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Trump Admits He's Under Investigation, Attacks Deputy AG Rosenstein

Trump Admits He's Under Investigation, Attacks Deputy AG Rosenstein

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a message that journalists and political observers say looks like a shocking attack by a sitting president on his own Justice Department, President Donald Trump appeared to take aim at Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a Friday morning tweet. Trump also acknowledged, for the first time publicly, that he is under federal investigation.

I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt

“Going a little nuts” Let’s hope the emoluments issue helps clear their little minds.


Two articles by Mike Whitney that ought to be read in conjunction with this article: I’ve excerpted the first and included only the first paragraph from the second:

Rosenstein and Mueller: the Regime Change Tag-Team – May 23, 2017 – Mike Whitney – CounterPunch

…Rod Rosenstein…is a skunk, there’s no two-ways about it.

And, yes, I know, people are going to swarm to Rosenstein’s defense and say, “Yeah, but, Trump is a bloviating buffoon and a mentally-unstable despot.” And, they’re right, too, the man is a menace, a narcissist and maybe even a crackpot. Just look at the Saudi arms deal where Trump agreed to provide hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to a fanatical government that will undoubtedly use them to arm its jihadist army in Syria or kill women and children in Yemen. It just shows that Trump is a vicious, unprincipled militarist. But that doesn’t change what Rosenstein did. People need to look beyond Trump’s failings to appreciate what type of man we’re dealing with here. Rosenstein is a duplicitous back-stabbing serpent. End of story.

…Rosenstein didn’t make the decision to appoint a Special Counsel by himself. That’s baloney. He got his marching orders from someone else higher up the foodchain. That’s obvious. Does anyone seriously believe that a second-string attorney at the Justice Department would launch a full-blown attack on the president of the United States unless he got the greenlight from the deep-state fatcats who operate behind the scenes?

…And Rosenstein didn’t pick hatchetman Robert Mueller by himself either. That’s more malarkey. Mueller was picked by the same shadowy throng of elites that selected the 9-11 Commission, the big money guys who own this fecking country lock, stock and barrel. In this case, they wanted a political assassin who could be trusted to do everything in his power to force Trump to resign. Mueller was the perfect man for the job, a cold-blooded Mafia hitman who won’t leave his fingerprints at the scene of the crime. In his more than 10-year stint at the FBI, Mueller managed to conceal his utter contempt for the law behind a mask of smug sincerity and icy self-righteousness.

…So what are the odds that Trump will get a fair shake in this deal?

How about zero? There’s zero chance that Grand Inquisitor Mueller and his Star Chamber assistants are going to conduct an objective, independent investigation. In fact, the whole Special Counsel meme is just an attempt to dignify the railroading of the Chief Executive. There’s not much more to it than that. They need these sham legal proceedings to create the impression that the final outcome hasn’t already been decided. But it has already been decided. Trump’s going to be driven from office and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. The die has been cast, and Trump came up snake-eyes.

Now, it’s only a matter of time.

Comey’s Lies of Omission – Jun 14, 2017 – Mike Whitney – GlobalResearch

“The Democrats are not fighting Trump over his assault on health care, his attacks on immigrants, his militaristic bullying around the world, or even his status as a minority president who can claim no mandate after losing the popular vote. Instead, they have chosen to attack Trump, the most right-wing president in US history, from the right, denouncing him as insufficiently committed to a military confrontation with Russia.” — Patrick Martin, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming”, World Socialist Web Site


I read CounterPunch too. The problem with all this, is that people make broad claims on either side and don’t back them up with real evidence. Whitney has taken his verbal hatchet to Rosenstein and Mueller, but how are we to know if he’s speaking from facts or just blowing hot air? I am highly skeptical by nature, so find my eyebrows up in my hairline reading this condemnation and references to a “deep state,” just as I am dubious about most claims put out by the corporate media. It’s very frustrating, not to really know, but to be hazarding guesses all the time.


New Movie: Snakes on the Plain


" Owe what tangled webs we weave, when we have, and see ( $$$ ), an Oiligarchy & The MIC, up both our sleeves ".

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Let’s admit it. Nearly everybody is out to get rid of Trump. The Deep State players hate Trump, the Democratic Party hates Trump, the Mainstream Media hates Trump, and the Republicans would like to see him out of there, replaced by Pence, as long as they don’t lose Trump’s voters in the process.
With the ENTIRE power structure out to get rid of him, how can we believe anything that is coming out nowadays concerning Trump?
As much as I despise Trump, I think he’s right when he says he’s the victim of a witch hunt.
Anyway, they’ll get him out eventually, one way or the other.


Tell one lie and then have to tell more lies to try and cover up the first. DJT does not know how to tell the truth and when faced with the lies he has spewed, he fights like a cornered badger…just like his long time mentor, Roy Cohn taught him. Difference now is that he thinks he can take on the intelligence community and the courts and come out on top…NO WAY…he will be chopped liver when it all comes down. He has no control over his mentally aberrant compulsion to vent on twitter…he is enlarging the hole in the dike one tweet at a time…daily.

Hey, DJT this is NOT “The Apprentice…”


Skeptical defends Trump from the far left.


Trump is no victim. Other than his own victim.


He can’t even find qualified Republican D.C. law firms to defend him, firms set up to do that kind of thing. He’s using his divorce and civil attorneys as his team. Now, he’s thinking about firing Mueller, a previous Republican appointee, praised by Republicans. He has his lackeys out there in public, putting obvious spin out there, attacking Mueller now and the investigation itself.

But, you know, it’s all “deep state” stuff the geniuses on the Left keep telling us. There’s no immediate evidence, there can never be evidence, and let’s put our faith in an impulsive idiot who has done everything in the world to make himself look guilty as hell. No tax returns, real financial disclosures, businesses are not in blind trusts, and a legacy of shoddy business dealings and ripoffs be damned.


This may be about Russia. But, not for the reasons we think; ya know, interference in our " sacred ":wink: elections. ( That’s really a funny given historic and blatant voter suppression) It comes down to $$$, since so much of the miltary ( foreign policy, endless war, NATO, SEATO, et al ) is involved in securing energy resources, newly discovered natural resources and keeping vital geographic areas open to shipping and other transportation modes.
The world is being carved up by the Super Economies in a competitive race to secure vital energy sources; which really comes down to control of markets and profits.
Just as there’s no crying in baseball, there’s currently no charity work in Empire Building & Maintenance. It’s a death match with a smiling face. Just sayin’.


This is all classic “palace intrigue” and of no concern to anyone in the 99%. Certain English monarchs, especially the Stuarts, were warm to the French and the Spanish courts and the Puritan merchant class was furious about it. This is the same. As soon as our new Cromwells claim Trump’s head, they will get back to the important task of making money through today’s versions of the slave trade and slaughtering Irish peasants - in the name of God. Mr. Sanders’ head will be the next to roll into a basket and all his peasant followers will return to their stone huts and potatoes.


That’s funny in a very, very sad way.

I don’t think it is Trumps legal team that “is going a little nuts”…


I agree… well said. This is all of no concern to the 99%… yet it’s pretty much all we hear on the news.
Have you ever listened to PBS news? My God! Russia this, and Russia that. My roommate watches it, and I can barely be in the house when it’s on.


Uncertain? It’s a matter of connecting the dots, which in this case are so obvious as to be glowing orbs.


This is a great teachable moment, if one steps back and watches The PTB go at it.:wink: