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Trump 'America First' Vaccine Order Denounced as 'False Choice' That Ignores Real Problem: Pharma Monopolies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/trump-america-first-vaccine-order-denounced-false-choice-ignores-real-problem-pharma


And so it goes. Nationalism supports predatory corporatism. Enabling predatory corporatism is the central purpose of the nation state. Terrorism and dispossession are facilitated by parasitical legal fictions.

Borders and nations and governments and corporations are legal fictions designed to enslave human beings and rob them of their wealth.

What is reality? This: We are one human family, one family of life, one country called Earth, among all our relations. Life is about service. Give love away for free.


UK vaccinations:


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I will take a vaccine only after about 100 million people in this country have already been vaccinated and there are no side effects or deaths from it. There is no way in hell that this vaccine has gone through enough rigorous testing to call it safe. We the People will be the test guinea pigs. Good luck to those who are first to try it.


“All that’s missing is effective U.S. global leadership.”

No, it is not all that is missing: What is missing is decency, a conscience, the recognition that we all share in the ONE Life, that wider perspective that makes the rest possible including rescuing and restoring our eco-systems, dismantling the machinery of militarism, war, inequality, racism and bigotry.


So the oil industry’s lying is even too much for its own greenwashing bullshitters:

Shell executives quit amid discord over green push

Several clean energy leaders leave company with only weeks before strategy announcement

Royal Dutch Shell has been hit by the departure of several clean energy executives amid a split over how far and fast the oil giant should shift towards greener fuels.


Biden says he’s seen no plan whatever for getting the vaccine from storehouses into people’s arms. His Pestilency’s minions say there’s a plan, and it’s only because of a little mixup that they haven’t had a chance to share any plans with the President-elect, not yet!

Moncef Slaoui should be wearing an orange fright-wig, he’s such a freaking clown. Maybe he thinks it’s a funny joke to fool around with public health, like his buddy Scott “Mengele” Atlas. These clowns have shared no plans with Biden because there is no freaking plan. I mean: of course – what would you expect from a bunch of golfing psychopaths?

It’s looking like USA will get to a caseload of 15 million, along with our national outbreak doubling in only nine weeks, tomorrow. Not precisely planned – the inevitable result of laissez-faire mass-infection policy.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  01/27/2020           5           5
>  18.  03/30/2020     163,534     163,539
>  27.  06/01/2020   1,638,931   1,802,470
>  36.  08/03/2020   2,896,348   4,698,818
>  45.  10/05/2020   2,737,460   7,436,278
>  54.  12/07/2020   7,386,851  14,823,129

Trump wants the virus to spread. That ought to be obvious to all.


The USA needs to declare war on any country that gets vaccine doses before we do… Then we need to invade and confiscate their weapons of mass inoculation.


That would mean the UK. :))

Monopolies have no place nowhere, not nohow!

Where is Teddy Roosevelt now that we REALLY need him??


Yours is the comment I want to hear. And so concise in just a few well written words.
The conscience of Americans has been stunned, and needs a reawakening.


We are one human family and, like our close cousins the chimpanzees – we are very tribal.  In a whirled of “eat or be eaten” we do a better job of eating and a better job of avoiding being eaten when we cooperate with one-another and share equitably, but we must also think long-term and not over-eat today and starve tomorrow.  The tribes that elect – and follow – the wisest leaders will do best in the long run.

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Of course someone needs to point out the debate between the common chimp and the Bonobo as to who is our closest biological cousin continues.

Socially, they do things very differently. One wonders how different the discourse would be had the Bonobo been “discovered” by Europeans before the common chimp was.


Pfizer recently goofed up and in the process discovered that a half dose of its vaccine, then a full dose later, provided 90% protection, not the 70% protection that two full doses of their vaccine would bring. This begs the question, why can’t Pfizer goof up more often? Couldn’t we send gremlins with baseball bats running through their research facilities?

What’s all the fuss? This is how capitalism works, everything has a price and nothing is sacred. Beside they are waiting for the virus to run it’s course so they can blame the cure on the vaccine just like pollio.

I’m with you on this.
Breaking news today:

Allergy warning for Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine after UK health workers with allergy history suffer reaction

And my question on another thread is: who, these days of AGW (which makes allergies worse) isn’t allergic to something?