolidation and profits above all else, before more people (and the press) wake up and opposition solidifies!

What else could be expected from a person that has lived a narrow-minded life of overt lies and deceit, fraud and exploitation, ego-driven greed and pathological arrogance?

From running-over civil liberties to environmental destruction, to unopposed power-grabs, to more war in the Middle east (News Flash: "Israel increases illegal colonization and annexes the Sudetenland" - "the US regime increases foreign aid")

The words of Leonard - "Gomer Pyle" - in "Full Metal Jacket" take-on new relevance........"I AM... in a WORLD... of SHIT..."

ONLY the people coming together in unity of purpose and love can perhaps stop the madness and crimes................


I tend to agree that Trump is crossing too many lines and heading toward 'overreach'. That, however, is from our progressive viewpoint. I've talked to a number of repugs who are completely thrilled with his actions, agree with them, and are actually relieved that we finally have a president who is keeping his promises. I suspect it will take more than this form him to self-destruct. Certainly congressional repugs are not going to act yet. This is going to take a lot of hard work from the left. Fortunately, that is beginning to happen.


"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution." ~Abraham Lincoln


The press is not "asleep." The mainstream press is owned by 6 entities- and they aren't the least bit concerned about democracy or the interests of people. Most real journalism is being conducted by alternative news sites, which are being discredited with the "fake news" epitaph, or are being quietly assimilated. Alex Jones and Infowars morphed into a Trump mouthpiece during the campaign, just as Common Dreams and Democracy Now have become less edgy and more Dem-centric over the years. Controlled opposition as the agenda marches on. Sigh


Just wait til Pense is President...


The thing to worry about is Bannon. He it seems is writing the Executive Orders, like the Muslim Ban. Bannon has ties to neo nazi influences and to white supremacists. The expression "drain the swamp" is also used by Russian Dugin, who talks about Anglo Saxon, European settlers as an American country endangered. This is white nationalism, with a touch of facism.
We need to get Bannon off the NDC, and get him and Trump out of office asap. They are trying to destroy our democracy, and Bannon loves war.
See articles in: The Atlantic,
Think Progress " Putin's Rasputin...
Bloomberg Politics,
Resist, Research, and Resist again.


In the great tradition of presidential handlers, Bannon is driving the Oval Office bus, while Melania (obvious Russian spy) takes the night shift.


I'm getting the same talk from the repugs I know. But with the overreach and breaking laws I think it will more likely be a criminal law suit that gets him. There are quite a few out there now so it takes time but he's going down one way or the other.


O.K. Flood the Army Corp of Engineers with comments of opposition:

From 350.org:


Last week Donald Trump told the US Army Corps of Engineers to stop their comprehensive environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's up to us to deny that request. Sorry, Donald.

Yesterday, things got worse. This review moved one step closer to being scrapped as the Acting Secretary of the Army Corps directed them to grant the final permit needed. It could happen any time now and construction could resume - unless we flood the Army Corps with comments telling them to continue their full environmental review of the pipeline.

If we succeed, DAPL will be forced through a multi-month review of its impact on drinking water, tribal rights and the climate. The only way to approve this pipeline without conducting the review would be to to disregard the hundreds of thousands of comments from people like you.

Join the resistance: send a comment to the Army Corps of Engineers demanding a comprehensive environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, whose drinking water and sacred sites have been desecrated by this pipeline, already announced plans to sue to stop any action to expedite DAPL. Every comment we send bolsters their legal case that the federal government would be abandoning their own rules and procedures by illegally forcing the project through.

Not only is Trump's administration full of Big Oil cronies, he also owns stock in the company behind Dakota Access. Illegally forcing this project through is an obvious example of corruption -- not to mention a gross violation of Indigenous rights and the science of climate action.

To be honest, he's holding a lot of the cards in this fight. But he's also facing some of the most dedicated and most effective grassroots organizers in North America -- the indigenous leaders who brought over 500 tribes together in this historic fight, the hundreds and thousands of people who stood out in the cold in North Dakota with them, not to mention the millions of people supporting this fight around the country, and the rest of the world -- and I will never rule them out.

It's our job to have their backs, and we can do that by flooding the Army Corps with comments against DAPL and fighting Trump's plan to fast track this pipeline.

If the first 10 days of Trump's administration have shown us anything, it's that people are ready to resist in unheard of numbers. Let's keep the pressure on.


True but we do have a "trump" card: total, rolling, non cooperation while we organize.


Yes. Even if some "public" "servants" have a belated epiphany and actually act effectively to curtail this socially predatory regime, we still have to deal with the fact that many Americans genuinely support it. They're not going to go away or stand down, even if Trump were to be impeached.

The profound divisions among us--human residents of Turtle Island and the rest of this Watery Blue Planet--can no longer be ignored, smoothed over, or "managed." One way or another, long-denied conflicts will now be thoroughly excavated.

Let's stop pretending that this malignant metastasis can or will be summarily halted, o.k.? Pretending--and grasping after any "news" that suggests our fantasies might come true--won't facilitate the openness and humility necessary to have a prayer of evolving beyond this terrible and ancient disease....


Indeed, it can't be helped when rump's supporters want to self-destruct along with him.