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Trump Administration to Raid Public Ed to Fund School Choice Programs


Trump Administration to Raid Public Ed to Fund School Choice Programs

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Trump administration is preparing to unveil a sweeping school choice plan that would be prioritized at the expense of student aid and debt relief as well as public education programs that help low-income children, according to news reports.


Like Nancy Reagan famously said,

#Just Say No!


Reagan set us on our current suicidal trajectory and we are arriving at an endgame. Thing is, there isn’t much left to loot and those doing the looting don’t even try to hide how horrible they are and what they’re doing. They don’t see anything able to stop them (the Democrats often help them in their looting) either. It’s getting increasingly obvious that a revolution will be needed. The system clearly can’t be reformed and I’d prefer to push for an actual program, as opposed to trying to fix something that can’t be fixed and watching it all collapse. This woman is a special kind of evil though. I think I dislike her more than anyone else this idiot president has put in charge, and to hell with all the corrupt bastards that supported her nomination.


Dead man walking…




Re-reading the list of senator’s votes on her nomination, Murkowski (Alaska), and Collins ( Maine) repubs. voted nay; however, former Secretary of Education (1991-1993) Alexander now senator from Tennessee voted yea. How about an actual program to rid, eliminate, stamp out, the cancer called capitalism.


DeVoss is a Christo fascist elitist crank who must be opposed at all costs and by any and all means.


The kleptocracy is in full swing now!


At least previous POTUS made sure that their cronies looting the US treasury loaded out the money through the back door in the dark of night. The Trump regime makes sure the US treasury is loaded out through the front door at high noon in plain sight…just to let us know that there is a new sheriff in town and he never wears a white hat.


Why do you think it’s better that the previous POTUS did it in the dark? Far better that it’s out there now for all to see. At least that wakes people up and shows them what we need to fight against.


I’m pretty sure that was a satirical comment on the general competence of the actors…


agreed that it’s looking more and more likely that the US will completely break down as a state. unfortunately, the Left is way behind on the preparation curve to fill whatever vacuum may arise after this empire crumbles.

Nature totally screwed up by giving a small percentage of our kind the “greed bug”. It’s turned out to be the mother of all time bombs.


What next, Ms. Devoid (of brains): “English Only” to be spoken in all schools at all times unless of course, Reginald and Regina are taking French classes to improve their chances of admission to any of the brutally expensive Ivy League universities or private colleges. Or, even better mandatory bible study for one hour every morning and then for another after school, weekends included…for all the non-white students, of course. Must keep the privileged elitist devil-spawn in their country day schools (K - 8) and very private academies (8 - 12 - Whites only) and provide vouchers/tax breaks to their hopelessly wealthy and profligate parents. Her agenda is to expand the Charter school miasma thus pre-empting the public education system so the hedge funds can invest even more million$$$ in private education using public funds to start up said “academies.”. Segregation and suppression are also primary purposes.

Wonder how much stock she and her family own in Navient (speaking of predatory lending and collectioj practices)?


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a wealthy philanthropist

In this case, “philanthropist” and “wealthy” is definitely and oxymoron.

Welcome to the “nation of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy shall not perish from this earth”. I’m not to certain about “perish”.


You have school choice, all the school choice you want, choice away, but pay for it yourself; however, do not take the money from public funds intended for public schools, and move the money into private funds to pay for, your school choice, private schools. Now that was easy to figure out.


Yes, I did get the sarcasm. It’s just that I would reverse the statement myself. I would have written that at least the present POTUS is doing it out in the open. Goes back to my thinking that between Hillary and Trump, this is the better outcome. HRC would be quietly stabbing us in the back while people celebrated the first woman in the WH.
And I wouldn’t say it’s about competence, but about crookedness.


Well, I meant competence at being crooked… :slight_smile:


Under DeVos, basically the entire education system comes to a standstill. I live in an affluent community, but we have lots of poor Latino kids. Around me I sense most “centrist” Americans have no concept of what is going on with DeVos. She operates in stealth mode, although she gives her Junior League smile at all times and might seem to many she is benign. She’s one of the single most sinister picks of all of Trump’s terrible choices. She needs to be removed.


Thank you for the pithy response! Concise and a great comeback!


Your first sentence speaks volumes about your mien. “Murdering human babies”…how aberrant. And you are so quick to lay blame on teachers and their unions for the lack of “progress,” which I find appalling but it fits your character.

Must be nice living in rarefied air as you do.


Don’t be a fucking moron. Without labor and professional unions you would not be within light years of the standard of living you enjoy and take for granted today. And don’t forget, dipshit, it costs over $200,000 in educational expenses to make a certified teacher. So next time you seek to blame others for your grievances, start by backing away from attacking those people responsible for your ability to read, write, and hold positions. And if you think anyone can be a teacher, try it. My money is that you would likely not last one day. School choice my ass; another vehicle for imposing the elitist agenda that intends to enslave the rest of the world. There are few institutions in a democratic society that are more democratic than locally controlled public school districts.