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Trump and GOP Are Blatantly Encouraging Foreign Dictators to Hack the 2020 Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/09/trump-and-gop-are-blatantly-encouraging-foreign-dictators-hack-2020-election

Tom why all of this rage about external threats to our system? Why aren’t you more concerned about the real problem, internal threats? You go on about our voting machines, and yes they all are hackable garbage. You want election honesty, stop pushing for more money thrown at new hackable voting machines, start pushing for paper ballots, counted in the open by non-partisan entities, hacking problem solved. This foreign hacker meme is getting old. Why not one word about our new safe election problem, ElectionGuard? Or do you trust Microsoft, the Pentagon, and Israeli private security companies to give us a fair election, because I don’t. Where’s the call for election holidays, automatic voter registration, and laws with serious penalties for those who corrupt the system?



Hi ReconFire:
I too worry when people talk about the external threats like"Russia." Geez haven’t the UK and the US overdosed on that yet?
Here are some actual concerns: I am wondering why the UK stole Venezuela’s gold and seems to have gotten away with it.
Then I read today that the way the U.S. took KimDot Coms money—not allowing him to present a defense and appears to have just—stolen the money.

We know they do that to the People---- but geez to a man who lives in another nation—
it’s almost like the US is trying to make everything into another Julian Assange and forget laws and courts but just make the accusation and then just take the money and run!
Hello America, it is getting awfully hard for many of us PEOPLE to trust you and equally as difficult for other nations to trust you too.


Gee, what else is new?

Like Unc says, "Old News."

Time for a “Jim Jones Kool-aid Party” for the Greedy Oligarchy Party.

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Hey stardustIBID, yeah the irony over the Russia theme is astounding, in my lifetime it seems the two countries have traded places. The Us imprisons more people, we steal more, and the biggest of all is honest journalists have to use Russian TV to be true to themselves and their profession. Would have never dreamed that when I was young and the Cold War was in full swing, it’s a wacky world for sure.


WHen push come to shove Hartmann always falls back to the establishment. He rants about many things but at the end of the day he always comes back to support the wall street crowd


Another non-impeachable offense. Don approves, and so does Congre$$.

Hard to disagree.

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The US destroyed the Mideast and Hartmann is talking about what???


Foreign dictators don’t need to hack the electoral systems when they can purchase them in broad daylight as Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE do.

Trump and McConnell and the Republican party are working for themselves and the financial elites, and everything else is subordinated by them to that. Foreign interference aside, for them, democracy is to be feared and thwarted as needed as it has the potential (alas only the potential) to serve the majority.

It’s a pity to see Hartmann twist himself all around this still or again.

The business of hacking the election is not a small thing, though there is still no particular evidence to suggest that it is a Russian thing in particular, a foreign thing in general, or even particularly a dictator thing, if we are talking about acknowledged dictators. Even the idea that it is Trump’s thing gets no real support here beyond the idea that he’s joking with Vladimir Putin–something that one might expect would be more alarming for Russians than Americans, if anything.

It is not unreasonable that we be concerned about the manipulation of our elections. However, the entities that have the greatest interest in controlling American elections and also the greatest capacity to do so are mostly though not exclusively domestic. Moreover, the evidence of domestic manipulation of the 2016 election process has been clear since at least 2016, whereas evidence of significant Russian manipulation remains simply absent. Moreover, evidence of American black ops manipulation of foreign elections is not insignificant. This does not mean that Americans should tolerate manipulation of our own elections, but it does make it foolish to assume that these same agencies would not manipulate domestic elections. They have the equipment and personnel and a great deal more motive to do so and, of course, motive to hide it from us–though it seems that they have failed to do so completely.

There’s no especially good reason to believe that the control of elections is even particularly a Democrat vs Republican thing. After all, mostly the same people run the country through either party, and mostly the same way. The perceived interest of the ruling elite appears to be to maintain and centralize wealth and power. Both major parties aid and abet this in return for money and power. The manipulation in both parties is partly to corral populations and get government posts that allow them to collect bribes–largely including legal bribes, remarkably. This is essentially the business model.

But past that, maintaining the business model for those who purchase the service of government means preventing any authentically egalitarian forces from gaining control. So the Republican Party fights mostly against its libertarian tendencies, partly by claiming alliance with them; and the Democratic Party fights against its Marxist tendencies, partly by claiming to be “progressive.” Marxist tendencies are a far greater challenge to wealthy hierarchies, so the Democratic Party has to date been more strident and more effective in its usurpation and opposition to them. Tea Party Republicans have managed to lift Donald Trump into the White House, albeit with a great deal of help and even funds from the Democratic Party, but surely Donald Trump is more an embarrassment to any sort of oligarchy than an actual threat. I am vaguely reminded of Ben Franklin’s suggestion that the national bird should be a turkey, though maybe that did not have its colloquial significance at the time.

No, we should go into this election manipulation business, but even-handedly. There is a whole lot of political blood to be spilled, but there’s not apt to be less when things finally get desperate enough that we get to it.

I can’t stand the GOP anymore than the next person, but let’s not give the Democrats a pass here, as if they’re really concerned about election fraud. Only when the corporate wing isn’t pulling the same thing for themselves. Why else didn’t Clinton et Al push harder for full audits of swing states plus the entire country? Why are they trying right now to replace the Iowa and Nevada caucuses with phone in voting, and not even a full primary election count, if not because, like GW, in Ohio and Florida, they want to “help America vote?”

Every election must have paper ballots that are publicly hand counted, meaning, too, a full audit at the time of every count.

Otherwise, Democrats, you don’t have a leg to stand on with your professed “concern.” You are as corrupt as the Republicans when it comes to election fraud. You didn’t want a full audit in 2016, nor do you want publicly handed paper ballots today, because you would then be caught too!