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Trump Administration Weighs Separating Mothers From Children at Border


Trump Administration Weighs Separating Mothers From Children at Border

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the Trump administration continues its mass deportations apace, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is considering ramping up anti-immigration policies even further with a new rule that would separate mothers from their children at the U.S.-Mexico


Such a policy "could create lifelong psychological trauma,"

Just like his presidency.


The cruelty of this administration knows no bounds.


So how can our orange in chief justify this ? One thought is he figures seeings how he was pawned off to the military academy ,that it would be good character building for these kids ? I mean look how well he has done under the circumstances,, perhaps he should give a million bucks to each of the children placed in the "least restrictive setting" until they can be taken into the care of a U.S. relative or state-sponsored guardian" ?? Wait a minute then who pays for the state sponsored guardian ,, ?? Jeeze I'm confused :neutral_face: but who knows better how to bankrupt,,I mean balance a budget ??


Donald, do you have no decency? Of course, the answer is NO!


This is what fascism looks like!


These are simply more GOP divide and conquer tactics that have enhanced GOP power building for at least the past three decades. Trump is a more overt psychopath than most other GOP operatives.


True. " This is what fascism looks like". What's next? Trump re- opening the Japanese internment camps?


I think the aim of Trump's policy is to create as much fear among undocumented Hispanics as possible. We have seen people deported with no criminal records. It is the absence of a coherent policy that makes all undocumented Hispanics worry that they could be next. And the more fear that is instilled in these people the more Trump's populist right wing supporters are pleased. The main tool of a fascist regime is to create fear of authority. That is how it keeps order. In the states we are seeing attempts to increase penalties associated with protests. And we have seen Trump threaten the free press trying to instill fear in journalists. And judges who go not go along with Trump's policies, which seem to be largely unconstitutional, are called out. And the ICE police seem to be operating under orders that almost no matter what they do it will go unpunished. And we are seeing policies that would make punishment of police who overstep their role go unpunished. Of course this right wing movement is based on lies about almost everything from crime rates to climate change. And that makes it particularly easy to manipulate since almost any lie is believed. Clearly this is a dangerous situation which has only just getting started.


After all the walls go up, the US will be a Caucasian internment camp.


That we are ruled by a pig of such low morality, experience, and human decency and is supported by a party that celebrates the same depraved indifference should make every American ashamed!


Right! Because the Trump-Pence Republican party is the party of "family values" and what could show more value for families than separating children from their parents as a form of deterrence?--The Republican party has shoved itself down the garbage disposal of history, it has shown itself to be nothing but an attempt to attain monopoly power with no sort of moral or religious compass--All these bullshit "Christians" that adhere to the Repub party are moronic hypocritical cynics of the first order--This mean you especially Mike Pence!


So except for the dropping of the child's leftist mother into the Atlantic from an airplane, this is just like Argentina in the Jorge Vedela/Kissinger Junta days....


No surprises here. Right wing Democrats justified President Obama's targeted murder of sixteen Abdulrahman Awlaki on the grounds that Abdulrahman should have had a better father. The move to separate children from parents by ICE, is totally consistent with increasing trends among the Washington Consensus Democrat/Republican establishment to inure the public into embracing greater human rights abuses of other people's children.

The hopeful sign is the fact that so many people are engaging in grassroots community based organizing which is not beholden to the Democrat/Rebublican Party charade.


During his address to Congress on Tuesday night, Trump said he was speaking from the heart.

This man has no heart.


Soon the alt-left will share with us the alt-right take on this.


Whose homeland security? Trump, Kelly, and many of these agents are true ICE-holes.


Yeah, they use to excoriate Russia for the Russian Iron curtain as just horrible; but it looks like Amerika will have its own Iron curtain called the Mexican Wall!


Living here in the bible belt as I do, I must say I concur.


How about this, crossing any border without paper work or to avoid paperwork is illegal. DJT said he .....

"President Donald Trump has called for ending "catch and release," in which migrants who cross illegally are freed to live in the United States while awaiting legal proceedings." from Reuters.

This means you break the law and cross the border with children you will be arrested. Of course, you may think that it is okay to break laws and you should definitely not be arrested. Sorry that is not the case. So what you are saying is that rather than take the kids away and place them with child protective services you want them to go to prison too. Strip searches, rape, abuse its okay American its what you do. Grab a beer and celebrate your a monster.