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Trump Admits Asking Comey Directly About Investigation


If it is Trump’s business dealings that he is trying to hide by not releasing his tax returns and firing Comey, how was he able to hide his corrupt business practices in the first place? Why is our system so opaque? After the spectacle of Mitt Romney playing footsie with the cringe-worthy tax code, you’d think Dems would have rushed to pass legislation to simplify it and make it fair after the election in 2012. (Just kidding)
But really, Trump is 100% American made. He was feted by the wealthy and politicians alike (like the Clintons), treated with kid gloves by the IRS, allowed to get away with bankruptcy after bankruptcy, given numerous subsidies and tax breaks by different states, and was ignored when he screwed his own workers and tenants. The American System created Trump. There is a whole class of such people in capitalism, he is just more orange, i mean more “colorful” than most.


Trump also says he doesn’t drink. Maybe he should start.


Not so sure that is A good idea-
In A drunken stupor, Nixon ordered A Nuclear strike on North Korea- Thank our lucky stars that cooler heads prevailed…
Trump is chomping at the bit to employ some insane ordinance attack on whoever, just to raise his Presidential ratings-

“If the president had his way,” Kissinger growled to aides more than once, “there would be a nuclear war each week!” This may not have been an idle jest. The CIA’s top Vietnam specialist, George Carver, reportedly said that in 1969, when the North Koreans shot down a US spy plane, “Nixon became incensed and ordered a tactical nuclear strike… The Joint Chiefs were alerted and asked to recommend targets, but Kissinger got on the phone to them. They agreed not to do anything until Nixon sobered up in the morning.”


Wow! That’s a sobering thought!


Indeed it is, and just who in the Trump administration holds A presence to “check” him as the infamous Kissinger did on more than one occasion?




Bones, Good point about Trump staying off alcohol but perhaps Sessions and him should roll a ‘doober’ and see firsthand that it’s not the ‘Madness’ inducer some believe.


Although I like the idea, I truly believe that neither of them could “handle the truth” that Maryjane provides-


It’s definitely Bulworth having a psychotic break.

It’s a shame not enough people are focusing on all the bits of dirty laundry he tosses out there. Trump is his own walking civics course in the reality of American politics.


Sessions: (exhales) “So…you mean, there could be a whole different universe under my toenail? whoa…hey, can I buy some pot?”


Thanks for posting the highly appropriate clip.
Can’t decide which of the two it is: Americans can’t handle the truth, or Americans aren’t particularly interested in the truth.


I am curious about that. Not that I am defending him by saying this but one deal he seemed to turn down is an Exxon-Mobile deal with Russia. I wonder why he would work with them on some things and not on others? I guess this is why an investigation with a special investigator are needed. I just hope that if Trump does get impeached it doesn’t give the rest of the GOP in power a free pass.


He is a walking intelligence free zone.
S. Stills


Please: I loved Ike and voted for Nixon twice. As dark a side as Nixon had, he was also very intelligent. Although I voted for Kennedy, probably because he was Catholic, Nixon was blind sided by that campaign, but did the right thing by succeeding. This guy is an adolescent on happy dust. Elected by a flaw in our election system that we have been to lazy to fix. He got 10.1 million fewer votes than the other and is still our president. At least we need a run-off system. That would eliminate the spoilers. The super delegate scheme and the electoral college system is an arcane 21st century global joke…The Johnson or Stein people would not have voted for this character. The Clinton’s dislike didn’t run that deep or stupid. By the way if Nixon had simply erased the tapes he would have finished out his presidency. And where is the fourth estate?


What? I thought it was all phony–no evidence!–and a distraction from [add pet issue].


Nice catch.


Such is the crazy we are dealing with today.


I think his impeachment would put a serious stink on the whole repub brand, and make it extremely difficult to do any meaningful work.


Trump must be thinking up some way to distract everyone from this FBI mess he has gotten himself in to. For Trump this means he needs a distraction to get the press on another topic. Perhaps Bannon is working on this. I wonder when it will come and what it will be.


At this point, i think this getting closer to treason. By kicking Comey, and there are Russian connections that helped sway the election, then Trump has committed to aiding and giving comfort to our enemy. http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Aid+and+Comfort. With this fulfilled, then the idea of treason is closer to being fulfilled. http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/treason. But common sense suggests that he will maintain power, not be impeached, know that his money will be enough to pay off anyone, and serve two full terms.