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Trump Administration's War on Science Reaches Justice Department


Trump Administration's War on Science Reaches Justice Department

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Trump administration's anti-science bent has reached the Department of Justice (DOJ), with Attorney General Jeff Sessions saying Monday that the department is ending the National Commission on Forensic Science.

The 30-member panel was described by ThinkProgress as "a group of scientists, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other experts tasked by the Obama administration in 2013 with raising standards for the use of forensic evidence in criminal proceedings."


“It matters what ideas we use to think other ideas – British social anthropologist Marilyn Strathern

This is one of the major challenges of our time. To systematically work our way out of the mirror world of predatory capitalism. This points to the vast diversity of ancestral wisdom/culture that mass media is doing its damndest to flatten, scorn, disempower and make you think your life is devoid of it.

a brief and interesting post on thinking. Makes me wonder what the statistics are on people entering searches for ‘thinking thoughts’.

Donna Haraway is a kick as a speaker and thinker (starts @7:30)

How do we think thoughts about societal life on a planet we’ve been conditioned to regard as a ‘resource’ to extract from, when what we need to do is be able to articulate moving back into symbiosis and reparations?
How do stop being ‘takers’ ?


This is just about as non sensible as it gets- Forensics can often be the deciding factor in guilt or innocence-
These Republicans are so anti science- Money, Finance, Dirty Politics, theft from the poor and War are all they think about!
What’s next for Trump and Sessions- Will they try and take “Bones” off the air?


(Not-) Judge Sessions: “why back in Bammie we could just sees whetha theys was black or white–didn’t need no fancy pants science 'tall.”


Hey, it will soon be “open season” on all whom are perceived to be criminals or participating in criminal activities. Owners of private prisons are cheering at the thought of even more business. Prosecutors are wetting themselves over how easy their jobs will become. Innocence will be very hard to prove in too many cases without forensic science and the resulting evidence.

Sessions is the emperor’s rubber stamp…the only words he utters are, "Yes, suh. Ah am at yo-ah disposal sire. KIss-kiss-kiss (cheek - ring - arse).

Trump: no evidence then I cannot be convicted of a crime.

Bastards all.


And all this so they can have unlimited cash flow to wage endless wars to defend their wealth and greed while these ‘job creators’ are busy hiring the children of the working class to wage them.


India raises half the people on inadequate diet in order to supply a labor pool with intellects cut short by malnutrition.


It’s anti-science but it’s also anti-stumbling blocks when they want to put you in jail illegally. Sessions and his wrecking crew have an eye on full authoritarian control, so you can see how science could get in the way.


“The essence of capitalism is to turn nature into commodities and commodities into capital. The live green earth is transformed into dead gold bricks, with luxury items for the few and toxic slag heaps for the many. The glittering mansion overlooks a vast sprawl of shanty towns, wherein a desperate, demoralized humanity is kept in line with drugs, television, and armed force.”
― Michael Parenti, Against Empire


Wow, this cabal of cretins true colors keep showing through more and more each day. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.


It’s like we have this horrible combination of the Third Reich and the movie “Idiocracy”.


Yessir. Jefferson (Davis) (Confederate General) Beauregart Sessions: Cain’t have no obstacles to keepin’ the Negra and other undesirables in their place.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:40585”]“The Trump administration’s anti-science bent has reached the Department of Justice (DOJ), with Attorney General Jeff Sessions saying Monday that the department is ending the National Commission on Forensic Science . . .
According to the Post, Trump’s DOJ also ‘has suspended an expanded review of FBI testimony across several techniques that have come under question.’
Monday’s moves are just the latest in a string of anti-science decisions made by the Trump administration, which has moved to slash funding for and otherwise hamstring the Environmental Protection Agency, the Energy Department, and the National Institutes of Health, among other agencies.” [/quote]
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Down The Tubes We Go . . .


I am pretty old (66). But I swear, I think old people should be forbidden from entering government, especially when they have such a history of incompetence, corruption and plain stupidity. Sessions is like a caricature of the worst a creepy old white man can possibly be. He needs to be kicked out and replaced with someone who is fully in the 21st century.


I’m sure there are plenty of young, incompetent, corrupt, stupid people ready to fill those old shoes


The oligarchy’s goal is to privatize everything and own it all.

Direct Online Democracy


“Jefferson (Davis) (Confederate General) Beauregart Sessions…”

I do believe Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederacy and not a general, but point taken.


I think stupid, small-minded, greedy people should be kept out of government-decision-making positions. Age is irrelevant. But who, pray tell, would be the ones to decide who is elligible?


I was referring to General P.G.T. Beauregard, sir (or ma’am). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._G._T._Beauregard


All those voters who watch Duck Dynasty, the Kardashians and Naked and Afraid? Oh wait, that’s how we got the Donorrhea …