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Trump Advisers Privately Warned GOP Donors About Covid-19 in February While Telling Public Virus Was 'Very Much Under Control'

More like “deliberate homicide”.


True, but the few outlets of truth remaining are being censored by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Soon, nothing but approved propaganda will be all that is allowed. We are almost there already.

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Oligarchs will never hold them responsible and there will be no price to pay. We can’t even bring war criminals to justice. They will just move on to their own criminal behavior. One thing the ruling class does very well is stick together in their cabal of theft and death.

I think that is true of most families. It would be better to try to understand his appeal, rather than say they are all stupid. They are predominately uninformed or misinformed due to the sources of information they consume. A large number are racist, but some are motivated by populist appeals, like NAFTA aversion, anti-war sentiments, etc. And many arrived at this point of desperation due to the policies of past administrations and courts, both republican and democrat.

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Most of us have tried that approach, it doesn’t work with the members of my family, you might as well be talking to a wall. They have a form of tunnel vision over Trump, like he is the second coming of Jesus or something. It’s very strange.


Only, since Gutenberg “discovered” movable type? And meta-search learned to SEO us echo-chamber clickbait.

~https://taibbi.substack.com/p/facebook-and-twitters-intervention-650 (FIRST, they came for the journalists…)

~https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=uR07OtEhKPE (we don’t KNOW what happened then?)



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There are people on ss and medicare. If trump gets reelected and he scraps ss and medicare , they will blame it on democrats , immigrants, China, Mexico, antifa, blacks, browns, reds …


I assume you put “discovered” movable type since the Chinese invented same 400 years prior to Gutenberg. POC are not usually given credit for discoveries; that legitimization is reserved for whites; like the highest mountain on earth was not legitimately named until named after a British geographer, George Everest. Asians were grateful that white people gave it a name, as they were tired of referring to it as “that big fucking thing over there”.


I have tried that approach with family members who are on SS now, they just shrug their shoulders like they think Trump will send them a monthly check, when the normal one stop flowing.

Last girlfriend was from just above Mainz, in wine country. It was odd to consider press freedom, the Reformation, scary Roman ruins, Hitler’s große Lüge and Hunnish genetics all in the onliest part of Germany I can’t find anything to drink?

Very nice anecdote of Everest. Asian countries have just generally figured out public health much more comprehensively than average – the proof being in the human pudding, I should think. The world owes Jacinda Ardern a profound debt of gratitude for demonstrating that “intelligent white folk” isn’t entirely a contradiction in terms. Possibly because of so much prior experience with pandemics, countries of the mother continent have done much better by the numbers, to this day, than I initially feared. (Touch wood!)

Amidst deliberate interference with the stats, it’s always a challenge figuring out the most relevant metric or formula to isolate the hottest trouble spots. Immersed in statistical pandemonium, I’m thinking the most relevant metric is positivity percentage (as reported by Johns Hopkins):


In the ranking of the 20 worst states by positivity below, I’ve added another column for cumulative COVID mortality per 100,000 (as reported here):

So the mortality column looks backwards to how a state has done, while the positivity column looks forward to how much trouble a state is headed for. Iowa has reached the stratosphere of trouble. I don’t know when you give up on testing entirely – At 50% positivity it starts to seem sadly superfluous.

>            positivity %  mort/100K
>  1. Iowa           48.4      48
>  2. South Dakota   35.8      34
>  3. Wisconsin      23.9      27
>  4. Idaho          22.3      29
>  5. Nevada         22.1      55
>  6. Wyoming        19.3      10
>  7. Mississippi    18.3     106
>  8. Kansas         17.4      29
>  9. Alabama        15.4      56
> 10. Nebraska       15.4      28
> 11. Utah           15.4      17
> 12. Florida        12.5      73
> 13. Indiana        12.3      57
> 14. Montana        10.8      22
> 15. North Dakota    9.1      49
> 16. Pennsylvania    8.6      66
> 17. Arkansas        8.6      55
> 18. Oklahoma        8.5      29
> 19. Arizona         8.2      80
> 20. Tennessee       7.9      42

We’re watching a real-world test-drive of “herd immunity” as it descends apace on USA’s heartland.

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It doesn’t work with my family either, but I have had conversations with random people that may have done some good. Perhaps a person is more willing to let their guard down, and consider something new with a stranger.


Interesting data. Positivity seems a very pertinent way to look at it. I take some solace in seeing that Maine ranks as the best state in that metric, followed by Vermont and Massachusetts, and a few states later, New Hampshire, showing New England to be the best ranking area in positivity. This could have something to due with real estate prices in Maine showing a significant increase. Being a hermit, I do not consider more people coming to Maine to be a hoped-for outcome. But come they will, bringing with them their “NO TRESPASSING” signs and lamenting that Maine is not more like where they fled from.

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Not all of them. modi is joined to trump at the hip.

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Can’t argue with the grammatical correction.

So trump and associates would let us get in a car they knew had no brakes, and wave as you drive off. That’s quite scary.
Talk about disengaged with the people.