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Trump Advisor Calls Press Secretary's Falsehoods "Alternative Facts"


Trump Advisor Calls Press Secretary's Falsehoods "Alternative Facts"

Nika Knight, staff writer


And she doesn't even seem to know it's doublespeak rolling out of her mouth.


In addition to being a bold assertion of pure power, lies like this are used by authoritarians to see who is going to challenge them and who isn't. Keep paying attrention.


Keep paying attention...hell, I can't avert my eyes. This slow-motion train-wreck of an Administration is the most morbidly fascinating thing I have ever beheld! I just hope we all survive it.


This is quite good, too, on how things that used to be unacceptable become acceptable under authoritarian regimes:


Survive we will. Not so sure the Trumpenstein Monster will. The villagers are beginning to encircle him.


The is something really scary going on here. In the past, we fought against wars an barbarism, racist enslavement, and capitalist wage slavery and horrific working conditions; poverty and misery.

But now, we are down to having to defend against the capitalist's rejection of objective reality itself! Even Marx never saw this coming!


One more thing. This thread is worth reading:

When facts become troublesome, stop funding information gathering. Contains propsed legislation that would do just that. Seriously, this stuff is important. It's how things get accomplished before we even understand what's going on.


If there was ever an Orwellian term; ALTERNATIVE FACTS has to be it!

War is peace is true because this is an " alternative fact"? Too bad George never thought of it!

Global warming is a hoax because this is an alternative fact? But I have to admit great euphemism for an egregious lie!


The frustrating thing is that even Trump gets impeached and removed we will still be left with a GOP president and a far right federal political system for the next 4-8 years. Maybe this was the plan all along, to have Trump as the obvious scapegoat to take the fall while the GOP continues to do their thing.


First successor Mike Pence and second successor Eddie Munster are at least as destructive as Trump and have built their own castles of alternative facts.


"Alternative facts" are not something new with Trump. This has been standard stuff with the right wing for quite awhile. During the George W. Bush administration it was claimed that they were so powerful they could create their own alternative reality. What is the whole climate denier thing but "alternative facts." They have their own charts and even their own scientific papers, none of it based on real facts. The right wing has been successful by jettisoning democracy. To demand the truth is say we have to follow democracy. To do that would be to hand power to the Democrats. Basically the US is in effect two separate countries, one with facts based on evidence and the other with facts that are created out of thin air.


This is fixing to get interesting. If they are so arrogant that they think they can get away with such an obvious falsehood, I could see them being of the mentality that they need to shut down the media that doesn't corroborate. Of course, modern technology presents a whole new set of challenges for dictators.


Actually, one of the things I saw last night was Spicer wondering what the hell he got himself into. Confirmed by several of his past colleagues on MSNBC today.


She knows. It's a combination of good acting and chutzpah.


sounds like the trumpers have resurrected Goebbels who was an expert in Nazi Germany on telling lies, the bigger the better and repeating them over and over so that folks believed them! good to call them out every single day for what they do. and the predictions are rife as to just how short a time this administration will actually last. heard on the news that some folks are already filing lawsuits to accuse them of criminal activity and other stuff. whatever we can do, go do it. throwing sand in the machinery of fascism is a good thing.


She used to display real intelligence and good arguments on "To the Contrary." But I'm so disappointed. And all to be able to afford that ridiculous coat.


Let's give them all the accolades they want and need and send them off to the looney bin to compliment each other on a job well done.

It looks as though the lack of funding a good moral broad general education is beginning to have it's effect on our populace and the leaders they elect.


That is the secret to true bullshit. its far easier to convince others to believe your bullshit when you have first convinced yourself.
Kelly and spicer are truely evil people. What they used to call " good Germans"


The difference is that Trump is mentally ill. With Trump you get all the bad traditional Republican stuff plus the instability of the mentally ill. Me, I'll take the not mentally ill.