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Trump and Bannon’s “America First”


Trump and Bannon’s “America First”

Robert Reich

Donald Trump has reorganized the National Security Council – elevating his chief political strategist Steve Bannon, and demoting the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Bannon will join the NSC’s principals committee, the top inter-agency group advising the President on national security.


Trump: Suicide by presidency?


No matter what else, Trump is giving access to the most powerful secrets in this world to the ultra right. Even if these people and this administration should leave the scene, they will have been privy to a whole other reality than can be simply described as conservative.

This is raising up the ultra right to the corridors and secret corridors of power not being conservative.

When they go ...they will take this knowledge with them.


You're talking about treason..................

Robert Reich is talking about America led by crazy people with openly stated and exhibited extremist. racist, bigoted views including the worship of Mammon - the combination should make every person of integrity and sound judgment take another long hard think...........those who defend this regime of such extremism with "alternative facts" and other fantasy blather (R'Cons) are complicit to the ginger chimps grave threat ......."Trump is unhinged and ignorant. Bannon is nuts and malicious. If not supervised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, their decisions could endanger the world"


Of course if there were not for tens of millions of Americans who basically agree with them Trump and Bannon would never be in this situation. It is the same mentality that called for nuking the Chinese during the Korean War and bombing the dikes of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Trump and Bannon are backed by millions of Americans who want to bomb 'em back into the stone age. They aren't that much of an aberration. They represent the views of a good portion of America.


Trump: Suicide by Bannon.


It would be interesting to know if any 'Journalist' has made an attempt to interview the Director of National Intelligence or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for their take on this action by Trump.


Reich sez: "And what does Bannon have to bring to the table?"

Based on everything Chump has gotten a pass on thus far, I'd say a truly breathtaking set of incriminating negatives.


This is very serious, this last week was a trial run, they are testing their power and boundaries.


Based on the votes, they represent the views of 1/4 of Americans, hence 3/4 are being led by a radical small minority. it is up to the majority to put a stop to it...but will they have the courage and moxie to confront the Orc hordes????


Most of the 1/4 of Murkins who support Trump have feared and avoided facing facts most or all of their lives. trump has validated their fears by making facts one of the many enemies he is fighting.

They are not going to suddenly embrace facts, so the 3/4 need to continue to make noise and shining the light on Trump.


Just read that. I have been saying for weeks now that this is a coup. I got pooh-poohed. Others are beginning to realize just how serious this is. We have been taken over by a cabal of criminals, and it is going to be ugly unless the military refuse to participate.


With the Democratic Party in its weakest position at local, state and national levels during the past 90 years, only the GOP can prevent Trump's coup. We must all continue to make as much noise as possible to keep the light shining on the GOP to pressure them into preventing Trump's coup.


When did we have the authority to dispense morality to the rest of the world? Was that authority based on anything but our economic and military power?
Are we really sure a world not dominated by the U.S. would be worse?


Why doesn't Trump just push the nuclear buttons and just get it over with. That's what many in this country voted for.


You have to figure about half the people who didn't vote probably would have voted for Trump but since Clinton got about 3 million more votes than Trump I think he does represent a minority, but a substantial one. It looks like to me what is going is the equivalent of a couple of guys who had a few drinks at the bar making foreign policy. I don't think Trump and Bannon understand foreign policy than the typical bar crowd. Bush and Cheney didn't want to listen to the advice of experts and look what happened. Trump is delusional in that he thinks he knows it all and is a really smart guy. He has to make up facts to avoid believing the real facts that contradict his inflated image. The guy is really mentally sick with a severe personality disorder and unbelievably dangerous because he is impulsive. Who knows what he will do when it becomes frustrated that he can't carry out his agenda the way he intended. Voting for Trump was absolutely.crazy.


Patriotic Solidarity. Total Opposition. People Power. Fresh Elections that are Free, Fair and Inclusive. Immigrants R US!
Long Live Freedom of Speech. Build Bridges Not Walls. Peace on Earth.


Fixed it for you.
No less disturbing, but to be fair Washington was already run by a cabal of criminals, just a lot more polished, far less abrasive and not quite so frightening. Remember most of the apparatus of a police state (DHS, the 100 mile zone, domestic surveillance, militarized local police, slush funds of capital from unknown sources, the presidential prerogative of extrajudicial detention and execution, mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, etc) were already in place before Trump even ran for office. Trump's gang's just amped it up.


Children are known for testing their power and boundaries...


"America First"? Every President has espoused that motto, although perhaps much more quietly. What President Trump is forgetting or didn't take into account is that without America's allies onside, important policies and economic matters could go into freefall. I'm speaking particularly of the US dollar as the World's reserve currency. There are other currencies that have a potential to take over that position if Trump manages to alienate the whole First World.