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Trump Advocates 'Greatly' Expanding Nuclear Arsenal


Trump Advocates 'Greatly' Expanding Nuclear Arsenal

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump unexpectedly tweeted in support of boosting the United States' nuclear capacity on Thursday, marking a potential reversal in U.S. policy.

The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes


You know, the “Red Button” and the “Football” are so antiquated.
We need to update the hardware so that President Trump can just send a Tweet to launch the missiles.
Twitter seems to be the only technology that he understands.
Plus think of all the money we would save eliminating the guy who has to carry the Football around everywhere.


Not well thought out statement. All Putin has to do is offer to start immediate nuke reduction talks and T is immediately back footed and lost moral high ground.

that’s the problem with these grandiose statements. Designed for domestic crowd exultations, with little regard for external effect and reaction.


Nothing new here; just more of the same money-grubbing, power-happy insanity from the .01 % and its political minions. Obomber already signed off on a $1 trillion “nuclear modernization” program; Trump will do his bit for the bosses when his time comes.


Now I wouldn’t want to speculate here or anything, as I was just taken to great task on the audacity I possess apparently to engage in any speculation that a Donald Fucking Trump Administration will be distinctively dangerous.

Oh what the hell. I will indeed speculate.

This is fucking insane. The guy TWEETS the intention of a nuclear arms buildup?

And yes, yes, yes, I know all about Obama having engaged in the biggest nuclear buildup in decades during his administration.


Did you just suggest Trump is concerned with the moral high ground? Or that he knows what that might mean?


“Trump’s reckless tweet could set off a $1 trillion nuclear arms race with China and Russia.”

And just let me say, "He does not give a FUCK about anybody BUT HIS FUCKING SELF!!!


Two progressives in a simmering pot of water. One says to the other, “I don’t notice any difference, do you?”


Didn’t Obama already sign a one TRILLION dollar order to modernize the nuclear arsenal recently? Isn’t Trump just trying to again take credit for something already in the works with which he had zero to do. April 15th 2016, DemocracyNow! reported Obama was planning a trillion dollar 30 year modernization of the US nuclear arsenal. New and improved nukes which pundits, at the time, said would trigger another nuclear arms race.


This must be why they’re so eager to cut my social security. Well, why didn’t you say so! Of course I’d be honored to help out with the nuclear stockpile, Godfather, and I’ve got an extra arm and a leg for you to prove my loyalty. I just love bombs!


Obama already started this back in April.


Mafia Don besides being a narcissistic fool and national disgrace…
Is now beginning to scare the shit out of me.
This asshole needs to be stopped.


See? No difference. It’s like Obamas third term. The strange optimism of a progressive.


…and Obama continued EVERY major Bush program, TARP, the endless wars, Gitmo, etc. so it’s like Bush never left office.


The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes
11:50 AM - 22 Dec 2016

“to its senses regarding American power”


Sure, there are differences, some cosmetic, others more robust; but not with respect to their final allegiance to power and money.


Good point. This was hardly news when Obama did it. But, yeah, I’m not quite clear: Is Trump just going to carry out an Obama policy? Or is he going to expand on Obama’s already reckless plan?


Putin also announced today an expansion of the Russian nuclear arsenal…


The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes .

Wow, I know he’s dense, but how could even he fail to see the bitter irony in that statement? Just how, we might ask, does “the [rest of the] world come to its senses” if there is no leadership towards that end from the nation recognized as the most powerful (and imperialistic) on earth. Is the US not part of “the world”? And how are others to come to their senses if one of the most potent nuclear force holders continues to threaten them with nuclear arms buildup, and gradual encirclement?


So when US protestors are being rounded up and tortured and the US approaches the brink of nuclear conflagration, will you still be saying that Obama is no different and that Hillary would have been worse?

If you think that they are the same then you are a raving lunatic with no grasp of reality.