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Trump 'Agenda Is Dead,' Declares Sanders, If Democrats Do What It Takes To Win in 2018


Trump 'Agenda Is Dead,' Declares Sanders, If Democrats Do What It Takes To Win in 2018

Common Dreams staff

Though nobody with a platform as sizeable as his has been more critical of the so-called "establishment" of the Democratic Party, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Friday that the agenda of the Trump administration will be effectively toast if congressional Republicans are toppled in the upcoming midterm elections.

"If Democrats control either the House or the Senate, Trump's agenda is dead," Sanders told the New York Times in an interview.


speaking truth to power. the way to go BERNIE!


To me, Bernie you can be most effective if you get the hell out of the corrupt, Democratic party! Bernie! Didn’t you learn anything from the last election? Sir, with all due respect, you are an Independent, why do you insist in working and supporting the corruption of the Democratic party? Please Bernie run as an Independent.


I personally have been sick of this party for many many decades.—they actually sold everyone out your whole life. We have 2 major parties that control the dialogue – 3rd parties have been kept out way before any of us were even born. Why people do not vote is a protest vote too-- because both of them suck. better of 2 evils is evil too.


Sanders really has become weak:

  1. He fails to directly call out the Dems’ suicidal lawsuits against the Rethugs, Russians and Wikileaks. Worse, it seems he supports them;
  2. Of course he says nothing about the Dems being a vociferous permanent war party;
  3. Attacking “The Trump Agenda” is old and irrelevant news as it has become clear that “The Trump Agenda” is whatever The Tweeting Idiot of Orange decides to Tweet. People have become immune to that;
  4. He is silent about progress in Korea and in the so-called “War Against Isis” during the Trump disaster.

All-in-all he’s become just another grey-suited, grey-souled Dem who’s accomplishing his purpose of drawing off energy and resources from true progressives (even in the Dem wing of the Duopoly).

Why isn’t he down beating the streets of his native NYC for Cynthia Nixon? Or more importantly, ripping through upstate NY on her behalf? It’s not like like the governorship of NY doesn’t matter (at east in Duopoly politics).

Bernie’s done alot. I’ll be the first to admit it. Hell, he got me to work for him after I swore off Duopoly (s)electoral politics, even though hard-core leftists were correctly calling him a “sheep-dog” who who would (and did) sell out.

He’s clearly concerned about the “State of the Union” (that does not really exist).

Let him be an elder statesman. He’s earned that right. He’s tired, but Tweets are no way to end your public career. As it now stands, post-convention Bernie is becoming an historical footnote…or worse – a lackey for the Duopoly that he once challenged.

It is sad and tiring to behold.


“Have Democrats learned enough lessons from their steady habit of defeat to not just win big, but govern boldly?”

What an incredibly stupid question. Why would those benefiting from massive campaign donations, from those whose ideology is identical with theirs, turn their back on the funders? I simply can’t take another mealy-mouthed question of this nature posed to the corrupt democratic party.


Thank You for stating the obvious that so few seem to get. That makes it worth stating, but it is truly depressing to go over the same shit again…and again…and again…ad nauseam…ad infinitum…


So long as the democratic party members remainconnected to IPAC and Israel nothing good will come out of the blue dogs party. They had the congress and the white house but by cooperation with the GOP in the background they pushed the Rothschild agenda which is Zionist agenda and CONTRARY to the American people’s agenda.


I could not agree More!


I agree. And whether Bernie realized it or not, because of the corruption of the Democratic party, in the last election, he was used as a lackey even though I supported him hoping I was wrong, but I was naive to say the least!


“Me Too!” he said, beating his chest. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa…


Another in a series of disappointing steps backwards for Bernie Sanders, who, I find myself reminding younger people in particular, really has done some good things.

Since 2016, Bernie’s support for the Democratic Party has appeared unconditional, with no requirements for law-abiding and civil behavior, let alone any commonality with respect to policy. Here it also appears irrational.

Just what does Sanders imagine that “Trump’s agenda” is, as distinct from a Democratic agenda or a Washington agenda? Trump’s rhetoric is unusual, but there’s nothing particularly original about his “agenda,” insofar as you can find one. If there is some other distinction in Trump’s particular way of destroying the Middle East or bull-baiting Russia or China or Korea or Iran, it might be nice to know what that is. It is easy to criticize Trump about openness, but hard to do so from a Democratic Party perspective, given Obama’s persecution of journalism and the Party’s current lawsuit against publishing what it would have preferred to hide. Now that the Party has decided it can fly without a left wing, the usual Dem advantages with respect to domestic policy have mostly eroded, and mostly amount to rhetoric.

We have, collectively, spent a good deal of time swirling around the Democrats’ failure to address their election fraud in 2016, and far longer wondering why Democratic legislators vote over and over again for the policies that we call Republican and for agendas that Democratic candidates are happy to attribute to their opponents.

There is to date zero sign that Democrats will not support the agendas suddenly known as “Trump’s,” as usual. Sanders’ legacy deserved better, but whose fault is that?


It is often the sadder and more painful case when you watch this happen to someone who did have something at some point.


Exactly. I have seen this many times in various anti-war and union movements. Like love, it always rips your heart out. I’ve finally come to a place where it seems I only have salt and ashes left. Sadness and bitterness and it makes me question an awful lot of the things I have done - and do - with the life that I have been granted in this biosphere. Maybe it’s all about the dark matter thang like the astro-physicists say. I like to think it’s about Higgs-Boson and energy preceding matter. Oh never mind, I am digressing…


What could an independent Bernie Sanders - even or maybe particularly as president, accomplish? Organizations, not individual people, accomplish things. Sure, there are individuals who accomplish things too - the name for that is “dictator”.


As an independent, Bernie Sanders could have been competitive after the dog-n-pony-show Dem convention. Even if he did not win a competitive run, his campaign could have turned a lot of things upside down in the U.S.-based capitalist political-economy.


Read Tom’s answer, his answer was excellent!


Excellent answer Thanks. Saved me a reply.


“…the question remains: Have Democrats learned enough lessons from their steady habit of defeat to not just win big, but govern boldly?”

“a tendency to believe that more conservative candidates are better positioned to win,”

Well, with such mealy mouthed criticism of Corporate State Democrats who are in control of the Democratic Party, and working in tandem with Republicans, then there is hardly a chance the rightward trajectory of the US further and further into the hands of the super wealthy individuals and large corporations will be slowed, let alone reversed.


I’d be happy if he just directly took on Corporate State Democrats, like he takes on Republicans (Corporate State Republicans is redundant). But he won’t.