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Trump and Covid-19—The Odds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/07/trump-and-covid-19-odds

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Accurate enough - thanks Gwynne.

70% he recovers and continues to destroy the idea of America.



Enjoyable reading, Gwynne. Not ghoulish, but realistic speculation of possibilities with this raging mystery disease in the highest levels of our government.


Hello Bill from Calgary !

The last time I was in your country was 2006, with my then young family. We took three weeks and drove down to Joshua Tree via the west coast - camped in the desert at a friends campsite.

I used to visit the southwest a lot before 2006.

I imagine things have changed considerably since 2006, but it is difficult to get a real feel for the situation when you are not there in person.

What is happening in your country is going to spill over here in Canada - I can’t see any escaping that. In fact - it will spill over everywhere.

All three of us are often glued to our computers these days - it is hard to break free of all the bad news.

Are you going to watch the Harris/Pence debate ?

And if so - why ?


I’ve read that one of the things COVID-19 does at first is make you feel that you are NOT sick.

I’m NOT going to watch any of the debates. I have too much trouble understanding people who are talking fast.

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only 8.5%.

Gwynne, this tragic, avoidable loss here is much higher than any other cause this year.
You just brush off as a matter of very little importance.

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WATCH OUT! It’s Typhoid Trump and The Walking Dead Pence!


Hello Michael! It is a pleasure reading your note. I chuckle at your last remark. I have to confess to watching 15 minutes of their debate, but with Pence hogging the time, that’s all I could take.

Good that you were able to visit Joshua Tree in southern California before this administration destroys it. While I’ve made a handful of visits to California, I haven’t visited Joshua Tree. My screen saver picture is a nighttime view of El Capitan, in California’s Yosemite Park. Wish more of the country were like California, esp politically.

Canada has much to teach the US, particularly in health care as a right. Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, made a point to show that, with the short drive from Detroit to Windsor, for advanced health care in the visit to the clinic. It should be that simple here.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Hang in there tough in Canada.


The feeling is mutual Bill. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

I didn’t watch the debate, but I did cheat some - read the writeups, some comments here, and most importantly, I did view a clip or two of the debate, and heard Kamela speak.

She is smart - a good lawyer I would imagine, but her voice is weak - just my impression.

I actually bought a far too expensive Globe and Mail newspaper this morning, a broadsheet, Canada’s national paper, just to check in. Apparently our three party system is working well so far, and the social NDP has managed to get what they wanted from the center Liberals, and possibly more to come - specifically an addition to our universal single payer, i.e., the government - that would now include universal dental care, which is currently still private.

That would be a welcome and I think necessary addition.

But all is up in the air - the situation is ‘fluid’ - and much of this is due to the situation now developing in your country, which is still mankind’s best example of the idea of democracy in a very tough neighborhood, that is - our world, with China, Russia, India, Iran - you know what I mean I am sure.

It is easy for Canada to feel smug - that is imo a mistake - you guys have the responsibility of arms - no small or unnecessary thing - but prone to misuse, as Ike pointed out. It comes with the territory.

As for J-Tree - I met a Master Sergeant of Marines down there - forward air traffic I believe - and we became friends, both he and his wife.

My favorite place other than his campsite though, is just south of J-Tree National Park - California’s Anza Borrego State Park - WoW ! I’ve been down there a million times, and would love to go there again.

Despite all - I have an abiding faith in you and your countrymen Bill, and I hope I live to see the day when smiles will replace this ghoulish scene.

All the best to you and yours ~

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Thank you, again, for your thoughtful and kind remarks.
Carry on.

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