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Trump Aggressively Fought Sprinkler System Law That Could Have Saved Man in Trump Tower Fire


Trump Aggressively Fought Sprinkler System Law That Could Have Saved Man in Trump Tower Fire

Julia Conley, staff writer

Though President Donald Trump has spent his career boasting of his wealth, he claimed in the 1990s that outfitting apartments in his residential high-rise buildings with sprinkler systems would be too expensive—and lobbied against regulations that may have been able to save the life of a man who was killed in a fire at Trump Tower on Saturday.


Drumph is culpable in this murder. The Law in NY says you need sprinklers, period, paragraph. Arrest him, now! Fuckin’ arrogant bastard!


Additional evidence that Trump has for decades been a consistent force in turning the US into a third world nation.

The downward spiral continues to accelerate.


an innocent man died in Trash Tower because Trash was too cheap to install sprinklers…
Trash didn’t even mention that anyone died…
Yet, once again, he is crying crocodile tears for the “women, children and men” innocently
killed in the latest (CIA implemented??)… gas attack in Syria…
Is there cognitive dissonance here??
I refuse to watch CNN., MSDNC or any mainstream media who are probably licking their lips
in anticipation of a big news rating bump after US bombs start raining down…I will turn to
RT and BBC, if I watch at all. (along with CDreams, Truthdig, etc …& Jimmy Dore/Jamarl Thomas
& Humanist Report…all three on YouTube)


and he is applauded by a crowd who claim they are “pro-life”…it’s laughable, isn’t it?? if it wasn’t so sad…


Why would we expect that a sociopath would have any concern for someone killed in his own building. But we are supposed to believe that he cares about people killed in Syria? Don’t think so.


How many americans are waiting to send their children to a Trump sponsored war?


All of those that vote for the Duopoly have given us this government.

If they cared about our country being the “Greatest Purveyor of Violence” they would have ceased supporting the Dysfunctional Duopoly decades ago.

I’m sure they feel a sense of pride sending their kids off to fight the rich men’s wars.


Here’s a fun fact, or not so fun with this story…There has NEVER been a death by fire, in a building with a properly operating sprinkler system.
This countries leaders, not just Trump, have never put much value on human life. Property developers always claim it’s too expensive to install sprinklers. When building have to be retrofitted it can be pricy, but what’s the cost of a life ? When building are being built the cost to install sprinkler systems is nominal, no more than any other plumbing sys., there’s no excuse not to.
This cost of life can also be laid at the feet of insurance co’s., they discourage sprinkler sys. because they may increase property damage when they are activated.
One final note, what you see in movies, where sprinklers go off in the whole building, which is false, increases the fear of installing the systems. Every sprinkler head has a thermal lock, usually a small piece of lead that is designed to melt at a certain temperature, so the only heads that open are the ones close enough to temperatures high enough to melt the thermal lock, hence close to the fire.
It’s a sad sick country we live in.


I, too, noticed that Trump made no mention of the man who died in the fire, but maybe he and his family, if caught in a fire in the Trump Towers without sprinklers, will not need to be mentioned either.


Too bad it wasn’t his body that was found …


i think there would be dancing in the streets if that happened to the prictator


too bad they were not there, I know it is a horrible thing to say, but I just had to say it…


This is the way rich people act. Not that long ago a number of people burned to death at one of Wal -Marts slave labor factories over seas, the doors were locked and Wal-Mart claims that they couldn’t afford to bring the factory up to date on the sprinkler system.


Was the fire started by someone Burning the Evidence of tRump’s crimes?


Considering that 67-year-old Todd Brassner hated living at Trump Tower, disliked Trump, and was unable to sell his unit because of the Trump stigma, I’d suggest that Trump won’t mention anything of the kind except to desecrate the memory of the dead. “He knew what he signed up for.”

One note on Trump’s typically self-congratulatory tweet about the fire: He writes: “Firemen (and women) did a great job.” Interesting that the “and women” is parenthetical, signaling their at-best subordinate status as he tries to make a pitch to both sexes.


Gee, just what I predicted. Unfortunately Trumenfuhrer has demonstrated his breathtaking moral decadence, peridy and spectacular disregard for any human other than himself(narcissism and sociopathy). So that this doesn’t have any shock value any more. Like what else is new, just more confirmation of his toxicity. He compares on a comparable level with the horrors of some of the great robber barons of the 19th century.


Maybe the man’s family will sue Trump for everything he has.

Don’t I wish!