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Trump and GOP Set to Eviscerate Warren's Consumer Protection Agency


Trump and GOP Set to Eviscerate Warren's Consumer Protection Agency

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The nation's consumer protection agency, a brainchild of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), could be imperiled by Donald Trump's presidency, observers are warning.


Oh joy! Because eviscerating consume protections is going to help all of those downtrodden people who voted for Herr Trump. It will help...free the economy...or something. Never mind, just go back to watching your monster truck rallies and reality TV.


Ending postal banking nearly a half century ago gave birth to payday lenders.

As long as there continue to be no banking alternatives for many Murkins, payday lenders will always be able to circumvent laws. Had the Democrats restored postal banking when they controlled all three branches of government 2009-2011, the payday lending industry would have withered on the vine.


I've seen many here call for Warren to be sent packing, because she had the temerity to endorse Clinton.

I think that for many here who told us that there was no difference between Republicans and Democrats, the next few years will be educational. Sadly, it's the most vulnerable in our country who will be paying for their education.


Let's hope "the next few years will be educational".

Although the Dubya regime was very educational for me, the Democratic Party and their apologists during the past 8 years didn't appear to learn much, if anything.

The mainstream Democrat emails I am being deluged with this week tell us to hug each other, so we can feel good about doing what we have always been doing that will assure we can keep getting what we have always been getting.


Too bad Senator Warren stood idly by when she could have made some difference for Bernie in Massachusetts. Just one of many who'll see their own good works undone by lending their credibility to one who was so manifestly unworthy.

And even after losing doubly, the same Democratic corporate coalition are actively dismissing any lessons a more sincere organization would have begun learning in 2010.

It's time we opened up elections to anyone who can deliver some appropriate number of signatures, and remove special standing for the corporate-owned parties.


Another overstated headline. The "set to eviscerate" is pure supposition, and as noted in the last paragraphs, not something that can be easily slipped past even the new base.

With more than 400 people already to appoint, I doubt he wants to create another vacancy in his first week.


The second paragraph lists some of the things the CFPB has done. There are even a couple of links for your convenience.


Wasn't it our good friend Debbie Wasserman Shultz who was the poster child for the Payday lender industry?

And wasn't it our good friend Debbie Wasserman Shultz who was forced to resign as the chairperson of the DNC because of her corruption favoring Hillary over Bernie (which was only exposed by hackers and ignored by the internal party fraud monitoring that politely ignored the corruption)?

And wasn't it our good friend Debbie Wasserman Shultz who then was rewarded by Hillary with a plum position in the Clinton campaign despite her documented record of corruption?

A big reason that Hillary lost was because her own actions of supporting this corruption reinforced the "Crooked Hillary" meme.

So why I sincerely hope I am wrong and that the CFPB is not harmed, if it is, it really the direct result of Clinton's policies. And if Trump does eviscerate the CFPB, then it will be Hillary's buddy, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who will benefit.


And to be sure to donate money to them so that they can fight Trump.
I am getting more donation requests now than before the election!


Well, it got Bank of America (sic) to stop harassing me for paying my high-rate mortgage (that they bought with Countrywide) a little off their schedule, though no payment was ever missed. It got TD Bank to quit harassing me for a piddling fee it had invented on the account they bought with Commerce Bank. And it's stopped a couple of unethical bill collectors from demanding that I call them about a debt they don't even identify. Take a look at their complaint database and educate yourself:


The operative word in this article is in the very beginning: "could"....
Conditional phraseology is what that word represents. "Would, could, might, maybe, it's alleged"...etc...are words that are indispensable to almost all "journalists"...it allows them to write articles.....and stay in business.
Almost no article can be written in any publication without those "indispensable conditional phrases.
Always remember that when you read these kinds of articles.
Nobody at this time knows what DT is going to do.
(I didn't vote for Trump....nor for the "lesser evil" one)


Posters here despised "incremental change", the "status quo", and most of all, Hillary Clinton. All problems solved.


Thanks to all those progressives who found something to like in Trump, relatively of course. When will Sarandon start the revolution?


Something of a deck chairs on the Titanic kind of guy, aren't you?


Okay, then you shouldn't be upset that Trump and the GOP may very well get rid of it, I guess. Another win for "progressives."


It's still about fucking ideology to you. Do you not understand what is happening?

"it's time we opened up elections". What a useless thing to say. By what mechanism? You just facilitated the election of the most absurdly right wing government the U.S has seen in at least a generation, possibly ever, and you think you're in a position now to talk about what time it is?

It's for blowback. That's what time it is.


Of course we know what he is going to do! Are you totally oblivious? He will gut the EPA. He will withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement. He will appoint right wingers down from the Supreme Court through every level of the judiciary and executive departments, State, Interior, Defense, and most certainly, Justice. To those of you who hated the status quo and incremental change, welcome to your world. Too bad the rest of us have to live in it.


What a load of empty verbiage.


How blind are you? The U.S Left just suffered a massive loss. This isn't a hidden victory. This is bad. The time for revolutionary organizing isn't when the left is at a low point. That opportunity has now passed. The Left will be in defensive mode now for probably a decade or more.

Watch what happens.