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Trump Allies in Battleground States Rush to Stop Jill Stein's Recount Efforts


Trump Allies in Battleground States Rush to Stop Jill Stein's Recount Efforts

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's allies are trying to block the ballot recount being pushed by the Green Party's Jill Stein.


I would suggest to the "allies" that any recount would also help to identify those millions of illegal votes claimed by DJT. They should welcome it.

I just learned from a dear friend in Wisconsin that she, with a PhD, and her husband, an MD, would be working on the recount. I trust her.



Flush the rats from the kitchen: " there's a rat in me kitchen, what Imma gonna do, ...Imma gonna fix that rat, that's what Imma gonna do " Get all the rats out of the kitchen. End the reign of The UniParty Rats.


So RT, that darling media organ of the crypto-Trumpist-Putinist pseudo-left, is spreading more of their utterly fact-free phony conspiracy theory laden "news". This is a great example of a "left" that is becoming completely indistinguishable from the lunatic Alan-Jones/Brietbart right.


Efforts to stop the recounts certainly raises suspicions that something devious went on. The margins are so large that a normal recount would not change the outcome since maybe hundreds or a few thousand votes might change. And if the recounts are stopped Trump would even have less credibility as president than he already has since it appears Clinton won the popular vote by about 2.5 million and there will always be a question whether Trump actually won these three states. He certainly trailed in the polls in all three states going in and all have been blue states in the last six elections.


No recount(s) for firm believers in U.S. democracy.


What is really shocking is the over-the-top hysteria against simply verifying vote counts to ensure the integrity of the voting process.


Well spoken. My suspicions were exactly the same ...something smells rotten. No matter what the outcome, my trust in politicians has fallen further into the shitter. The irony is that Trump spoke the truth; the systems IS rigged.


That doesn't make sense. There have been known problems with malfunctioning voting machines, piles of missing ballots, etc., for some years. Even Saint Reagan said: "Trust -- but verify." There were clear problems in several states, so it is for the sake of democracy that those votes need to be recounted.


Nervous aren't they? There is reason to do the recount in spite of Trump's tirade, namely, he says it was rigged, GregPalast.com says it was rigged, and two academic analysts from two different universities say there was tampering. Those on top of, it's the democratic way and recounts should be done anytime there are discrepancies makes it perfectly normal that one would be done. Bernie asked for recounts in two or three states during the primary, I believe. Clearly at this point Trump doesn't want to consider the possibility they really were tampered with and many voted multiple times, for him. Or that millions were not counted.


Actually, your interpretation appears to be the problem. I have no idea what you're talking about, regarding the crypto-etc. As for the left, no, their voices have been drowned out by liberals (esp. the liberal bourgeoisie) since the 1990s. In real life, both left and right focus primarily on socioeconomic policies, and are on opposite sides of the ideological divide.


Much ado about "nothing", methinks


Was being satirical.


That's a convenient attitude to have. It means that if you don't like the facts, you can simply ignore them and make something up to explain any situation. I see it happen a LOT with right-wingers, and that particular flaw is all too common here in the CD comments section. Treating opinion as fact and fact as fiction is one of the more embarrassing things about current political discourse online.


Let's see. I don't believe you. Try Alex Jones. He'll show you how to just make up whatever reality you want. Spread your wings. Fly!


"What is really shocking is the over-the-top hysteria against simply verifying vote counts to ensure the integrity of the voting process."



These actions just go to show how supremely hypocritical a pos trumpster is. Didn't Trump allege that the election was rigged before the election and tweeted that millions of illegal votes were cast (thus making his "win" even more questionable)?


Trump claims he actually won the popular vote, but HRC only won the popular vote because of the election being rigged.

Wouldn't you expect that if Trump actually believes that statement; he would welcome a recount rather than rush to stop it?

I think Dr. Jill Stein smells a rat!


I believe it was POS trumpster.
It stands for "Point Of Sale"