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Trump Advisers Privately Warned GOP Donors About Covid-19 in February While Telling Public Virus Was 'Very Much Under Control'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/16/trump-advisers-privately-warned-gop-donors-about-covid-19-february-while-telling

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We must all be stewards of the truth.

That alone will turn the tide for humanity.Nothing changes inappropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny.


“Reckless homicide.”

That’s what it needs to be treated as. Period.


Without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action, that is reckless.

Auschwitz was intentional, not “reckless”.

Andrew Jackson giving smallpox contaminated blankets to Native Americans was not reckless, it was intentional.

What Trump, Nazis, colonizers and empires have in common is


Trump is committing GENOCIDE,
in the United States of America, now, and has been for 8 months, and will continue with ever more extreme prejudice and lethality as long as he is not stopped.
Hundreds of millions killed in American wars for “security”.
Trillions of dollars for top notch modern medicine and science for health.
Almost a quarter millenia of an ever growing, vast network of, at it’s best, cooperative human governance - that has inarguably led to much better living for many, with the possibility of reaching right livelihood for all, with continued progress.
As the Earth goes into triage, this would be the best time to learn how to deal swiftly with blocks like genocidal leaders.
To speak truth to power I can call it nothing less than G E N O C I D E .


How far we have fallen. In the Nixon administration a third-rate political burglary, cover-up and a few lies brought universal condemnation from both parties, looming impeachment hearings, and a president who had conscience enough to resign.
Now here we are with daily proof that Trump and his gang knew in early 2020 how bad COVID is, lied to all of us about it, while secretly making plans to profit from it and avoid its harms.
We have become so used to this criminal traitor president that this gross, murderous criminality has become the banality of evil, and it just passes as another blip in the endless stream of scandals from Trump and his mob.


Trump advisors. Huh. Very interesting to hear 3, that is THREE of 45’s advisors are often drunk.
1.) Larry Kudlow
2.) Jeanine Pirro
3.) Rudolph Guiliani (while personally haven’t recognized any drunk speech, Michael Cohen was interviewed by Ari Melber and said Guiliani is “a big drinker.”

Being around so much obnoxiousness, and complaining from 45 will drive you to drink.


Frog, meet water. Soak in it as we gradually raise the temperature to boiling. Finally, when it’s too late, you’re realize you’re frog soup a few seconds before you die.
That’s been the GOP strategy since Nixon got caught. Bankrolled by the likes of the Kochs, the Devos/Prince bunch, and the rest of the donor class so accurately described in Democracy in Chains, the American people have been desensitized to no longer have respect for others, for honesty and truth, and for compassion and empathy. Instead, we’ve been harangued by the likes of the Moral Majority et al for 40 years, resulting in Raygun’s win in 1980. If we’re not rich, we’re “takers” and don’t deserve to live, except for the few necessary to wait on the “Makers”.
Hoover Institution-one of the Kochotopus, with arms everywhere around the world. You can tell who they are by the use of old Roman names such as Cato, words such as Enterprise or Liberty, and Center, such as the Mackinac Center. For them and their millions of fans, there’s no such thing as society, only the individual and their family. I know one of them, a rabid Tea Party member and far-right wing christian, who is always bragging on how great her grandkids are. One is “the best” in his Coast Guard class, another is “the best” in her Olympic ski team(BTW, she had a tear in the miniscus in her right knee and had surgery and PT that cost a lot of money, enough to buy insulin for a year for a small town). I’ve finally stopped responding to her posts. Yet she has only bad things to say about the poor or the disabled.
As for the “herd immunity” crap…now THAT’s genocide writ large.


Trump really deserves the firing squad. I recommend no blindfold. First volley use extremely slow muzzle velocity so that he can see the bullets flying at him, but they must simply bounce off. Second round increase the muzzle velocity by just a bit. I think you see where I am going with this. Video-document this “live” event for time immemorial. Make sure that all civics classes know at which round the Orange Pustule popped. Extra credit if they know at which round he pooped.


Razor sharp throwing stars and a cat-o-nine-tails.
This actually surprised me. Even I didn’t think he would go that far with endangering certain groups of people.


Not so long ago in human history, people like these would have faced exile for their crimes against humanity.


After watching people in Georgia being interviewed at the trump rally I concluded that these are the stupidest people in America. That is unless the rest of his people are just as stupid.
And if only certain people got a heads up early about the virus, did some people get certain treatments early as well?


Odd, we kind of think alike. I was just thinking some form of bounty system for them. Lets see how well they sleep at night knowing there’s a price on their head, and millions of desperate Americans willing to cash in on that bounty.


It’s not just GA., I’ve seen vids of his supporters all over the country being interviewed, they’re all dumb as a box of rocks.


It’s been said before: If you could reason with a Trump supporter they wouldn’t be a Trump supporter. This is like a religon/cult in that they believe the unbelievable in spite of facts. Lap up the orange Kool-Aid it will set you free. (not)


Can’t argue with that, I know all too well because I have some in my own family.

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What you mean-um “like” a religion/cult, Kemo Sabé?  99.44% of Tweetle-Dumb’s supporters are – like Mike Pence – Funny-dementalist “christians” of the DeVos ilk, incapable of reason and determined to force their idiocy on the rest of us. The next three weeks present a Clear and Present Danger to the survival of the United States as even the shallow shell of a democracy that it has degenerated into during the past fifty years.


Jesse Jackson noted in an article CD published earlier this year that although the media calls the folks you see at MAGA rallies Trump’s base, they are actually Trump’s marks, while Trump’s base include the wealthy donors who Trump visits on his way home from the MAGA rallies. GOP legislation fleeces Trump’s marks while that legislation handsomely enhances the fortunes of Trump’s base.


“Trump has mismanaged this crisis from the beginning,” said Herring, “and it’s long past time for his administration to stop lying to the public and ensure that relief finally reaches the families that need it most.”

Not going to happen, this is the evil that he/they are.
But wait a minute, Chris Christie just broke the mold. He probably is now a target. The thing the rich and powerful hate the most, is a rich and powerful person betraying the cause.

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WiseOwl: In a interview, Pelosi commented on 45 and the control he’s having on voter suppression saying, “… Trump thinks he sees light at the end of the tunnel but it’s really light from the train that’s going to hit you.”

It sounds from your comment here you can appreciate that.


Ah, er… the smallpox blankets & kerchiefs were given to the Mingo at Fort Pitt 1763, by Swiss Mercenary Simeon Ecuyer, during Pontiac’s War (the last real chance for Natives). This article looks like a speciously edited rehash of a link, posted here; EXCLUDING those portions, enumerating WHO shared in the spoils? Funny how cherry-picking erodes perception?

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/16/trad-o16.html (a lot IS from NYT sources, therefore tainted?)




Benjamin Franklin had suggested hunting our native victims with dogs if the smallpox didn’t work (BAD public relations)