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Trump Against the First Amendment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/01/trump-against-first-amendment

Seems to me that history indicates that it’s best to eliminate the powerful who threaten First Amendment rights, than those journalists accused of exposing the crimes of the powerful.

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Couldn’t get past the slanderous 2d paragraph.


I agree, this is what a lot of so called reporters are doing, bringing the issue up to protect themselves, and at the same time, kissing the a$$ of the oligarchy.
CD do you proof these stories before posting?

Could it be that Pierre is projecting with his personal swipes at Julien? Could it be that Julien seduced Pierre’s woman? Does Pierre personally know Julien or does he merely uncritically accept what the elites put out there about him? I don’t know Julien personally but from everything I’ve seen from those who do such characterizations are more than a bit off base. In any case, Julien’s personal qualities are not the issue as none of those qualities are against any laws and neither is the publication of confidential documents that embarras the government of the day and at least Pierre made that point clear.