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Trump Admits Asking Comey Directly About Investigation


Trump Admits Asking Comey Directly About Investigation

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While it's hard to keep up with the shifting reports of how the decision to fire FBI Director James Comey came about, President Donald Trump on Thursday admitted to directly asking the former head of law enforcement if he was under investigation—a move many said presented a shocking conflict of interest.


And there are still people who consider him to be “presidential.” How tragic.


You don’t have to be an apologist for corrupt corporate owned Democrats to realize Trump is engaged in a cover-up.

He must have some gnarly business entanglements in Russia.


The next hing you know the Pumpkin Fuhrer will come out and say: “Just kidding, Comey can have his job back”. WHat a joke our government has become. Can you say “Banana Republic”?


They’re not just surprised…why, they’re downright shocked! Shocked, I tells ya!


Beyond what I wrote about in the Times early this morning, Trump’s later interview with with NBC’s Lester Holt, wherein Trump said he had dinner with Comey and asked him three (3) times if he was a subject of FBI investigation — was the self-inflicted gun shot that will INEXORABLY cause his impeachment. (Period, Full Stop, GONE)!

This is an issue beyond debate.

Here’s how I think the shit is going to hit the Emperor’s Fan — when he goes down yelling:

The only subject of interest to me now is whether Trump will go down to Impeachment quietly or whether he will reprise the role of Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessup in “A Few Good Men” ---- and provide an insane blow-up of Trump shouting, “Yes, I ordered the Code Red, God damn it”. “You can’t handle the truth”. “You want me on the wall (in the White House). … You need me on the Wall guarding against these damn terrorists. You sleep under the blanket of protection I provide and then complain how I provide it!” "You lilly livered Americans — I’m the effin President and ruler of this damn country and I can do anything I want as Commander in Chief of your shitty little lives. “I’m the great Emperor of this whole effing world ---- and you’re all nothing but little shits”


This moron can make the decision to end all life on the planet? Oh man, we are in deep, deep shit!


Fantastic vision of how things may go for little Donnie. I’ll never look at Jack Nicholson the same again.



The orange fascist is like never elected bush/cheney; a corrupt, insane dictator, mass murderer, and its way past time to get him off the throne!


" Tax returns? Tax returns! What tax returns? Which tax returns? My tax returns? I’m goddamn President Donald Effin’ Trump! I don’t have to show you cabrons no stinkin’ tax returns ".


I haven’t seen it, or read it much in recent times. But suddenly the term “batshit crazy” keeps popping into my head. More and more it’s the only phrase I can find that begins to describe the current Administration and all those who persist in trying to justify its machinations.


That was my thought too.


On the bright side, Donald trump is easily the most unfiltered President in history.

On the other hand, I’m actually missing filters.


Democrats must be pretty awful to make some people prefer Trump and the Republican berserkers.


I’m waiting for the day Mr. Trumps income tax returns are subpoenaed.


Given his habitual inability to tell the truth, what good would his tax returns be?


Thanks Donald, you IDIOT.

You have created an irrefutable presumption that you are guilty of colluding with the Russians to corrupt our election and that your presidency is illegitimate.

God Bless our Country ~


We are so screwed.


On top of running off at the mouth (a talent our President seems to excel at – see article) his mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee Sanders says that they expect the firing of Comey will accelerate the termination of the Russia investigation – isn’t this pretty much an explicit admission that this was the reason they fired Comey? If not, why had done this calculus to come to this conclusion?

There is a total credibility vacuum here and, in this case, I think, (to borrow a metaphor) history abhors a vacuum.


If true, Trump’s implicit trading of Comey’s continued employment in return for assurances that he won’t be the target of the FBI’s investigation is clearly an impeachable offense.

However, it’s highly likely that Comey never told him anything about whether he was the subject of an investigation, given that it would breach clear FBI protocols and Comey’s general “straightshooter” reputation (notwithstanding his Clinton investigation screw up).

This raises a bizzare question: Should Trump be impeached for admitting impeachable offenses that never actually happened?